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  • x_Candlejack_x
    11 posts

    @thabiggyxl Just give them some peace, mate. Times are ruff and everyone is doing the best they can. Anyway it's not the devs, that should get the flak anyways. It's the shareholders, that want the fatcats of the Ubi to push the games out faster for the x-mass market to get the fast money grab. Personally I could waited this game to come next year, but I quess greed is greed even if you are not an assassin...

  • DeathlyPoetic
    13 posts

    it didn’t do anything for me either other than corrupt all my data

  • Bob__Gnarly
    49 posts

    The update makes my game crash more often, I guess that is something.

  • Suzuki-Stumpy
    2 posts

    @bob__gnarly Yep.. Same here. It's at the point now where it's almost unplayable.

    Didn't have any issues whatsoever from before the patch ... one step forwards, three strides backwards.

    1 posts

    Nada ainda de corrigirem a interação com a filhas de lerion, quando vai resolver isso ubisoft??????

  • tazzakillunow
    1 posts

    Still havent fixed issue with thor the fish monger event, sick of the [censored] wrong with this game

    1 posts

    I still have the no Audio situation and its driving me insane without any noise.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts


    Wrong, the Studio has a quality Manager, hes Job is to ensure the game goes not out in this beta state.
    (In a healthy company) the post as quality manager has the power and the duty to oppose the publishers.
    Good they build no Cars or airplanes, there would be so many trafficdeaths.

  • DeathlyPoetic
    13 posts

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the update and now whenever I go into tall grass or come across berries the plants disappear. I’m still stealthy but the grass disappears, and the berries are nothing but the trunk of the plant. Other than that nothing has changed

  • Zapsquatch
    1 posts

    It would certainly be nice if the patch didnt just try to remove duped armor, but prevent it in the first place. I am not sure how everyone else is dupping their Huntsman Armor, something to do with turning in tattoo's right? Well, i am currently sitting at the chest that has the Hunstman Armor in it, but already had the armor in my inventory. My question is how i go the thing to begin with, which may be causing the glitch in the first place, at least on my end. I can prevent getting the glitch if i just ignore the chest with the armor, but then ill never get to appease the completionist in me.

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