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  • KlausKniffler
    9 posts

    He told her, "Take your daughter and whatever wealth you want."
    She asked, "Do you mind the loss of your sword so much?"
    "I'd have to lose a great deal of money before I minded as much the loss of that sword."
    "Then you shall never have it, since you have treated me dishonourably."

     Laxdæla saga

    I hadn't actually realised until coming onto this forum that one-handed swords weren't featured in this game. Absolutely baffling decision.
    Swords in the Viking Era were afforded so much prestige and respect - any warrior worth his salt would own one; they were given names, passed down from father to son, buried with their owners, stolen from burial mounds, believed to have magic powers and there are quite literally HUNDREDS of them which have recovered from archaeological finds across Europe from Scotland to Russia.
    Swords are intrinsically linked to the Viking Age and to have produced a video game set in that period without a single sword being available for use by the player is just utterly bizarre.

    Please fix this glaring omission, Ubisoft.

  • Max.Mumford96
    22 posts

    @raman1972 a few people (including myself) have started posts about this. There's no sense in not having them in as they were a key weapon to viking and Anglo-Saxon warriors. They have to be patched in

  • ValtyrNine
    88 posts

    @klauskniffler On top of that, do you know what has never been recovered from a Viking burial site? A two-handed sword. Because they were stupid weapons that existed exclusively to counter pikes and were terrible for virtually everything else.

    43 posts

    GamerRant have done a story in this issue and they seeem to agree with what we say so hopefully that will get ubisofts attention

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla is Missing One Major RPG Staple is the title

  • nol0072
    2 posts

    Thank You 🙏🏻 Ubisoft and all the talented and amazing people for giving us this amazing game.
    It’s miraculous what you create and what we are able to experience.

    Valhalla is remarkable.

    Would you please consider adding one handed swords to the game?
    Its an iconic weapon and I know many people would enjoy the immersion of being able to play with a sword and shield.
    It would be wonderful to see famous and historical swords such as the Ulfberth.
    And very appropriate for such a wonderful game and those of us who prefer more realism instead of fantasy

    thank you and kind regards

  • RaMan1972
    11 posts

    @max-mumford96 Yeah, sorry, I just noticed after I posted that there's already posts about this. Should have checked. It's crazy. Dual wield shields but no swords, like?

  • Reighnred
    1 posts

    Not a single one handed sword! How could you forget such a simple thing as a normal sword. I am baffled!

  • detroitin2019
    99 posts

    you sure they forgot?

  • CommandoCole166
    1 posts

    I have been a huge fan of the assassin's creed series since the first one and have owned all of them. Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the first game I've ever preordered and I was ecstatic to play it. However the fact the game has no single handed viking swords absolutely baffles me and I'm quite bothered by it as the viking longsword was an iconic weapon that was in the hands of many warriors (including most npc's in the game. I feel like it really wouldn't be much to add a couple single handed swords and a fighting style to go with it in your next update. Please take my suggestion ubisoft!!

  • Claiton_Bigsby
    2 posts

    @commandocole166 agreed. All they had to do was insert the animations from origins into the game. I don't understand it either. I guess they would've needed an offhand attack but they could just used another weapons animation or something. And then all they woulda needed would've been a parry/block animation.

  • Max.Mumford96
    22 posts

    The more people who mention it means that hopefully they'll do something about it 😊. Fact game reviewers are clocking this now is a good sign so hopefully they'll patch it in soon.

  • SeanC.87
    20 posts

    two handed swords where not used during this era they didn’t gain popularity until the 13th century

  • G0ddy4
    1 posts

    @nol0072 I agree they should add one-handed swords.

  • kmansp31
    49 posts

    I do agree, this was an oversight on ubisofts part. You can get close, however- in the upper left of the skill tree is dual wield two handed weapons skill. I use this one with a 2H sword and then throw on a shield, or put a dagger in the right hand. As close as you can get right now.

  • Nekroncy
    1 posts

    Hey, you need to add One Handed Swords in the game. Its a sign of wealth in the viking era. WE NEED IT UBISOFT!

  • Dtheawesome9010
    6 posts

    Ah the arguments of old shields are arriving again the same arguments that were for and against them ahhhhhh and even some new ones! Yippee!! I love you guys always so predictable!! As my comment in the old thread has predicted looks like I'm really surprised the people who were complaining about us wanting shields arent here yet let's just see what happens I havent bought the game due to last years design choices and this years as well it seems if I pick it up itll be used copy

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    Ohhhh enlightened one - could you copy-paste your arguments with your predictions? Not everyone, at least not me, has any idea what you where predicting in the "Odyssey no shield" thread on the old forum (I assume that is the thread you are referring to?). A copy-paste of t (or at least a link) would lend your statement at least some credibility...

  • Dtheawesome9010
    6 posts

    @aloninor my first post on this thread here takes you to the one handed swords thread in the Valhalla general forums from before beta I just find this funny that's all I agree with wanting swords I too find it ridiculous
    My post here is at the very top it was to catch everyone up to speed if they were new

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    Good point! Didn't saw your first post in thread - thanks for link to your previous post. I think at this point it is not much of a prediction though - if you remove something people like, some people will complain some examples include:

    • social stealth,
    • wearing a hood in combat,
    • shields,
    • the hidden blade,
    • Desmond Miles (removed for other reasons),
    • and in this thread: 1h swords.

    So yeah, while you were right in your last post - this is fairly predictable on doesn't require foresight 🙂

    43 posts

    @aloninor @Dtheawesome9010 does you guys know of Ubisoft have done an official why we decided to not bother with a key feature of most historic and fantasy games I still haven't seen them respond to anything?

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