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  • AJ_Nuvo
    44 posts

    @rixcoast how do you trigger the Yuletide Festival? Must it only be upon completion of the main questline?

  • MatthewS3175
    4 posts

    There’s a problem with the cloak, I just finish the Glowecestrecire arc and is there something that needs to be finished to remove it or is this a permanent glitch because in the Deep Dive trailer, Eivor can still be seen wearing the cloak. How hard is it to remove a cloak and it was a disguise when everything is finished.

  • GGuts
    3 posts

    @matthews3175 Same here. Tried all the suggestions and it just won't go away.

  • GGuts
    3 posts

    At least they pushed out that Yule event thing instead of fixing this bug, and now we are always drunk as well. Only way to bear to continue playing the game with this mask on is completely shitfaced. 😁

  • cnnryng
    16 posts

    Really hope this gets fixed soon, im so near the end of the game but that stupid skull mask keeps killing the mood of important cutscenes

    (side note, its funny to see all the adults in this thread demanding refunds for a 'broken' game given the ongoing news about what a shambles cyberpunk is)

  • D-Kruger
    18 posts

    @cnnryng Would be strange if people demanded refunds for Cyberpunk here.

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    @atomikninja98 Hello! I'm sorry to read you are experiencing this issue.

    Our team is aware of this and we are working to implement a fix in a future patch, apologies for the inconvenience.

    Official Response
  • hecatonchires7
    4 posts

    @hypobox Haha yeah I bet that process would probably have a better chance of yielding helpful results than the automated [censored] they responded with.

    1 posts

    Bug with the Glowecestrescire cape and mask not being able to be removed and thus making the new equipment in the Yule event (and frankly all equipments looks) pointless. Also when loading saves or fast travelling sometimes Eivor is drunk when it loads.

  • Peterdlrv
    2 posts

    @drd_lees try fast traveling to Norway and back thatll make it go away. But i did that before clues and riddles quest and i had to have that on to make the guy answer the door so make sure u do that quest first or you're gonna have to reload an old save. As for the drunk [censored] idk i have that same problem ever since Yule feast got added.

  • Roughman01
    16 posts

    @ubi-raziel is this a "soon" future patch or a "after we spat out some more helix store and other events and pray you'll forget about the game as we have your money" patch

  • SutekhOne
    2 posts

    Not only does the skull cloak remain every location I go (even if I get naked, the skull/feathers remain), I also get "drunk" every time I log back into the game just like when you first get the cloak and have to stagger around door to door for treats. So there is some odd coding bug that thinks I am starting the quest each time I log in and have to wait several minutes until the drunk effect wears off.

  • hoodlumgoose
    1 posts

    @lowerdanny omg it worked! The cloak immediately flickered and went back to my original. Thanks for reposting this! ☺

  • chl0enic0le
    1 posts

    This is utterly ridiculous, I've spent hours trying every fix by everyone here and on reddit and nothing works. I cannot play continuing like this, please release a patch soon I'm losing my mind. I'm worried for the state of this considering it was reported over a month ago.

  • BygoneEgg368964
    4 posts

    I've paid a lot to get new skin in the store, but I can't use them because of this [censored] skull cloak. It makes me very upset.
    If ubisoft can't fix this [censored] ASAP, I won't play it anymore!

  • rixcoast
    3 posts

    @aj_nuvo The Yule Festival is currently available when visiting Raventhrope. I think it triggers automatically. It is only available for a limited period of time. I don't think you need to have completed the main storyline to access it. https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/assassins-creed/valhalla/news-updates/5u0bZyad2ng1ZTGuWug3dh/assassins-creed-valhalla-yule-season-preview

  • Chillhart
    5 posts

    None of the Fixes works for me on PC 😕 How can some simple bug like this not be fixed in over a month!

  • Kormac67
    937 posts

    @sutekhone You are drunk because of the Yule feast, it's not related to the cloak.

  • BygoneEgg368964
    4 posts

    Mari Lwyd mask won’t go away! 

    I've finished the Glowecestrescire arc, but I can't remove the skull cloak, even I turn every piece of equipment off, the skull cloak is always on my face.

    The second problem is every time when I replay the game after I get killed, my character will be drunk, it happens every time!

    It seems like I am still in the Halloween hell of Glowecestrescire's even after I've made alliances with all England except Hampshire.

    I hope Ubisoft can fix this ASAP, otherwise I can't keep playing!

  • cnnryng
    16 posts

    @kormac67 No it’s related to the cloak bug, some of us having been “drunk” every time we load the game since well before the Yule update

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