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  • BurnedRook
    3 posts

    @sof-mcdonald-a Just to clarify, there were 2h swords during this time. They just weren't labelled as such. At the time, swords weren't really standardized, so there were a few around (at least historically as they've been found and dated to that time) that could be classified as longswords, but they are just much larger sized normal swords at least in how they were designed.

  • SOF.Mcdonald.A
    4 posts

    Not putting in the Iconic and Historically named "Viking Long Sword " in a Viking Game...?! Is like having a Game About Spartans ... And not putting the Iconic Spartan shield in it lol lol
    .... Oh Ubisoft lol 😋 what were you thinking ???

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @sof-mcdonald-a I mean, they did that with Odyssey lol. That's my literal only gripe with Odyssey too. I'd probably be adding to my 1360 something hours in it if shields were in game lol. But yeah, Ubisoft makes really strange design decisions, I just wish they would tell us "why" they make these decisions, like an actual proper explanation.

  • SOF.Mcdonald.A
    4 posts

    @burnedrook ok Karen someone needs to check history in the NORTH lol 😋 yes in the the west lol they had them but it was Viking Long swords , axes, hammers , and a bunch of other weapons in the North during Viking times ...

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    With Odyssey they at least had an excuse for not having a shield they they responded to (to use the spear of leonidas) and that the character was an outcast so wasn't trained to fight in a phalanx. It was still annoying as hell, but they at least addressed it. There is no excuse for no actual one handed viking swords in the game.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @max18400 To be fair, there was no phalanx fighting in Odyssey at all. As far as being an outcast, it doesn't explain why they, as a mercenary, decided to train themselves to use all manner of weapons aside from a shield; when other mercenaries, use shields. The Spear of Leonidas thing makes sense, though you can use abilities and two handed weapons which means the Spear is on your back, and glows (outside of the actual Spear use abilities like Ring of Chaos). I mean, yeah, you're right, they gave some reasoning, which may or may not have made sense, but it was at least something. Regarding one handed swords, no explanation as of yet, and I honestly look to be confused if or when they say why.

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    You're right and I completely agree with you. It didn't justify it, but that was their excuse for having no shields. I'll just hope they'll patch it in. They clearly have it coded in, just need to apply it.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @max18400 I'd be totally fine with just a simple cosmetic reskin of the one handed axe attack chain animation.

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    It would be so easy to patch them in as well. Even doing more then just reskinning a bearded axe is doable

  • Fruitloops3000
    28 posts
    I think a lot of you have to come down a bit... no reason in treating this like it is the biggest issue in 2020, in gaming history even in AC history.... it is a type of weapon you are missing, no reason to get angry, [censored], super annoyed or deeply disappointed in Ubisoft.

    Also, we can't demand justification for every choice in the game. This is a choice they made, just like they choose to give the settlement 6 levels instead of any other number, or they chose to have X order of the ancient members instead of Y.

    Unpopular opinion, but get over it...

    Luckily there is no down vote button on this forum : D

    The majority here would agree with you mate. Nobody's calling this the biggest injustice of 2020. Theres always some people that take stuff to far agreed. But people are [censored] and they are venting. If that venting reaches the developers ears then great.

  • OTG_Gilamunsta
    32 posts

    @burnedrook yes, there were two handed swords in this time period, by vikings didn't use them. Or at least known burial sites do not contain any to my knowledge...

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @fruitloops3000 just fully upgraded the carolingian long sword... It looks weird. And adding insult to injury, they've put ULFBERT on it 😵

  • RaulTaborda
    2 posts

    we want one handed swords!

  • KmarkoPL
    81 posts

    @raultaborda Like there is not already dozen threads about that, You had to make another SPAM !!
    Is it going be same like with shields for Odyssey ?!

  • Mataresian
    11 posts

    You can't really compare those choices with the design choice of a having no one-handed swords.

  • VictorD39
    2 posts

    I love valhalla but playing without a one-handed sword does not allow you to fully immerse yourself in a true Viking experience. i Hope you can implement one-handed swords or at least create smaller designs like one-handed for the long swords type

  • VictorD39
    2 posts

    in addition to the various Viking and European swords there are many swords in Norse, Saxon and Irish mythology such as the Dyrnwyn, the Gramr and the Nægling from which you can take inspiration to create one-handed swords

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @ubikobold thank the gods, there's hope. Thankyou so much for responding to this issue. Please add one handed swords to the game and some historically accurate armor. It really would make the game go from good to great and make it a truly amazing assassin's creed/viking experience

    39 posts

    @ubikobold it's great to see an official response to this is there anyway we can be updated on how this is going?

  • Frosthound030
    124 posts

    Honestly i normally wouldn’t want something removed, but the fact that they forgot one handed swords and also shove this one handing a two handed sword with your shield crap in your face i feel they need to pick one,

    A: either add one handed swords like a majority of the fan base is asking for and also confused about the lack of


    B: remove one handing a two handed sword and shield, it’s just insulting and feels like ubi is trying to force us to use oversized weapons and one hand a two hander, biggest fake wannabe set up ever, “reeeeeee gotta have my oversized twohanders i can one hand🙄

    please get rid of the anime fanboy from the dev team, it feels like your let a toddler make those decisions


    if one handed swords arnt useable here then two handed sword and shield shouldn’t be an option🙄🙄🙄

    plus one handing the two handers has no place, it’s stupid, it’s unrealistic, it’s a joke, it would only be decided by a moron....seriously

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