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  • guest-O50BiG0H
    1 posts

    Same issue here as well. I handed in 15 medallions to Hytham a while back triggering the cut scene as if I already knew who "The Father" is. I was awarded Thor's cape and now Hytham hangs out in his shack and won't let me start the last quest. I have 6 order medallions in my inventory still, but no option to give them to Hytham. A major glitch like this earlier in the game would have been alot less painful, there isn't much left to do other than the last quest which I can't start.

  • JoannaM95
    3 posts

    Hi All -

    I have the exact same issue. Below are a few data points regarding my circumstances - hopefully this is on par with where others are in their adventures as well. And hopefully this is helpful for the Ubisoft team when triaging root cause and solution.

    UBISOFT - PLEASE PRIORITIZE THE FIX FOR THIS ISSUE it's a huge bummer to invest 150+ hours of my life into a game only to be unable to actually resolved one of the biggest mysteries. Very disappointing. Please re-assess your criticality/urgency assigned to this defect/bug within JIRA or whatever software you use to track...it's a complete gameplay stopper right at the climax of action.

    • 154H 32M 22S playtime
    • All wealth, mysteries, and artifacts for all regions across the Atlas obtained (except 1 mystery cairn in Hamtunscire)
    • All enemies and regions discovered, 22/23 locations discovered, 71/72 people discovered, 9/10 factions discovered
    • All order members and zealots killed (except for the Father)
    • 5/6 clues discovered for the Father, "Continue the story to find the next clue" displayed in the Father's order screen below the known clues
    • Have completed all quests through Reporting on Hamtunscire and Forge and the Flame (my two most recently completed quests)
    • I have obtained the entire Thor outfit (cape through boots) but have not obtained any weaponry (hammer, etc)
    • I was able to turn in a batch of medallions to Hytham earlier in the game when I still had one lower level order member left to kill - I know am stuck with one medallion in my inventory
    • Hytham remains in his Bureau shack in Ravensthorpe and my only dialogue options are "What do you do here?" and "I have to go"
    • I have completed the Jotunheim and Asgard arcs to completion (along with all wealth collection and altar sacrifices)
  • JoannaM95
    3 posts

    @knightoftara I 100% feel you on this. I'm 154 hours in and will be LIVID if a re-start, or even a re-load, is required. Not to mention the completionist in me is in physical pain not being able to finish the game.

  • nightflyer77
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    same here no quest given by hythem at longhouse, please fix ubisoft

  • marsgoomike
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    Can't get the game to start the quest to kill him.
    Is there any other way to track him down and kill him?

  • Madeezy
    67 posts

    @abbyjo95 Same. I reported this November 16th, complete with screenshots and videos.They have the facts I don't know why it isn't being addressed. Just add the medallions to the shop to buy +1 for 1 coin or something. Having more isn't going to break the game but having the right amount should fix the issue.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    They are not going to fix this. Thats obvious now.

  • EnForce58
    6 posts

    Having more medallions seems to be one of the issues causing this in the first place. The medallions are somehow duplicating and allowing you to turn in what would be the Father's 15th medallion before you even get the mission for his identity and location.

    Ubi needs to patch in a check of people's saves that looks to see if they have turned in all medallions to Hytham, have Thor's cape, but somehow have not revealed and "eliminated" the Father. If these conditions are found, reset the "Poor Fellow Soldier" mission and what triggers it.

  • ScubaSteve2892
    1 posts

    I killed all of the ancients except the last one the father, I need the last clue left and you get that from Hytham meeting you outside the longhouse. But he's never there and I still have 3 medallions left that I already gave him. I want to finish the story! Help!

  • crowe76
    9 posts

    How is this ok? The game is broken obviously way more broken than cyberpunk at least you can beat cyberpunk with a little patience ,this game is just broken you can’t beat this game! you can spend money,hundreds of hours of your time and for what? Absolutely no point in playing this game in it’s current state .Ubisoft should be ashamed by this release no accountability on their part regarding this bug no feedback no nothing just a broken holiday event and more micro transactions this game is a over hyped turd

  • Madeezy
    67 posts

    @enforce58 it seems balanced that most of us have 14 medallions while others are able to complete the Thor Gear set by receiving the cloak and the helmet. If you have MORE medallions you are better off than us with only 14 bc we can not get the cloak and thus can not get the hammer.

