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  • JSRG1840
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    @thordekhu you do realise that in the time period of origins/odyssey/valhalla that society was still slowly switching over from being a tyrannical matriarchal society, where men were treated as stud animals, to a patriarchal one. So whilst it seems odd to have women everywhere that's only because of the social influences now. Such changes take a very long time to go through. Just look at the USA and its black history. The civil war has been over for more than 100 years and the effects still havent been fully accepted.

    Whilst some of the background populace is for political and current society appeasement. Some of it will be, if ubisoft did the level of research they claim, accurate.

  • Leucos_
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    it does not only seem odd from our modern point of view, it would look odd for a ancient greek person too, i studied history at the karl franzens university in graz for about 5 semesters and from what i learned there ancient greece societies were extremely male dominated, warfare was a male only thing, the only exception from that were some rare occasions with queens, a female mercenary like kassandra would have had extremly hard struggles to even find a contract giver in the first place.

  • Quor321
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    Most people OP don't actually see reality as it is, they see the reality that their brain has been programed to see. In other words we see through our bias.

    History has been recorded through this same bias and in some cases straight up fiction in our history books.

    Who's to say, maybe Ubi has created a world in AC that is closer to reality then the one in your head OP.

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