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  • Boda403
    3 posts

    I cant complete the final clue to reveal The Father for the order Hytham wont give the mission. I already have Thor's Cape need help been stuck for almost 2 months

  • Dregsone
    1 posts

    I have same issue. Killed all zealots and order members, completed all areas, it still says I have 7 medallions left but won’t let me give them in, although I handed them all into the assassin. Completed all main missions except the poor fellow which won’t even start, the assassin just stays in his shack and the only option is what do you do here and I have to go.
    bugged out and annoyed at this that I feel I can’t complete the game that I have spent 90 hrs plus on !!
    Also my settlement is at level six but achievement has not unlocked !!

  • streethawkfan
    14 posts

    @streethawkfan Anyone else notice in the list of completed quests that above the completed Breaking The Order quest there is a blank slot with completed there. I wonder if that was where the missing quest should be if it hadn't bugged out undefined

  • henavey
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
    4 posts

    @petteflet88 Then i think they should refund everybody who has this same problem

  • TylerEmma2015
    76 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • david1331
    1 posts

    Same for me. Finished everything. Hytham took medallions before as if I had collected them all.
    Now I have extra medallions that are useless and Hytham doesn’t start the final quest to reveal the identity and kill The Father. My platform is PS4. 120+ hours into the game. Please help me. It is very disappointing. I am a big Assassins Creed fan and could never expect such a nasty glitch.

    btw there are very many other glitches. Can’t collect some treasure maps for example.

  • amir.eraki
    2 posts

    @streethawkfan same me. No title for the quest
    i had wasted 140 hours and the game is bugge 😕

  • amir.eraki
    2 posts

    UbiKobold ??? Can we have answers?

  • PhoenixFury2211
    10 posts

    Why was there a hotfix deployed for two random bugs, but for game breaking bugs like this you keep us waiting for weeks?

  • oscarrdz77
    4 posts

    I completed all the missions, including Hamtunscire and Norway with Sigurd, also completed the Order kill tree and I still can't unveil The Father. Hytham is still in the Assassin's Bureau and when I approach him there's no other option than asking him what he does there. I now have a clean map with an also clean quest list but no way to finish the game.

  • harm841
    2 posts

    So all done with everything and having the same problem. The last quest poor fellow soldier won't start for me to complete the game .186 hrs in .own every creed game so done after this no more .

    2 posts

    they will never patch this, it’s been 3 months and they have released a bunch of patches in that time and not even acknowledged it. I’m waiting for the shops to open after lockdown to trade AC in for CoD, I definitely won’t be buying no season pass to game that is so broken it can’t be fixed. Shame on Ubisoft for this half arsed attempt at rushing something out.

    2 posts

    this won’t get patched, ever. It’s been three months now and they haven’t even looked at it.

  • wildawg187
    1 posts

    same issue here, hopefully its resolved soon!

  • kiwicj52
    14 posts

    I’m in exactly the same position as most people here. Have invested 235 hours and done literally everything - apart from the final close - due to this bug. Have 47 out of 51 trophies.

    I have parked the game and gone onto something else (Ghost of Tsushima) while I wait for the patch, at which time I’ll go back and finish it. However my fear and suspicion is that the root of this bug is so complex and so deep that Ubisoft will not be able to fix it because players are all at differing points of the game when they experience the bug. So it’s too hard to fix and they’ll never do it.

    Extremely disappointed with Ubisoft and I agree with others who say they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Lindikania
    5 posts

    My problem looks a little different. One of the zealots doesn't seem to count for being killed, even though I killed him. Has anyone encountered it? It doesn't display like the other killed ones. Hytham asks to bring him 15 medallions, but only 14 people are left alive...undefined

  • Berserk_VIK
    1 posts

    @UbiKobold who must we contact to have our money refunded for AC Valhalla. This problem has been on the table since November 2020. And as many have said NOTHING has been done to address the inability to complete the storyline. However, small patches have been released or new content for purchase has been developed. This means we have purchased a faulty product and are requesting a refund. My case # 13785756.

  • BadwolfCDXX
    1 posts

    I was around 160 hours into the game when I read about this glitch and was unable to get the last order member and stuck at 5/6 clues. Played another 40 hours from an old save from before I had half of the order members and played through again and waited to turn in the 15 medallions until after finishing the last area. I then got the quest to finish off the last guy, went and killed him, used the item he gave me then rode all the way back to the village to turn in the medallions because fast travel was unavailable after killing the last order member. (I only did this after finding out what happens when you start a game of orlog in Lunden, quit after your dice roll then fast travel somewhere. Kinda felt like revenge for the game being broken)

    Still no achievement and its the last one I have to unlock.

    Originally done on series X so I loaded up a save before killing the last order member on my One X and went straight to the village, turned in medallions and still no achievement.

    50 points shy of 1000, I hope they do patch it eventually.

  • Madeezy
    67 posts

    This. I've over 130 hours and pretty much 100%'d the map. not doing it again. it was fun while i was doing it but the replay is not fun.

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