  • Dolan58
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    Having the same problem. Killed all the zealots, etc. I finished pacifying England. I received Thor's cloak. I am unable to get the last clue to find the father. I love this game, but this took the wind right out of my sails. I'll keep an eye on this, hoping it will be resolved by Ubisoft soon.

  • Inti92
    2 posts

    Hey guys. I have a problem with the last member of the order not getting revealed (PS4).


    It tells me to proceed within the story-line to have "The Father" revealed. Well I did finish all the other storylines in Asgard and Englaland. So there's nothing left to do. I also read online that Haytham is supposed to give you the last clue as soon as you finished the Hamptunscire Quest-Line. Well, he doesn't with me. I probably figured out why this happened: I was hunting down the Order BEFORE I entered the last Quest-Line (mainly to level up to 340). In the end only 1 of these zealots (?) where left and the Father himself. But I already hat the 15 tokens for Haytham so I returned them to him. Maybe this was also already buggy? Because I remember at the very beginning of the game Haytham or Basim collecting these order tokens Eivor got from the first kills in a cut-scene, but afterwards they where still in my inventory and I could trade them in (again). That seemed weird to me, but I didn't really mind it. However when I returned to Haytham with the last 15 order tokens (allthough there where still 2 members alive) in the following conversation with Haytham Eivor already KNEW who the father was and acted like he had dealt with him already.
    I guess there is hardly anything I could do to work around this issue, so I just hope it will be patched, because I'd really hate to miss out on the trophy for eradicating the Order after 100+ gaming hours spent.

    Sorry for the long post. Hope it helps to locate the bug and patch it the next time, so I might get my Platinum Trophy after all without starting a New Game.

  • SteveDude94
    1 posts

    It appears that somehow I was able to give all the order medaillons to Hytham before killing all the order members and before ending the main story. Eivor told him who the "Father" was and I was pretty shocked, not knowing how Eivor figured it out. But I thought: hey maybe I opened a note and didn't read it and thats how Eivor knows. So I kept playing and it's only after many more hours and finishing the main story that I found out it was a bug. Now Hytham won't give me the quest "The Poor Fellow Soldier" and I can't uncover the last member of the order...

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    Is Ubisoft still celebrating new year? They are reacting to nothing hahaha, what a joke.

  • drekken2010
    16 posts

    @petteflet88 i have tried severall times to open a ticket but everything is blocked by Bugisoft, absolutely everything. Sad, really sad, greedy bastards:(

  • xRaY_SCoPeZz
    1 posts

    I have just come across this now. I have completed all arcs and killed all order members including zealots, except the father. I still have 8 medallions left but I have Thor's cloak. Hytham is in his building with no relevant dialogue options. I just need to get and complete the final mission and I will have 100% completed the game.

    Since the Yuletide festival has been on, whenever I load the game Eivor is drunk.

    I have also fully upgraded the quiver and now have a max of 12 arrows.

  • Nikoladze85
    5 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Nikoladze85
    5 posts

    (Attention for spoilers) Guys, did you complete Sigurd quests first?
    You have to complete those ones (fake Valhalla), kill Basim and become new jarl. After that, speak to Ranvi and Hytham will appear outside long house.

  • cosolici
    4 posts

    Hmmm... I checked today the state of my game, which was very similar to everyone's bad experience (mentioned so far on this thread) since November.

    • Hytham stays in his house, "Give 15 medalions option" is disabled, no other option, all Zealots killed, only Father left in the order tree, Basim is "gone", all alliance map areas done.

    However today I see that the alliance map (at Randvi) shows a "pledge contract to Hamtunscire" option, which was not there before.
    I don't know how that option got there - I went to Randvi and spoke to her, and also chose the "break up" option. After that I checked the alliance map to see that Hamtunscire area is available for conquest. I don't know if breaking up with Randvi triggered it, or if this was already fixed/triggered by the Yule Festival update - just saying.

    This new quest line which is available is called "The Prophecies of the King". I don't remember doing any of the quests before.

    So I started it, I'm curious where it leads - and of course - if it fixes my problem...

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