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  • Wolf_Wilder
    2 posts

    We have the same issue. Have finished all the Story Arcs, have killed all the other order members and zealots, and handed everything in. Inventory still says we have 6 order medallions which we can't have - because we handed them in. Hyman won't leave his room and won't let us offer anything to him. Very frustrating!

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @nuglife22 yeah society 2020 has their priorities straight. Man, I miss the 90's.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @wolf_wilder it is my last throphy. After that I am putting away this game forever. I was stuck before (34 days on Sons Of Ragnar) and promised myself to never buy a Ubi/Ac game again. That promise stands. My creed has ended and I started with Altair, but I just want this game at 100%.

  • guest-tNwUkcaJ
    1 posts

    My God, this is one of the worst bugs I have encountered in my entire gaming live. With the huge spoiler Hytham gives you it ruins the unveiling of The Father's identity. I am a completionist and not being able to complete the game is just [censored] annoying.

    It completely ruined my experience playing AC Valhalla. I hope they fix this so I can COMPLETE the game and finally burn this game in the trash can.

  • EvilSpark1
    4 posts

    It is very sad all this, because I watch videos from YouTubers and then I did not see this mission in the correction lists. I also wanted to write to technical support, but I live in Russia, and Ubi's technical support in our country responds more slowly. Another new forum, a little not used to it. I really hope that the mission problems will be fixed soon.

  • EvilSpark1
    4 posts

    Yes, Hytham must give a mission and he must be at the long house.
    The bottom line is, when you hand over the medallions of the Order of the Ancients one by one, the mission is bugged. That is, they need to be collected all and handed over at once, so as not to get bugged. understood it this way.

  • byrdski
    1 posts

    Have beat the game, eliminated all members of the order except "the father", and have turned in all six codex pages. Quest should trigger when I am in Ravensthorpe.

  • JackSkelling10
    1 posts

    I have finished the main quest and all the other order members
    i cannot reveal the father nor find him
    I did speak to hytham before i completed the main quest and revealed the poor soldier one but did not go to complete it prior to completing the main quest
    i now see two blank completed quests but the poor soldier is not visible and i cant complete the game

    please advise when a fix is coming... i now have two games Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion i can't complete ( Watch Dogs has cloud save issue).. not a great look for ubisoft..

  • robbiemac
    1 posts

    Same here. Just adding my annoyance to the many, many others that are experiencing this problem.
    Please can you fix this?

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @robbiemac i honoustly think it will be fixed in 2021, seeing it is christmas starting tomorrow and newyear. Soooo 🙂 See you next year

  • ruhsa96
    1 posts

    I'm having the same issue now, I've played 105 hours in the game and have just finished the main quest line and also killed all of the order of the ancients, I received Thors cloak whilst turning in the medallions and Eivor and Haytham discussed Aelfred as the Father but this happened before I finished the main story and now the quest to actually discuss that topic will not show

  • Thretosix
    25 posts

    @alexandru27p Some people aren't even getting the Kingdom's End quest when pledging to Hamtunscire. In the same boat sorta.

  • Luxysanti1921
    1 posts

    Same here, already have Thor’s helmet since I gave the Medallions to Hytham before going to Norway. Already 100% every territory and all arcs. Just finished Hamtunscire, married Gunnar and Hytham is in the Bureau instead of outside the longhouse.

  • RyeRoeDaPyro
    1 posts

    Is anyone still having this problem? It is now December 23rd and I'm having the same problem. Pls someone help or tell me a way to fix.

  • crowe76
    9 posts

    This has been a issue since thanksgiving I’m not confident it will be fixed at this point.Ubi is absolutely taking no responsibility they just request tickets and files from us. Putting the blame on the customer ,the issue is on ALL PLATFORMS ,it’s the game! nothing we are doing is causing this stop making people go through this pointless ticket process.

  • ADarklore
    146 posts

    @nuglife22 I would hope that people would realize that different teams handle different aspects of the game; those who create store items are NOT the same developers who create and debug the game. I can understand the frustration, but perhaps people also should be a bit more understanding. They released a game during very heavy covid infections causing people to miss work for almost two weeks, as well as during the holiday season. So again, frustration is understandable, but players also need to be a bit more understanding as well.

  • crowe76
    9 posts

    You need to understand that we spent money on this game some of us “me included”bought the season pass ,don’t tell us that we need to understand if the game is broken it’s not worth the price, not prioritizing this issue that’s a month old and adding new content is disrespectful it has nothing to do with not knowing the inner workings of Ubisoft, they got our money and now they want more. That is the cause of the frustration

  • TEKU4444
    3 posts

    Hey Everyone i buy this game with season pass and spend some money to gears from store and now i got same issue without last clue for Father and everything completed in 200 Hours of gameplay and am not gonna play this game again from begining.
    I also try modification (sorry Ubisoft but you push me to do that) to delete my medalions from my inventory to trigger that mission with hytham but without success this is really sad and sorry for my english 🙂

  • drekken2010
    16 posts

    Same issue here, handed in the medalions earlier during the game when i shoudnt have been able to.

    Everything completed but the final mission doesnt appear, respectively Hytham is not comming out of his cottage.

    Sad to see that such a game is bugged like hell and that Ubisoft is blaming the players when its clearely a GAME issue. A bunch of greedy people running arround after money. I am deeply dissapointed in the game and the company for such behaviour. Hopefully they will fix it, its theyr own fault.

  • drekken2010
    16 posts

    @crowe76 Agreed, the should jsut get a fast fix by putting a letter where the quest is triggered and thats it.
    Independent of what is causing it... but do you think theyl do it. NO SIR, just add a new [censored] pack for sale in the shop.

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