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  • Max.Mumford96
    22 posts

    @fylkirpanzer I get what you mean. Dialling it back a bit ua great, but they've gone from one extreme to another. A quest like that would be awesome

    39 posts

    @max-mumford96 I'm personally not bothered how they add them in they just need to be there even if a little thing pops up saying the blacksmith has a gift for you or something like that

  • SquareToShoot
    4 posts

    @max-mumford96 Cheers I'll have a look. Yeah, not thrilled about having to do it this way myself but it's the only way to have a one handed sword for now it would seem.

    39 posts

    @squaretoshoot it looks awful using the 2 handed swords in one hand it's just wrong

  • madness3v3
    Original poster 38 posts

    @fylkirpanzer Link your prime account to your ubisoft account. You cardoligion gear

  • Max.Mumford96
    22 posts

    @madness3v3 here's a petition for one handed swords to be added in someone has set up http://chng.it/WycqpHVSQQ

  • x_Candlejack_x
    11 posts

    I just relised yesterday, that there is not a single viking sword or knightly sword in this game. Why? Are they coming in a DLC or did Ubi just "forgot" to put them in? Sure there is two-handed swords, but no one-handed ones. I found this strange and a bit immersion breaking and dull.

  • Frosthound030
    124 posts

    @x_candlejack_x forgot, there’s a lot of people mad about this, enough in the forum that it’ll hopefully get their attention, it’s especially dumb we can duel wield two handed weapons

    39 posts

    @max-mumford96 signed and shared hopefully they pay attention get this on Reddit etc

  • MFrigCRISS
    2 posts

    I'm speechless that you CAN'T have a one handed sword. How is it possible that you guys completely omitted to incorporate the most used weapon in games like that. Not only is it extremely disappointing, its also plain wrong and historically inaccurate. One handed short swords were a weapon of choice for noble "such as Eivor" 9th century Vikings. How you guys decided to leave this weapon class out of the game is baffling to say the least

  • Freestepper
    80 posts

    Well, there are two handed swords and you can unlock skill that enables you to dual wield 2x two handed swords. I did not unlock this skill yet, but i'm guessing that with that skill, it should be possible to hold one two handed sword in one hand and shield in the other? That means you could use two handed sword as one handed sword?

  • MFrigCRISS
    2 posts

    @freestepper Yes, thats how it is. But its unrealistic. Danes and Norsemen, Vikings, didn't use big clumsy 2 handed swords, they used double edged 1 handed swords with a shield. And just to go back to my point? Why the hell would they simply discard the most important weapon class??? Its idiotic

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @madness3v3 Hmm, it seems I can't access my Amazon account anymore haha. Ah well, I'll miss out on that armor I guess, which is all well, I probably would have stuck with the Brigandine anyway.

    39 posts

    @fylkirpanzer mines not appeared it's been more than 48 hours I want the ship more than the armour but I'd trade it all for a one handed sword

  • SOF.Mcdonald.A
    4 posts

    Why no Viking swords ??
    They bring in 2h swords which were used in 13th cen Years in the future of the game
    but the souly named "Viking Long Sword" is not even in the game ??
    Very confused about this ? Is Ubisoft just doing what they want now lol and saying no to Canon lol or realism now?

  • Fruitloops3000
    28 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Dragonsnuts
    16 posts

    @solonlost They're represented.... very very badly.

  • Dragonsnuts
    16 posts

    @fylkirpanzer They smacked +VULFBERT+ onto the final skin of the Carolingian long sword. That pretty much killed any hope I had of them doing anything positive with ulfbert swords.

  • aldrichm8
    23 posts

    I HOPE its a PL content, they mentioned NEW WEAPONS in the Post launch trailer so yeah.. fingers crossed.

  • Max18400
    402 posts

    I'm going to start by saying I really love the game. I can even overlook the bugs that I assume will be patched soonish. But why not include one of the most popular, well known and significant weapons in the assassin creed series. Especially in a viking game. No Ulfberhts, no Merovingian swords, no Abingdon swords. They were symbols of power, prestige and war in the viking age. Not including them is a huugge mistake and something of a blight on the game. It is immersion breaking, it's not allowing many players to not play the name in their own style. Especially with shows such as Vikings and the Last Kingdom reiterating the use and significance of swords to a viking age warrior.
    It baffles there has been no response to this or pledge to fix it. Game reviewers have noticed and have mentioned the lack of swords, fans have voiced their disappointment as well as history nerds (such as myself) saying that there really is no leg to stand on in regards to not including them, but instead massive, bigger than Eivor, longswords.
    Leading on from this, in the future, can their be more realistic armour and gear in Assassin creed valhalla. Minus a few exceptions, Odyssey's gear looked at least plausible, whereas over half of Vahalla'a gear looks like it belongs in World of Warcraft, not a game about history.

    Please do something to fix this very easily fixable things to make a good game great.

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