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  • guest-aq7o9iWI
    3 posts

    fast travel to ravensthorpe, call your horse, toggle the hood of the cloak up. get on the horse. While on the horse toggle your hood down. Then toggle it back up and it will magically change your cloak to the cloak you actually have selected.

  • guest-aq7o9iWI
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • ErinBoru
    4 posts

    Glad this worked for you.......the reason this and other threads exist is because for the very large majority of us none of the work arounds have fixed the issue, for almost 7 weeks.

    It also isn't the users responsibility to discover a "work around ". That logic would mean buying a red car and receiving a blue one would make absolute perfect sense after the dealer says, "Buy some red paint."

    2 posts

    SHOULD WORK 100%

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    you din't find a solution, maybe a workaround(and prolly don't work for most), and a workaround don't cut it, a real fix would do, but that can take a year or 2

  • M3W3SY
    11 posts

    You didn't find a fix. I posted a video showing this days ago. It doesn't work for everyone.

  • D-Kruger
    18 posts

    @bindrune Look at this guy, he's hilarious.

  • KnightofTara
    13 posts

    It has been weeks and as mad as I am about the Mari Lwyd cloak, that is the least of my worries now as I literally CANNOT FINISH THE GAME.

    My main issues, in addition to Mari Lwyd, at the moment:

    I got The Father bug so I cannot finish the game nor can I get Thor's Hammer. Done everything else but this.

    I do not have my Vinland gear in England. Maybe not a bug but WTH Ubisoft? I like that outfit.

    I cannot get rid of the Mari Lwyd cloak no matter what I do or where I go.

    And of course, I am loading in drunk since the Yule Festival started.

    I also was not getting any more fabrics for a while but fortunately I had just enough to finish.

    I can buy the Mark of Sol bow twice and have two of them in my inventory. Didn't try more.

    I WAS really enjoying this game and it could be great but for these bugs. Origins and Odyssey did not have issues like this and the lack of response is frankly UNACCEPTABLE. Yet, we are getting another Armor Set to buy next week, I hear.

  • KnightofTara
    13 posts

    @Ubi-Woofer That is not acceptable. I am 182 hours into this game and because of the Father Bug, I cannot finish the game and because of the Mari Lwyd bug, I cannot enjoy any of the outfits that I have collected in that time.

    This simply cannot be left until the game update in FEBRUARY. Forget the new armor sets you guys want us to buy. Until these game breaking bugs are fixed, they need to be the priority. We need a hotfix ASAP. PLEASE!

  • Madan1977
    1 posts

    Hollo I am facing the same issue and tried all the possible ways to remove please help me to remove the Mari Lwyd mask 

  • M3W3SY
    11 posts

    This was opened 2 months ago, 507 comments. No [censored] response from Ubisoft.

  • acook1996
    4 posts

    @ubi-woofer This not being scheduled for a hotfix isn't really good enough. Like a few others have said, I love the game, and after the PS5 upgrade was finally fixed I'd been playing it non-stop until the Mari Lwyd glitch. Whilst annoying, ive carried on but I dont want to progress too far as it is now increasingly infuriating that the cloak won't disappear, and is certainly immersion-breaking.

    Presumably if there wont be a hotfix for this, there also won't be a hotfix for the yule drunk bug, which combined with the Mari Lwyd bug is incredibly infuriating and has just sapped me of enthusiasm to play what is otherwise an incredible game.

    I've been toying with buying Fenyx over the last few days, but the one thing putting me off is the consistently poor response to bugs and issues with Valhalla from Ubisoft. As others have pointed out, this would be far less annoying if you weren't claiming you're somehow unable to issue a hotfix, but have the time to flog custom skins on a one by one basis, which given this bug we cant even use!

  • N3gativeS3izure
    1 posts

    Dear Ubisoft.
    First of all, thank you for this fantastic game.
    Its everything a Norwegian would want! And here in Scandinavia we talk about it all the time.
    But.. the Mari Lwyd cloak bug has absolutely ruined my immersion to the point where Im not able to play Valhalla anymore.
    I wont launch this game again before this bug is fixed. Thank you.

    Sincerely, BCD SEÎZURĘ.

  • HarishDB04
    1 posts

    I just went to Vinland again came back and now everything is back to normal, hope this works!

  • RahRahRigatoni
    1 posts

    @nonstopknight25 this worked for me! Thank you so much! ❤❤

  • AJ_Nuvo
    44 posts

    I was actually playing God of War the past few days to get my fix for Norse mythology.

    Crazy that a 2018 game shows so much more dedication and polish than a 2020 AAA title made by one of the most established developers in the world.

  • cnnryng
    16 posts

    @aj_nuvo People are getting really hyperbolic in this thread. The game actually runs spectacularly well on XSX, and GoW has had two years to fix bugs by now...

  • Gonzo8463
    6 posts

    Ps5 version .

    also after completing the story Arc i was ever present with this cloak and mask.

    same issues and instances that have been reported that it would spam in during cutscenes, or entering guarded areas where stealth is needed, would happen in Norway, Jotunheim and Asgard also .

    sadly i had to bite the bullet and carry on.

    Ive finished the game bar a few trophies left and 2 that are bugged and wont pop. 151 hours combined.

    i can say that as little as it seems to the Devs this is infact a massive issues, it spoilt lots of scenes for me in the final parts of the story arc, i found it pointless after 80hrs in to then upgraded my cloaks or helmets for visual looks due to not been able to see my end game effort. The most annoying part been that the Skull mask doesnt even sit right and parts would glitch in and out of Eivor’s face .

    i encountered endless bugs and crashes throughout my playthrough . And quit the game twice for a week or so. My experience with this game has been blistered with bad experience after bad and at the end has left a bad taste in my mouth regards to going forward with AC games and Ubisoft . FarCry 6 is round the corner but im not convinced it will be worth the price tag .

    i loved and hated this game equally . Ubisoft should have allowed the Dev team a few more months to smooth this game out. It could have dropped 1st jan. but greed and profit yet win over, seeing more and more of these AAA games go down the pan .

  • Mr.Foxconn
    17 posts

    Still no fixed

  • Danziii
    6 posts

    I'm going to buy hundreds of these fuckings masks irl and keep sending them into the Ubisoft offices and see how they like it when you can't escape this ugly as [censored] mask

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