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    I just want to clarify that no one has Unlocked the Achievement for killing all Order Members since 14th January which is the date of the latest Update so the latest update made this Achievement unobtainable hopefully this will be Patched soon otherwise it was my last Game from Ubisoft too

  • WolfKissed82
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    @skatehighhigh The last achievement I unlocked was England Subdued after I completed the Hamtunscire Arc but the father was revealed to me when I completed this Arc and when I returned to the settlement and reported to Ranvi when I left the Long House Hytham was outside he will reveal a letter has come for you from a


    revealing the location of this mysterious ally ( I must admit I had my suspicions )

  • TRITONK-175
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    @skatehighhigh Yup, not a single person on Trueachievements has unlocked it since the latest update dropped. This is something affecting like 40% of the entire Valhalla player base.

  • KopfSmertZz
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    This post is deleted!
  • LottaTronIcs
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    After the patch (1.1.1), I looked for Hytham at the Longhouse - nope, he was in his hut. In an last ditch effort to try to un-jam this I tried the follow things to no avail. The fact that this issue isn't listed in the top problems also leaves me with a sense of woe knowing that it may be months before it is fixed. I will just wait until the next patch I guess.

    Here's what I tried after logging in:

    • visited Randvi; re-examined the fully completed map of England
    • visited Norway and traveled back
    • talked to various NPCs including Hytham
    • examined my quest log, no items in quest list at all
    • examined "The Order" status; all are revealed and dead except the father
    • father still at 5/6 clues
    • did a manual save and then cleanly quit to load screen (PS5)
    • rebooted the PS5
    • logged back in; no change that I could tell

    I did notice these issues in case they matter / help with the matter:

    • upon logging in with patch 1.1.1 for the first time, I received an achievement "The Order is Revealed" - but that would have been 100 hours of gameplay ago - not sure if it is related.
    • if I examine my "completed quests" - I noticed that there is one quest marked completed but it doesn't have any text in the box (other than the word completed if you hover over it). It is the quest below "A Sword-Shower in Anecastre" and above "Reporting on Lincolnscire" on my machine. Perhaps someone could look at their list and tell me / us which quest that is on your system?

    Sadly, I have almost 200 hours in (mostly because I would not give up looking for Large Mackerel and other fish not knowing they were bugged). I won't be restarting.

  • KopfSmertZz
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    Same here. Killed all order members and zealots but “The Poor-Fellow Soldier” cannot be triggered. Strangely enough I still have 4 medallions in my inventory but I already received Thor’s cape. Patch 1.1.1 did not help at all.
    Still so many bugs.

  • LottaTronIcs
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    @lottatronics by process of elimination, the quest without it's "name text" in the completed quest list (which is marked completed) could be the Poor Fellow Soldier quest.

  • LottaTronIcs
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    @kopfsmertzz I have 5 medallions left 🙂

  • TylerEmma2015
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    yeah I agree I’m 5/6 nothing else to do part from collect skill books and do world quests everything else is done just hope early feb there’s a patch with there river raid update

  • Never-Unknown
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    I've got 144 hrs into the game and only now found out that I can't finish it because Hytham and I talked about the Order already..... Can't wait for a patch for that, if at all possible.

  • Petteflet88
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    @tyleremma2015 early feb. Haha, 3 months? This game is a disaster and their customer service is as well.

  • cmcbride799
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    Just handed in the final 15 order medallions after killing a load of Zealots and the audio that played just spoiled the ending of that story, telling me who the leader of the order was, and how that was resolved. I haven't met the leader of the order yet.

  • zoolon12
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    Completed everything on the PS5 version other than killing "The Father" which took me around 111 hours the other day, had no idea that Hytham wasn't supposed to give me Thor's Cape when I handed in all the medallions bar the last one before I did the Hamtunscire Arc. Hytham still wont pop up at the longhouse to give me the final quest to reveal "The Father". Latest update (1.1.1) didn't fix it either. After struggling to achieve trophies like Overdesign II, losing brain cells stacking stones on top of each other and grinding my way through to complete each territory I wanted to rip my hair out when this bug happened. Do they not rigorously test the games before they release them to the public at Ubisoft?

  • TylerEmma2015
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    each to their own mate I’m enjoying the game just the father bug but being mature I’m not crying about it

  • franko1978
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    I have exactly the same problem. I've completed all the quests, have lvl 6 settlement, killed all the Templars and Zelots and am stuck at 5/6 clues for the Father.  The Poor Fellow Soldier is not starting.I tried doing dailies in hope that it would change anything, broke up with Randvi, slept in the settlement. Nothing triggered the quest.

  • LeoCamposBR
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    I am starting a new game.
    I will start handing over the medals when I have pacified ALL of England.
    Does it really work ????

  • kairockz
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  • ShockB0lt
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    Just finished doing every single task in the game, just to find out i can't finish one of it's main story arcs because of this, nice

  • TylerEmma2015
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    is this really the only way I’m 140hrs in done everything I really don’t want to start a new game or is it a bug will get patched

  • JoePiraino
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    Having the same issue on my game. About 116 hrs. in and can’t kill the father. Send help.

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