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  • YoRHa_116D
    2 posts

    scattering swords in piles like this all over the Valhalla's world looks like very bad joke from Ubi 😕

    39 posts

    @squaretoshoot no one does everyone is a mixture of confused, annoyed and just not surprised we just need to conformation for Ubisoft that they are aware and doing something that's all most of us want I think

    39 posts

    @yorha_116d they are just laughing at us they could fix it pretty easily so just need to do something

  • ELDemiurgos
    2 posts

    Please add one handed swords for eivor with new combos. Its most common weapon and vikings uses their own viking swords too.

  • D0MFTW
    5 posts


    It would be like making a WWII shooter but with no M1 Garand, you don't do that lol.

  • Frosthound030
    124 posts

    @squaretoshoot I’m right there with you, it’s so bloody mind boggling they forgot one handed swords, i actually want the two handed swords removed until one handed swords are added I’m so salty about it 😂😂😂

    the only benifits from the two handed dual wielding i found is i can use spear and shield which is a traditional Viking style so there’s that atleast

  • Filko84
    1 posts

    Who decided to exclude one hand classic Viking sword from the game? Is it the same person that decided that a Spartan shall have no shield? Really

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    Of course they are aware that many fans would like 1h swords - that is beyond doubt. They have been receiving questions about this on youtube, news sites (gaming news), the forum, twitter, reddit to mention some examples.

    So the question that remains is if they are being implemented or not at a later point.

    Unpopular opinion maybe, but I think all people who use "1h swords were a thing at viking times, therefore it is just ridiculous not to give us 1h swords" as an argument, are a bit hypocritical. The same people using this argument should also complain about the existence of flails or 2h swords (amongst other things). Which both were not around at that time? So it seems very selective what people choose to complain about and completely unrelated to the presented argument (aka. they were a thing at viking times) and more just based on personal preference.

    Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind 1h swords - I just find the argument of implementing it due to the need for historical accuracy a bit ... well you get my point.

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    I doubt that this will be a store (exclusive) item. If they choose to implement them at a later time, e.g. seasons or dlc, they would most likely place some of them as loot around the world. Just selling them in the store would really limit the amount of 1h swords available + might lead to even more criticism of how the 1h sword situation has been handled. But who knows.

  • XzXDarkHuntzXzX
    4 posts

    This is also my biggest issue with the game by far. Even more so than the numerous immersion breaking bugs and sub par optimization. The AI can use one handed swords but the player can't? Even though you're a high ranking Viking "officer" who could easily afford one or you know... Pick one off the ground.

    If I knew there weren't any one handed swords I would have waited to buy the game but the review I watched didn't mention this. I also just assumed that one of the most commonly used weapons of that time period would be in the game.

    Also sucks that Ubisoft hasn't responded to this issue at all. I'd love to know the reason behind this and if there's a chance they'll get added later.

    Such a shame.

    39 posts

    @aloninor I agree arguing for the sake of accuracy is pointless I mean you can get Excalibur and Mjölnir not exactly realistic I just want them because they look cool and it's my preferred weapon

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    I'm not that far into the game (and trailer has only shown excalibur as far as I know) but these two even make sense and a realistic - in relation to existing AC Lore, not the historical accuracy.

    Yep - that is an honest argument that I think is totally relatable. They look awesome and give additional variety to the selection of weapons -> would be nice to have them 😄

    39 posts

    @aloninor tbh with me I honestly don't care about arguements or reasons I just want the damn swords hahaha I do wanna know the reason but I'd rather them just fix the issue

  • DanielLupus82
    2 posts

    It is absolutely idiotic that they got rid of one handed swords. All enemy types using them, thez are IN THE GAME. Your own Jomsviking are seen sharpening them, -but not using them in battle...- (only enemy npcs allowed XDDD to do that... ridiculous... . ..) the animations, and all the models are there, locked to npc combat only... Very, very illogical, and frustrating. Taking away something from the player what is the very base of the viking experience> the frankish-type one handed longswords...

    ALL films and every media uses them for vikings, and they were one of the factors that STARTED the vikingr lifestyle back in the day, as those frankish swords were legendary quality, yet versatile.

