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  • Karloz1995
    268 posts

    @fokkashorse wish in the future they add it, but somehow i have a feeling that they never add one handed swords, just like in odyssey they never add shields... sad true, im just waiting for february updated to see what they implement, if they do nothing in that updated, im going to throw away this game... for now im very dissapointed with the game. the reason why it sells more then odyssey and origins is because of the hype of vikings AC , but people are already complaining at ubisoft for their laazy developed game

  • FokkAsHorse
    5 posts

    @karloz1995 I think this game is a lot more empty and buggier than the last 2 releases and I can definitely say that just the fact it's viking raises more hype because ...people are derr?

    But usually Ubi put a lot of research into their games. And if half the team that helped with Odyssey, they should be able to make Valhalla a masterpiece and adding more sword types needs to be in there.

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    So, with one handed swords... Ubisoft have responded to the issue on this forum of no one handed swords and have passed the issues on to the devs and will probably add them in, either as part of the DLC or just an update.
    I'm a recent interview, one of the game producers or directors (I think) said that going forward they are going to be listening to fans and making changes suiting the players, so all we can really do is all optimistic.
    There really isn't any reason for there to be no usable one handed swords in the game. As the OP said, it's likely due to a oversight when they were testing the game. And it is likely that they will do something as (next to fixing bugs) it's one of the most complained about things in the game as you can go on any platform, and there's people raising the issue.
    Odyssey had at least a reason for having no shields that the Dev team did justify; whether players agree with it or not is a separate issue.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    wish they would start listen more often to fans.

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @asgardian02 they should. But they could also just have fans play the early access stuff. Like I remember watching this one guy on YouTube praising the game utterly in its early access stage, and I remember seeing so many issues and things wrong and thinking why isn't this guy saying anything?

  • rorobfo
    38 posts

    @fokkashorse thinking of daggers as one handed fast swords & 2h swords as one handers after i got the skill for that. works perfectly for me. what benefit would a 3rd sword class briong?
    Would love much more to get a staff instead of a 1h sword. Fast and with a good range it had great animations and combos in Odyssey and Origins.

  • AthulVishnu20
    10 posts

    In odyssey there was an explanation. That we were dual wielding the spear. Which is at least acceptable.
    In Valhalla the explanation was that swords were not popular coz the metal was expensive so they preferred axes. Which wouldve been acceptable if we didnt see every single saxon holding a sword. And if they are so expensive why arent the vikings looting that and melting it? Beyond every logic..

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @rorobfo no. A dagger is a dagger. And the great-swords look ridiculous. They're massively oversized. This is my opinion however and you're welcome to disagree.

    That said, even looking at the average stats for each weapon class, normal one handed swords would fit in perfectly between bearded axes (average speed of 50) and daggars (average speed of 70). Not to mention, it is weird to have in a self professed well-researched (ubisoft have said they did their research) historical game and include a lot of weapons that aren't accurate to the period/are pure fantasy. Flails have never been a weapon used in warfare and certainly didn't exist in the 9th century, Great-swords came about much after the viking age and there's no evidence for war-hammers (outside of thor's hammer in mythology) in viking age warfare. So personally, I'd trade all 3 of those for a historically accurate, one handed viking sword in the game. Its pretty obvious by looking at a lot of the cinematics and stats that they were initially there, but for whatever reason were swapped for the final fantasy'esque great-swords last minute.
    Also, from a gaming perspective, they've really cut down the quality of weapons you can use in Vahalla. Why cut two handed hammers, staffs and one handed swords? It seems like a huge stepback.

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @athulvishnu20 that's not even an excuse from Ubisoft. That's come from players who aren't too fussed by it.
    If you research into the viking age, swords (one handed) were rarer, yet were the signature weapon of the warrior elites across Europe in the viking age. That argument also falls flat on its face as you can have massive, over sized great swords and flails, but no one handed swords because metal was rare? It was more of an issue finding a blacksmith able to forge a decent sword as they had to be hard, flexible and be able to hold an edge and finding that level of workmanship was expensive.

  • Fruitloops3000
    28 posts
    agree on the armor but downgrade because it’s another 1 handed sword post


  • jomoroon
    7 posts

    I can imagine them putting in a sword skin under the 1H axe category. The animations are neutral enough to be used for sword or axe I think.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    agree on both.

    Coming from odyssey with so much option for armor and to customize your hero not being to that in this game such big time. especially since the armor itself looks appaling and when you upgrade it and invest a lot of time in it , it doesnt look better and is nothing to look forward too. All it does in a upgrade at loads of gold to it.

    I am running around with all my gear hidden cos its so damn ugly and it really sux to have already played 80 hours and still looking the same. This doesnt feel rewarding at all

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    whats weird that the transmog system is availeble for you ship captain, but you yourself cant use it.

    i dont understand why a system that was so well received in a previous game wasnt improved upon for this game.

  • Beylous
    42 posts

    One-handed swords are in the game, the entire opening battle scene is full of them. They're just not available to us for some silly reason. I give up trying to figure it out, lol.

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @beylous the fact they're not available to use is the issue. They're not in the game for the player to use

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @kingtut247365 yes? That is another thread, one I did contribute to about there being no one handed swords

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @UbiWan you have articulated in other threads about if having any queries to reach out.
    I want to ask if there is any update on the query about adding one handed swords as their own weapon class and more historically accurite gear to Assassin's Creed Vahalla.
    It has been confirmed in several posts on this forum that it has been passed to the Dev team. It would be amazing if you could provide an update as it is one of the most requested changes in the game alongside a transmog system (which has now been confirmed to be added at some point), has had petitions made to have them added to the game and has generally had fans asking for these it on nearly all platforms.
    Any update would be greatly appreciated.

  • LeoRaptor1979
    98 posts

    @max18400 They won't add them to the main game. They might add them in the DLC, Animus or Connect stores. It is to late to add them into the main game.

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @leoraptor1979 perhaps. Perhaps not. But an update is better than nothing

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