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    @el_mattiaso I love the game but it just lacking so I can't play it for long because it gets on my nerves that I cant have a sword

  • Max.Mumford96
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    I've literally lived a breathed viking warfare for half a decade 😂 I specialised on it in uni and am part of a reenactment groups and archaeological teams, it really really frustrates me that there are no one handed. I've literally written a paper on the significance of swords to the viking and Anglo saxon warrior elites and they were the symbols of the retainers, Lords and Kings. Having a sword marked you out as a warrior and not a levied soldier. Almost all my mates feel the same and they aren't even history nerds. They NEED to rectify this.

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    @max-mumford96 I just wish Ubisoft you issue an official response so we know they at least know how big a problem this really is I've played every assassin's creed game and this has let me down so much it's worse than no shields in odessey hahaha

  • solonlost
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    Agreed. Am rather annoyed that I haven't run into any one-handed traditional viking swords whatsoever. In fact, it's really strange to think you can make a game about vikings without single-handed swords, which were the historical norm. It also means that the most intriguing historical blades, Ulfberht swords, are not represented in the game, which seems like a terrible omission and a very much missed chance at a wonderful quest line - find Ulfberht himself and get him to forge you a sword.

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    @solonlost maybe that can be the first season update of free stuff we are supposed to get that would be their best option would be to do and just bring it out at the end of this month

  • El_Mattiaso
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    For some weird magical reason there are loads of one handed swords in Odyssey, but not one avaible in Valhalla. Huh?

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    @el_mattiaso yeah it's typical there's swords all over Valhalla you just can't touch them hahaha most of the animations already exist and the models etc they just need to let players use them hahaha

  • Frosthound030
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    One handed swords need to be added, and the fact that there are two handed swords that can be wielded with one hand is the worst thing ever, this isn’t dark souls, this isn’t anime, THIS ISNT BERZERK!

    this to me is just plain stupidity, especially since i just found a sword that is liturally a bloody berserk anime guts sword.

    what happened to realism in the timelines?

    Vikings were very well known for their one handed swords, hell its even rare to hear anything about the old Vikings using a two handed weapon.

    it feels like someone on the dev team was one of those dudes with a hard on for anything “two-handed” and forced this crap into the game, i understand that two-handers were used in this time but the fact that NPCs have two handed swords AND one handed swords yet the player is forced to use a two-hander and shield If they want to use a sword at all.......what?........no seriously what the F!

    One handed swords need to be included, the fact that we don’t have any is just mind blogging, but hey here’s two claymores for you to swing around......f that

  • Paella-Sama
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    You put in a wide variety of weapons and combinations and forget to put in one-handed swords? why? Will a future update be added? 

  • PierreAngelique
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    @paella-sama This has been posted so many times but I am still going to upvote it every time I see it. Really bizarre decision on their part. Hopefully they will add it given how much people are posting about it. But who knows, this is the same company that didn't let us use shields in ancient Greece.

  • RaMan1972
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    Hey, so I like the game, but one thing I'm sorely missing is normal, one-handed swords. It seems like a strange thing to leave out when you've got niche stuff like flails in there, and also, all of the most famous and iconic Norse era weapons are swords. Ulfbehrt swords (which are from Germany, I realise, but they were a favourite among the Norse) come to mind. Norse didn't really use two-handers at all. It feels like Ubi're leaving out an important historical weapon in favour of ahistorical, sword and sorcery stuff.

    I know putting a new weapon in with two-handed animations and skill tree stuff is a big ask, but it just seems like it should always have been there. I hope Ubi'll consider it.

  • Sileusta
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    To be fair, Norse used great axes (two handed), though it definitely wasn't a main stream (can't make a shield wall with that). However, I completely agree on swords, they are missed dearly.

  • RaMan1972
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    @sileusta Ah yeah, I know they used Dane Axes, I meant two hander swords.

  • KlausKniffler
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    He told her, "Take your daughter and whatever wealth you want."
    She asked, "Do you mind the loss of your sword so much?"
    "I'd have to lose a great deal of money before I minded as much the loss of that sword."
    "Then you shall never have it, since you have treated me dishonourably."

     Laxdæla saga

    I hadn't actually realised until coming onto this forum that one-handed swords weren't featured in this game. Absolutely baffling decision.
    Swords in the Viking Era were afforded so much prestige and respect - any warrior worth his salt would own one; they were given names, passed down from father to son, buried with their owners, stolen from burial mounds, believed to have magic powers and there are quite literally HUNDREDS of them which have recovered from archaeological finds across Europe from Scotland to Russia.
    Swords are intrinsically linked to the Viking Age and to have produced a video game set in that period without a single sword being available for use by the player is just utterly bizarre.

    Please fix this glaring omission, Ubisoft.

  • Max.Mumford96
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    @raman1972 a few people (including myself) have started posts about this. There's no sense in not having them in as they were a key weapon to viking and Anglo-Saxon warriors. They have to be patched in

  • ValtyrNine
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    @klauskniffler On top of that, do you know what has never been recovered from a Viking burial site? A two-handed sword. Because they were stupid weapons that existed exclusively to counter pikes and were terrible for virtually everything else.

    39 posts

    GamerRant have done a story in this issue and they seeem to agree with what we say so hopefully that will get ubisofts attention

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla is Missing One Major RPG Staple is the title

  • nol0072
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    Thank You 🙏🏻 Ubisoft and all the talented and amazing people for giving us this amazing game.
    It’s miraculous what you create and what we are able to experience.

    Valhalla is remarkable.

    Would you please consider adding one handed swords to the game?
    Its an iconic weapon and I know many people would enjoy the immersion of being able to play with a sword and shield.
    It would be wonderful to see famous and historical swords such as the Ulfberth.
    And very appropriate for such a wonderful game and those of us who prefer more realism instead of fantasy

    thank you and kind regards

  • RaMan1972
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    @max-mumford96 Yeah, sorry, I just noticed after I posted that there's already posts about this. Should have checked. It's crazy. Dual wield shields but no swords, like?

  • Reighnred
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    Not a single one handed sword! How could you forget such a simple thing as a normal sword. I am baffled!

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