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  • Madeezy
    67 posts

    @ebyoung At least you got the armor. I can't get the cloak or the hammer. I also have 14 medallions in my inventory.

  • sharpshooter076
    2 posts

    @ubikobold is there any eta on this bug. I too have now encountered it and is preventing me from finishing the game. Really frustrating as it is literally the last thing to do in the game for me everything is is completed

  • Alexandru27p
    Original poster 18 posts


    Big fish don't spawn. "Ubisoft cares very much about important things", their priority is to remove exploits of money, ingots etc. not bugs.

  • Athanasius
    14 posts

    It seems that I am fortunate in that this patch does appear to have fixed this issue for me.

    Before: 1) Two zealots outstanding, no clues to locations, 2) Last Order member not revealed after the battle in Chepeham.

    After: 1) Immediately I logged in under Patch 1.1.0 (on PC remember) I checked the Order tab and the last two zealots were revealed! So it was a quick and easy job to mark one, fast travel, kill them, repeat. 2) I then returned to Ravensthorpe and Hytham had another quest for me, following that lead to the final medallion being in my hands, making up the final 15.

  • Shadow-Wipeout
    19 posts

    @frankie_drums ot should be, i saw it on the list the other day?

  • Dresden02
    3 posts

    The problem is that at some point in the game the medallions duplicate.
    you can hand it back faster than you kill everyone.
    despite the fact that I completed all the tasks,
    I eliminated 44 members of the order,
    took the medallions and got the Thor's cape,
    I still have 7 or 5 (dont Remember) medallions of the order in my backpack.
    I miss the last clue to reveal the father that you will receive from hytham,
    but this is not happening because the game thinks is over,
    the dialogue with hytham testified to who the leader-father was.
    in the order's panel I have the information to continue the storyline.
    even though everything was finished including the wedding.
    hytham sits in his hut offering nothing but dialogue what his job is.
    170 hours of ps4 play

  • nuglife22
    26 posts

    @jacqueline_dzln Is this a joke?

  • douglife247
    5 posts

    HELP! I completed the entire game up until the very last Order member. I unfortunately gave all Order medallions to Hytham before seeing the issues with this online. Now I'm stuck at the end of the game with no way to access the final quest(s). Does anyone have a fix for this without me having to rewind 30+% of my game?

  • douglife247
    5 posts

    HELP! I completed the entire game up until the very last Order member. I unfortunately gave all Order medallions to Hytham before seeing the issues with this online. Now I'm stuck at the end of the game with no way to access the final quest(s). Does anyone have a fix for this without me having to rewind 30+% of my game?

  • Pyrofox-CZ
    3 posts

    Got same problem they need to address this [censored] it drives me crazy

  • Pyrofox-CZ
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Frankie_Drums
    12 posts

    @shadow-wipeout I'm looking at the list here in the forum. Is there another list?

  • crowe76
    9 posts

    THE NUMBER ONE ISSUE AFFECTING PLAYERS IS NOT BEING ADDRESSED!!! Do your job and fix your game ,5/6 god damn clues found still after a “patch” the so called end game is basically running around collecting iron ore and killing 6 wolves every ten minutes, having the order drive the story only to never complete is bush league and the lack of feedback cmon how many “tickets “ save files ,screen shots,and videos do you need?

  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 440 posts

    @douglife247 Hi there! My apologies for the inconvenience that has been caused. Just to clarify, you have killed all the Order members and Zealots and the last Order member is not revealing?

    Official Response
  • DaveEllie
    3 posts

    The game gave me the option to hand in 15 Order medallions to Hytham which triggered a dialogue as if Eivor already met the Father and know his identity.
    I finished all alliances and I killed all members (except of course the father) and Hytham doesn't say anything. I gave to him all medallions when 5 members were alive in fact in the inventory I have them 5.
    1.1.0 didn't do anything about this? DAMN this is the second bug that does not keep me going with the story.

  • ArKonIte167
    6 posts

    @frankie_drums official list hasn’t been updated since December 12, 2020. I’m hoping it’ll be listed there in the coming days after the 2.0 patch

  • Athanasius
    14 posts

    I might have spoken slightly too soon.

    Sure, I have Thor's Cloak.

    Sure, I revealed and dealt with the final Order member.

    But I just noticed that the Challenge "Complete the main storyline" hasn't been marked as done for me. There's a chance I still need to clean up a couple of other things though. I do have a Ravensthorpe quest to attend to still.

  • D4rKy26
    64 posts

    @dresden02 i can confirm this the only difference for me is i am on the pc version.

  • Madeezy
    67 posts

    Got a patch this morning. Did not resolve this bug. Sad stuff.

  • Honeybuncchh
    1 posts

    Im having the exact same issue now as well, noticed it yesterday when I finished the main story including Hamtunscire arc. Never got a chance to start "Poor Fellow Soldier" quest, the last quest I have done for Haytham was "Breaking the Order" where you need to give the order medallions to him. I was able to give all 45 medallions needed to him and I received Thor's Cloak as a final reward, but after that I did not get the quest called "Poor Fellow Soldier", so this is stopping me from killing The Father and completing the game. The Father is sitting at 5/6 clues as well, last clue is needed, but the game tells me to continue in the main story to reveal this last clue, but I have completed every zone as mentioned before. I gave medallions to Haytham as soon as I got new ones, I wanted to get rid of the order asap and killed them right away when I had all clues gathered for them and they got revealed. If I remember correctly I was able to give all medallions to Haytham while I was doing Jorvik or Eurvicscire arc without killing The Father himself, but the Father should be the last member to get the last medallion, but some weird reason I was able to turn in all the medallions even without killing The Father. I have three blank quests as "completed" in my quest list, so maybe one of them is "Poor Fellow Soldier"? "Breaking the Order" is shown as completed. I have one order medallion in my inventory at the moment after I turned all of them in for Haytham, so I got dublicates at some point of the game and now the game thinks that I have killed The Father even tho I haven't even received the quest where you need to kill him. After I turned in the medallions I remeber Haytham and Eivor having a convertation about the order and the Father and they knew who the Father was, so they were talking about him in a way that he was already killed even tho he is not. Haytham is just staying in his hut and only convertation options I can choose with him is "What do you do here?" and "I have to go". Only mission I have left is "A New Home" where you need to reach settlement rank six. I have almost 145 hours behind and I don't really wanna start all over when I have basically done everything. I'm playing on PS4 Pro. Hopefully there is a fix for this sooner or later!

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