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  • ImplacablyGreen
    Original poster 6 posts


    I've encountered the friendly Jotnar bug in another area: the Fly Agaric mystery in Snotinghamscire. Again, like in Suthsexe and Hordafykle, it involves killing Jotnar, some of whom are killable while others are friendly and are not susceptible to the player's damaging attacks.

    I've created a video showing the bug:

  • chiplasoulz
    2 posts

    I don't have a video, but I also can't progress/attack them.

  • chiplasoulz
    2 posts

    I also have the same problem in Hamtunscire. One of the Jotun is untargetable. Can't complete the FLy Agaric Mystery.

  • aloukianov
    1 posts

    Same issue.

  • Xaledin
    8 posts

    Same issue in Asgard/Jotunheim.

    Clearly this is a huge issue, please forward to the team.

    My thread and vid on the issue.

  • z3r0c00l2005
    4 posts

    Same here! Suthsexe fly agaric at the bottom of the chalk man i get 2 friendlies and can't complete the mystery!

    not sure if it's related but the min game is complete as are all non-England locations.

  • z3r0c00l2005
    4 posts

    undefinednote green "friendly" dots in Odin's sight

  • z3r0c00l2005
    4 posts

    For those struggling...I just managed to complete this Ok...I just needed to make sure that I could 1-shot them.... Using a strong bow and abilities I managed to prevent the Jotun spawning and completed it! Still not a great bug mind you! On 2 others I had a similar issue where enemies didn't attack, but waiting around did make them aggressive in the end!

  • guest-EIUFth6J
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    Similar to z3r0c00l2005, I was able to complete the four Fly Agarics that were glitched for me due to friendly and unkillable Jotuns: (1) Hamtunscire; (2) Suthsexe; (3) Snotinghamscire; and (4) Hordalfylke. The number of friendly Jotuns seemed to vary a bit for me each time, but this was my experience and how I was able to complete it (and to get my Platinum trophy to boot!).

    (1) Hamtunscire

    2 out of the 3 Jotuns spawned friendly (and there was also an enemy tusked boar). I killed the enemy Jotun and the tusked boar and then just waited there. After about 30 seconds, 1 of the 2 friendly Jotuns turned into an enemy. After another 30 seconds, the other one did and I was able to complete it. I imagine the timing is not universal, so you may have to wait slightly longer than I did. Just be patient.

    (2) Suthsexe

    The bear and the lynx are the ones that transform into Jotun. The three wolves do not. I hurt the bear enough with a weapon (to about 50% health or so), but not enough so that it transforms, so that I could kill it using a single use of Petra’s Arc + the Mark of Death Ability (essentially several Petra’s Arc shots balled into one). That killed the bear without it transforming. I then was able to kill the Lynx in one Petra’s Arc shot, though you can use Mark of Death again if needed. I’d upgrade your Petra’s Arc as much as you can to make it as strong as possible for this. The Lynx seems a little less predictable as far as when it will become a friendly Jotun, so I'd really try to take it from full health to dead in a single shot. Note that I am level 400 with several mastery points as well, so it was easier for me to do tons of damage with a mythical Petra's Arc. You can give it a try, but it is possible you may need to get stronger before you can do this one.

    (3) Snotinghamscire

    This one was similar to Hamtunscire. The friendly ones turned one by one to enemies over the course of a couple minutes after I killed the one(s) that properly started as enemies.

    (4) Hordalfylke

    They are all Jotuns I believe. 3 of the 4 started friendly. I killed the first and then one by one they slowly turned into enemies. I'd say it was 45 seconds or so between each turn to enemy.
    All this to say, I think Hamtunscire, Snotinghamscire, and Hordalfylke you can wait for them to run to enemy randomly, usually within two minutes or so. Suthsexe just takes a bit more creativity and likely level/power. Good luck!

  • chrisbrackmann
    1 posts

    @guest-eiufth6j Worked for me! Thanks!

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