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  • cnnryng
    16 posts

    @chuckkatse How did you sign out of Ubisoft Connect?

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello everyone! 🙂

    I'm very happy to return to the thread to confirm that TU 1.1.1 - releasing today - contains a fix for this issue with the Mari Lwyd disguise. Once the patch has been fully deployed, and you have fully-updated your game to the latest version, you should find that you are (finally!) able to remove the disguise when outside of Glowecestrescire, and should no longer see it stuck over your worn armour.

    If exploring Glowecestrescire or completing the arc, please do be aware that as we mentioned before, the disguise will always involve the Mari Lwyd cloak and mask as these are part of the themed costume you wear as part of the Samhain festival in the region. Once you leave Glowecestrescire, toggling your disguise should remove the Mari Lwyd cloak and mask.

    I would like to thank you all again for the information and evidence provided throughout the developers' investigation into this issue; it was integral to getting this issue resolved, and was extremely useful to refer to. I hope that after today's patch, there'll be no further issues, but should any arise, you are of course welcome to get in touch with me here in the thread and I'll reply as soon as I am able.

    Official Response
  • Damo_77
    15 posts

    Well over 5,000 people suffering this bug have searched out my video of it.
    Now today learning that the fix they've found won't be pushed out until February instead of immediately, unacceptable.
    I filed a refund request.

  • cortlandia
    6 posts

    Somebody on a forum on Gamefaqs about this bug said that they beat the game without the bug, and when they logged back in to play the Yule Festival the cloak was stuck on them. I recall this bug happening to me when the Yule festival began (I just happen to be in glowecestrescire when Yule started and the on/off hood trick was working for me, but it doesn’t anymore). I’m wondering if possibly this bug will go away once the yule festival ends. God I hope so, even though by the time it ends ill be done with the game.

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    nothing to do with yule, look at the date of the first post, this bug exist from the start

  • Riku_Kurosaki15
    2 posts


    Pretty sure I’m the one you’re talking about. If the Gamefaqs user name was patoriku_tora, then yeah it was me. Tried multiple times to get rid of the cloak and nothing. Pretty much gave up.

  • MrSpaceManatee
    1 posts

    Outstanding work Ubisoft


  • Buttplg1
    2 posts

    @karel624 ubisoft be better please we need help

  • maxheavelar
    4 posts

    holyday? holy [censored] man...how patch will deploy?
    bargaining white satan yeahh...........ubibug cannot resisted undefined.

  • k0k066
    11 posts

    For f***'s sake ubisoft it looks like the devs really don't give a [censored] about this , ppl have stopped playing because of this since release waiting for fix and it is still there
    It is not that hard to release a hotfix there are many studios releasing small updates/fixes more regularly. So it just shows that you don't care. What is even more annoying is that we (the players) are helpless to this , there is nothing we can do for the fact you don't care. You just took our money and continue to do as you please...

  • Roughman01
    16 posts

    Well tried another bunch of "fixes" but to no luck so back to a game made by competent developers who actually care about they're player base when there's a massive bug, it's getting beyond a joke it's completely soured me on this game and even franchise, the lack of help or even communication is a joke, I've literally one area left to do and apparently it's too [censored] much to ask for a fixed game or even a response, or heck at this point I'd even take a "go [censored] yourself" from ubisoft so I'd at least know to give up completely on the game/franchise/company.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your continued reports of this issue. Please continue to refer to my post made on 17 Dec 2020 at 16:35 for the latest information we have about the fix:

    I've checked in on this issue and am pleased to say that a fix is now scheduled for a future update. I've not received further details of when the patch will drop just yet however as soon as I know, you will all be informed!

    I would also like to ask that we refrain from speculating as to the date / time of the next patch. This is not yet confirmed, and as soon as further details become available, we will share them directly. Thank you. 🙂

    Official Response
  • Ancient_F
    3 posts

    @rankinsect tried that multiple times. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

  • Nuclearmonkey
    1 posts

    @d-kruger I tried this last week before I finally gave up. I loaded in today and the Bayek outfit was also stuck! Unbelievable. I couldn't change armors or anything. Had to reload. Fix this Ubisoft. Ffs it's an rpg, so why should I be forced to wear your eyesore of an outfit anyway?

  • AwesomeX1103
    1 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • AJ_Nuvo
    44 posts

    @ubi-woofer if you've read the posts, there was more anger than speculation. From what we as gamers have noticed, all the devs are doing is pushing out paid content (with some of them bugged to heck like the Premium Starter Pack) and putting priority there instead of fixing the main product. You guys seem more interested in making a quick buck off us than actually giving us a great gaming experience i.e. what we paid - some of us through the nose - for. AC: Valhalla is by far the most buggy game we have seen, and makes Odyssey look like a saint; it's an absolute disgrace when a last-gen game plays better and smoother than a current-gen game, where supposedly technology and know-how have evolved to help you make less mistakes. Yet all Ubi is keen on doing is making us pay for more stuff when all we want right now is a fix. Devs from other companies push out fixes all the time aside from official patches. So what we don't understand here is why the devs in this company choose not to bother, and would rather put in time and resources into making new, buggy, paid content.

    Let's not even talk about the level of effort put into this game which is already buggy like an infested mattress - that's a done deal and shame on Ubi. Let's now put the focus on the here and now, where the devs create new content and push it out for US to test it - yes, that's what we are doing, testing your game - and then fixing it later. Money first, game later. We are game testers and not even paid for it. Look at the state of the Yule content you pushed out. Bugs everywhere - it's almost like it was an intern's pet project that didn't go through QA.

    The moral of the story is - you need to get your rightful [censored] together and get fixes out fast. Gamers are angry - gamers who have been your customers for years. If this is how you treat paying, faithful customers, there is something seriously wrong with your management.

  • shyam3010
    84 posts

    @aj_nuvo well said.

  • cortlandia
    6 posts

    @aj_nuvo I 100% agree with everything you said. I would really like to know what is going on with all of these publishers putting out garbage and in some cases straight dumpster fires. Ubisoft, BioWare, Bethesda and now CD Project Red. What in the hell is wrong with these companies? This is some borderline criminal behavior and by that I mean I/we are literally getting extorted.

  • fhflea
    2 posts

    Same problem. I want a refund!

  • fhflea
    2 posts

    I have same issue. Nothing fixes it. I want a refund. Way too many bugs. This is the worst.

  • Seejay9933
    4 posts

    I agree. We are paying them to test their game and they are taking their sweet time to push out a patch that any other company would have put out in a week or two. I literally haven't played since november because of this stupid glitch. 60 bucks ill never get back! At this point i feel like i have paid for frustration! How about you actually pay some testers to test your games before you put them out? Free to play games push out faster patches than Ubisoft.

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