    Dang, !!! VERY easy to satisfy the masses and appear as the good guys: just hear what we say.
    Just use the 1h axe animations and copy the stats of the bearded axe, put in there the 1h sword 3d model. WE DON'T CARE for a completely new weapon class, but give us the option to own and use a viking sword! If it comes down as a difference only in looks, and generally you just use the axe combat as a base, we dont care.

    Devs: (or more likely the.. "creative" managers... of the devs....) If the NPCs can use it, dont try to invent some immersion breaking explanation about game balance, why you cropped it out, (as it comes down more like someones own personal preference forced on the masses... "You do not need swords, all should use axes"...) just put it back instead:
    use the axe mechanics and bearded axe base damage stats with the all/regular NPC 1h sword 3d model, WHAT IS a perfect viking sword of the frankish type: easy and fast to implement, we all be very satisfied, and we stop pestering you, and you wont go down in history looking like clowns who try to defend an absolutely ridiculous idea of simply "removing" the main... historical weapon of the vikingr.

    You can even throw it in as a store item, everyone is going to buy it. Everyone. You can even make some money with it.....

    Easy to do it, and if it is only a visual difference to the 1h axe, then there arent going to be any game balance issues, boom, thats it. Do it please.

    As stern opposition from the Dev side against the idea of the main... weapon of the vikings to be used by players, (what is already in the game in the hands of npcs) just looks very annoying, and ridiculous in the eyes of historians and players alike.- it comes out to be seen as something that has only one sole purpose: to oppose against the communities wishes, cries, and begs, and opposing against the very core of historical viking era warfare.
    And you can do it by only creating another "axe" with THAT sword 3d model. Be reasonable please.

    39 posts

    @daniellupus82 totally agree just reskin the axe animations with a sword skin done

  • Czelious
    8 posts

    Yeah, this is pretty weird, no viking swords?
    Sure, swords were a "luxury" for viking or passed down generations, but there should be a few.

    Same with bearded axes, id love to have more.

    Instead I have about 200 different shields.

  • Czelious
    8 posts

    @solonlost they were not the norm, viking swords were a symbol of status and most were ornamental and family heirlooms.

    Heres a quote from Wikipedia, but there are more trusted source to read about it.

    "Swords were very costly to make, and a sign of high status. They were rarely used and some swords found in graves were probably not sturdy enough for battle or raiding, and instead were likely decorative items"

    With that said, i do agree though, since its a game i was pretty disappointed when i found out there were no regular 1h swords.

    Id also like more bearded axes, but im stuck with a selection of 200 different shields instead.

    But i guess and hope we'll see some added since there are content planned to release even before the next DLC.

  • Meatball-83
    1 posts

    Can you please add one handed Swords to the Game? A Viking without a Sword is like a Samurai without Catana . And a good Viking Armor would be nice 😉 chainmail or scale Armor 🤷♂

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 518 posts

    Hey Meatball-83! I hope you are having a good day! Thanks for your feedback and suggestion to add one handed swords to Assassin's Creed Valhalla, in addition to either chainmail or scale armor! I have forwarded this up to the Development team for review. If you have any other suggestions, or more to add, please let me know! 🙂

    Official Response
  • Max.Mumford96
    22 posts

    @czelious I mean, Wikipedia is not a great source. I've written papers about the importance of swords to the vikings and Anglo-Saxons ar University. You're right in that were heirlooms, social symbols and good swords were very expensive. That said, they are one of the only human-made tools that are specifically designed for war. Majority of swords found from the viking age show signs of use by looking at the blades (stress fractures and potential nicks in the blades). This can be seen in swords found in hedeby in Denmark show this as well as from hundreds of viking burials in England. Plus, looking at a lot of warrior burials from the viking age, a lot of injuries were inflicted by swords. A famous example is the Repton burial in England. A viking warrior was killed by slash to his pelvis and upper thigh by a sword (cut mark that cut mark is too narrow to be an axe). Plus you have the St Brice day massacre where many Danes were found with sword marks on their skeletons.

    One handed swords were a rarer weapon in the viking age as they were expensive to maintain and make, but they were vital to the warrior elites as well as being more reliable weapons in battle when well made.

    Overall, having them in the game and usable by Eivor is really important because of their symbolic importance, use in battle and overall importance to the warrior elite in the viking age. As I've said many times before, they need to be added 😂 also from a a person's preferred gameplay style it's kinda a weird design flaw not having normal one handed swords, but having oversized 'long swords' that are almost bigger than the character....

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