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    Thank you for trying to help. I did what you posted.

    Ticket number: 13553068

    Kind regards.

  • kairockz
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    Finally noticed under the Issue. Hope on a fix for the next patch 🙂

  • EvilSpark1
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    Greetings. An unpleasant moment happened. I am not given a final mission for the Father of the Order of the Ancients (The letter). Nothing happens. Everything is complete, but at the same time I understand that I must be given a mission.

  • killbill9191
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    Same Issue here on platform PS4 ; 5/6 clues all regions in story mode complete (hamptunshire included) haytham will not leave his place does not spawn outside longhouse on bench outside as 'youtube videos' prove that is where after the conversation takes place you are offered ' A poor fellow soldier' quest; on top of this annoying bug ( which i believe this is far worse than unity for bugs and we got compensated for that so if i already own season pass how will i be compensated; preordered 125 prior 90.00gbp invested so i cant finish the game still no 'end credits' whilst 0 missions/quests remain ). But on top of this reda at my camp but no shop access since 1.04 update ; another bug one of many hundreds i believe if you read them all , no big Bream/Flatfish/Mackerel ever spawn if they do they are too deep to catch (photo mode will prove this)

    Anyway if it gets sorted great, if not i will contact SONY regarding a REFUND because its simply IMPOSSIBLE to make any form of contact with UBISOFT right now probably giving the old CORONAVIRUS excuse!!!!!!!!

  • crowe76
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    I’m in the exact same situation the father, the fish same bug for multiple players and no news on a fix ,I think it’s a inventory duplication bug I have all Thor armor Thor’s hammer and 6 order medallions in my inventory I also noticed that I’ll receive random runes when I first log on the poor fellow soldier quest is tied to the order completion the game has allowed us to turn in 45 because they duplicated at some point I technically have 51

  • killbill9191
    18 posts

    I had 2 extra medallions already handed in 13 as 15 if that makes sense what doesnt make sense is that i travelled to vinland and checked my inventory and my medallions went up from 2 to 7 how wierd is that [censored]

    honestly unity bug was less painful ; these bugs are joke due to xbox release title deadline
    they should have held it back and fixed it 1st , this is outrageous trash which some of us bought deluxe or ultimate versions of trash game of the year ; we have to fix it so 90% of people out there cant ACTUALLY finish it , never ever again i preorder this rushed pile of ..... you know the rest

  • killbill9191
    18 posts


    up to 1605 Views now and rising thats not including people who have just simply had enough

  • DVUS_Samael
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    I've been having the same issue as well. I have tried several different things and nothing has worked. Has anyone found a way yet?

  • GrumblyBat19
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    So I’ve been off work for about a week. Bought the game and completed everything in 66 hours. But the one thing that is [censored] me off the most is the fact that I have alllllllllll of Thor’s armor except for one. I’ve killed 44 /45 order members and I have 14/15 medallions. I can’t get to the father to complete the armor set because it’s saying that I’ve completed the game entirely but the father hasn’t tasted my axe. Why is it that every time Ubisoft might have something good going on they decide to literally [censored] people off for money. I literally cannot complete the game nor can I complete my damn Thor’s armor set to get the hammer. This was the only reason I bought this damn game was to play with Thor’s hammer. I see everyone else glitched with 15 and able to get the hammer but no I lucked out with only 14 medallions and can’t progress any further into the story.

  • Rifkin76
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    I have the same issue
    And if i understood it right its Hytham that gives you the last quest in the longhouse....but he gives me nothing and is still in his AC house

  • MR_GONZO83
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    "The letter" mission from Haytham is not popping. Its literately the only thing i have to do just to platinum this game. I defeated all members including zealots. This is one of the more annoying game breaking bugs.

  • killbill9191
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    @UBISOFT support

    Dont you think we deserve an update on whats going on with regards to fixing all these MAJOR bugs yet?
    I find it hard to believe you will fix these as if you had we'd already have a fix ; so update all of us PROMPTLY!

    Waiting 7 days to kill 1 member of order just like most other people on here no workaround no fix no patch Im personally giving you 48hrs to patch update otherwise im going directly to sony for FULL REFUND.

    This should not be out of beta testing this game , this is my worst experience with a UBISOFT title EVER this pile of garbage overtakes AC UNITY for me personally and we all got dead kings DLC for free (except season pass holders)

    I am a season pass holder for this piece of trash , so what will i get?
    I bet developers are still making bs outfits and themes for helix credits only attainable by real money you scandalous skanking mo.......... you know the rest!!!!

    Really aggitated by this [censored]

  • Alexandru27p
    Original poster 18 posts


    The game is amazing, but this bugs ruin the game fun. Till now I've spend 30h + just for fishing.... and still didn't finish the quest because they don;t spawn.

  • tagger2009
    1 posts

    I have the same issue, this really needs to get fixed.
    Thank you for starting this thread!

  • moriatii
    36 posts

    All Zealots and all Order members, bar the Father completed, but no final clue from Hytham, is there a work around or like most of yu have I just wasted a fair amount of time playing this game.

  • killbill9191
    18 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Methos3769
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    Same issue as most people here, except I can't do the final turn in to Hytham of the 15 medallions, because even though I've killed and confirmed all 15 Zealots, I have only 14 Medallions. Everything else in the game is complete, but no way to finish the story...

    Thanks for the blue balls UBI. I expect a quick fix or my money back.

    4 posts

    Same here. Ps4 Platform. 15 medallions, all dead and Hathaym does not interact. This is not a finished game...it is a massive [censored]!!!

    You did the same with previous AC game Odissey....i have bought all ACs...this will be the last.

  • Own3dfix
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    Alas, I have the same problem.

    All regions completed (captured and completely cleaned).
    All quests completed (Including 'find all codex pages'), except "Breaking the Order"
    All order members and zealots were killed, except father (I don't have the final clue).

    The way I see it, Hytham should be at the front of the longhouse to give the final clue, but he's standing in the Hidden Ones Bureau and has nothing to say. I also can't give him all 15 medallions, cuz I'll have to kill the latest order member, I guess.

    Btw, some of my friends got a chance to finish this quest line, but it was before November 26. And looks like no one can complete this quest line after this date (or after 1.04 patch).

  • Apprentice_Jedi
    8 posts

    Hytham gave me the dialogue about it when I got back from Norway, even though I hadn't finished the last zone in England yet. It didn't trigger a quest for it, I assume because I hadn't finished that last zone. I think the game thinks that part of the quest phase is done, so it won't trigger properly now that I've met the other requirements. Now, all of my other quests are done. I accidentally found and talked to Halfdan before having the quest to do so, so now he won't talk to me either). All other order members are red, including the zealots. I turned in the medallions and got Thor's armor piece, so I know the zealots counted. Hytham stays in his house, and my only option is to ask him what he does here. It's a complete progress stopper, right at the end of the game. Rip my 110 hour save file.

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