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  • Dcgdavies
    7 posts

    Same Here, been stuck on this for weeks. I have killed all order members except for Father (Clues 5/6). No Mission to find him, no cloak given to me. Hytham is stuck in his stupid cabin, I only have 14/15 medallions to give to him and Hamptunshire unlocked and completed long before i killed everyone else in the order. Looks like i'm going to have to start everything again.

  • Diabetic_Man97
    14 posts

    I can’t start the quest to locate the Father, Hytham stay in the bureau and doesn’t give the quest...
    did someone knows how to fix this or if Ubisoft will patch it?

  • OrlithNightfire
    2 posts
    1. Hytham did not reveal information. When I gave the 15 medallions Eivor said medallions include the fathers and Hytham and Eivor talked about who the father was. But the father was never revealed and is still alive. I got the Thor's Cape.
    2. When I gave the medallions it wasnt an option in the Alliance Map. I did it afterwards. I still have 3 medallions in my inventory but Hythem no longer has option to turn any in.
    3. "Breaking the Order" is in completed quests, "The Poor Fellow-Soldier is not there as Hythem not given it to me. He hasn't appeared outside the longhouse. Just stays in his house

    4.When I gave the medallions i havent completed every region. I completed Hamtunscire afterwards.


  • Leftover_Pizza
    13 posts


    I just finished the speedrun about an hour ago and got Platinum after getting the Poor Fellow Soldier quest from Hytham. Just don't turn in any medallions after you gave him 11.
    Before I went to Hytham for the 11 medallions, I checked my inventory and saw I had 27 medallions already, with 5 order members and 2 zealots still alive.
    After giving him 11 medallions (with all regions pledged), he appeared at the bench in front of the long house and triggered Poor Fellow Soldier.
    I went to the village, talked to Aelfred, and got Disorder if the Ancients and Platinum, with 5 order members and 2 zealots still alive.

    This quest line and trophy are so freaking bugged. I really wonder who the heck tested this, before releasing the game. My guess, no one did.

  • Diabetic_Man97
    14 posts

    the things is why some got the bug and other don’t? I don’t understand...

  • shax117
    3 posts

    @enforce58 I have. This worked for me.

  • Diabetic_Man97
    14 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Assassino89NL
    12 posts

    Thanks a lot for the headup, this is something to keep an eye on, will write it down so i don't forget.
    i'm almost there, need only to pledge to Snottinghamscire, Wincestre then hamptumscire left.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @assassino89nl @Leftover_Pizza By God... you guys starting over and invest another what, 40/50 hours into 'speedrunning' just because this game is bugged as f? Dont get me wrong, I admire your free time and investment... But I just do not have the time / energy to do this. Every minute playing after so many bugs & wasted time feels like them (Ubisoft) winning.

    I do not play this game anymore, need only this throphy... I have been stuck on Sons of Ragnar for 34 days until they finally released a hotfix. Now this bug has been reported 34 days ago or so... I am so done with companies like this. This is not what you call 'support'. Meanwhile they do not react and only release new items. For money. Of course.

  • KDallas2007
    2 posts

    I was fortunate to have some manual saves that meant I was set back "only" about 12-15 hours. I had killed all order members prior to the final mission on Christ-mass day, leaving only 1 zealot left to kill. No Thor cape in my inventory, so I figured this should still be a good pre-bug save.

    Though it still showed I had 15 medallions already! I replayed those final missions, including the wedding quest for the blacksmith. I didn't bother doing the Havi quest in Asgard, (the last one with the giant wolf). I then killed the last zealot, and it showed I had 16 medallions left to return. When I went back to the homestead Hytham was left of the entrance of the main hall (as expected not in his bureau). Since The Father still hadn't been killed you don't return the medallions yet. Sure enough the Poor Fellow... quest kicked off. When all was said and done with paying the final order member a visit I could go back and return 15 of the medallions and collect the cape. I think I ended up with 2 left in my inventory.

    Maybe a small glimmer of hope if others have manual saves going back prior to handing in the medallions.

  • Leftover_Pizza
    13 posts


    Not starting over. Just going back to a save closest to where I handed in 15 medallions to Hytham, before I was supposed to. Sadly, my best bet was a save that needed to redo about 4 regions to pledge to. Speedrunning these doesn't take that much time, really.
    If you skip through all the cutscenes and conversations, just going from quest to quest, it'll take less than an hour to complete most regions, depending on the work you've previously done.
    Going back a save saves time and chances to run into other early game bugs and I don't think I'd have the energy to replay the whole game again neither.

  • EnForce58
    6 posts

    @shax117 Then you didn't have the issue that everyone is talking about in here. You just hadn't yet finished the quest line.

    Myself, and most everyone in this thread, have completely finished the game and are still locked out of the final Order mission and revealing the father.
    If you had actually read through this you'd know that people have completed the main story, finished the Hamtunscire arc (and everything else), and yet we still can't get the Poor Fellow Soldier mission from Hytham.

  • drekken2010
    16 posts

    @tommyboy138 same - 130 hours

  • brian_s54321
    1 posts

    Same here. 130hrs, but I think some people are being a bit harsh in here. I agree completely that 34 days is a long time to release a patch, and it's tough to play for so long without being able to finish. However, to say the game is "beta" is strong. People have played to the end, well over 100 hours, so i would say they got excellent value for money, and probably enjoyed every one of those hours. That said, it probably about time a patch was released - there are a LOT of issues listed on the official page.

  • Diabetic_Man97
    14 posts

    A dude from Ubisoft send me this!! Sorry for those who don’t speak french 😕

  • Dcgdavies
    7 posts

    Guess it's going to be some time before I complete this one. Too early for me to restart everything again at this point 😞

  • ImaginaryJaffer
    1 posts

    Same issue. I thought I was missing something but I think it's a glitch. I have killed all members of the order and all zealots, done all main missions. Yet I still do not know the identity of the father. It says "Continue the story to find the next clue". But There is no more story missions left to do.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @brian_s54321 when released, this game was a beta, not finished. There were sooooo many (gamebreaking) bugs it is impossible they tested this enough. I have been stuck on Sons Of Ragnar for 34 days... and now I have this bug which means I have been prevented twice from playing/finishing the MAIN STORY. That is unforgivable and not worth the 100 euros I paid. If you think it is, you are part of the problem why companies care about quantity more then quality, People accepting it.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @diabetic_man97 can you translate?

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