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  • Dante3142
    1 posts

    Dear Ubisoft, can we please get an update for Valhalla with one handed swords added. Vikings used one handed swords all throughout history. I mean even the warlord in for honor can use a one handed sword and shield

  • Fruitloops3000
    28 posts

    Dying to get an update.

  • Irvine77201995
    1 posts

    Hello hopefully a member of the Ubisoft team will see this.

    It has already been discussed in depth that there are NO 1 handed swords in game that you can use a decision I don't like but understand. I know if you unlock the skill you can use 2 handed swords with 1 hand a few issues I have myself with this is it takes a long time to get to that stage. But mostly it looks a bit silly and not very viking more like something from world of warcraft.

    what im asking and hope you can help with is will there be 1 handed swords added into the game via the store or the seasons sagas. I think the system you have with the opals is great and very customer friendly and inwould def grind for a 1 handed viking sword.

    It would also help with the historical accuracy of the game which I know from AC Origins you take great pride in.

    Thank you in advance for any reply from the Ubisoft/AC Valhalla team. 🗡

  • Acevesxl
    1 posts

    @ubikobold please take this seriously the game just seems to be completely off without one handed swords.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    you can wield a sword and a shield, just not a 1hand sword 😛

  • Max18400
    397 posts

    @asgardian02 a stupidly oversized sword (almost as big and as Eivor) with a shield... Like you're right you can do it with the ability. But it looks stupid in my opinion

  • nbetts53
    1 posts

    Why are there not single handed swords in the game?

    A short sword was among the most elite and abundant weapon of the time so why have they been excluded.

    Ubisoft should add them in an update in the near future.

    1 posts

    Can we please get some word from Ubisoft if proper 1 handed swords will be added to the game (not greatswords duel wielded)! I was so disappointed when I got the game and realised something so basic was missing 😞

  • LucklessStepdad
    4 posts

    I am loving this game in almost its complete entirety, albeit one crucial detail, and that being the lack of one handed long swords (or Saxon swords).
    I truly feel this is the absolute best game so far of all 2020 and even beginning ‘21. You could make it oh so much better with that one small implement. I know I speak for a rather large group of players in stating this. So PLEASE devs.. please, one handed Norse and Saxon swords. For the love of Odhinn and Tor, we are Vikingr and want sword and shield!!!
    Thanks for the platform and the game please Consider!

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 669 posts

    Hello @LucklessStepdad,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I moved this thread to the community section for better visibility! 🙂

    Official Response
  • LucklessStepdad
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • LucklessStepdad
    4 posts

    @ubi-mark thank you very much. I hope it will gain some traction. 🤞

  • xX-Blackout93-X
    5 posts

    A Viking game without an Ulfberht sword is like a Samurai game without a Katana! Please bring back the one handed swords, there are so many of us who desperately want this!


  • Yesin069
    534 posts


    This is the same as no shields in Odyssey. I doesn't make sense!

    I remember a time where Ubisoft cared about their settings and that they are represented accurately. In AC1 they didn't put crossbows because they where historically inacurate (even if Altair had one in the Trailer).

    Putting no one-handed-swords in Valhalla was just a stupid decision. Swords are the most standard weapon in any medieval game and Eivor even uses them for a splitsecond in takedowns.

    Maybe the DLC will add one-handed-swords but i would like it more when they add two one-handers to the store in the settlement that you can pick up from the very start and maybe two more o locations where you find just useless stuff.

    BUT i clearly will never pay money for them. I pay them no single cent in the Animus Store and hope nobody else would do!

  • xX-Blackout93-X
    5 posts


    It's too absurd to be an oversight, which means that some idiot who somehow attained decision making power over at Ubi, deliberately opted to not include them. Unbelievable.

    If the whole point now is it to make more money through micro transactions, FINE. At least GIVE US WHAT WE WANT.

  • karoll001
    1 posts

    Ubisoft plans to add one-handed swords to the game? They are sorely lacking in relation to the times of the Viking invasions. It would also be nice if there were more weapons like the Fryd's ax in the game - the statistics can be raised and the weapon retains the appearance of the times presented in the game. For many people who are passionate about the Vikings' historical period, they also lack the usual chain mail and armor that looks like they were from that period.

  • xX-Blackout93-X
    5 posts

    Everyone who wants to dual wield in this game wants to do so with a one handed sword and one handed axe. It’s wildly absurd to able to do so with two two-handed weapons. Please add, we’ll even pay for it.

  • Max18400
    397 posts

    @xx-blackout93-x loads of people have been requesting this since before launch (myself included). Apparently the request has been passed on to the devs but that's it

  • Gemini-IX
    5 posts

    @max18400 Bugger all will happen. I've been chasing this issue for months and had nothing at all. No responses, no real acknowledgement, no roadmap updates. Nothing. Once again, Ubisoft have taken our money, and ran. Screw you, don't like the game? Sucks for you. They will only be paying attention now to updates that fix glitches (which I imagine they'll soon get bored of fixing anyway) and adding content that requires payment. Standard Ubisoft. In all seriousness, if they don't listen to the MASSIVE community outcry to add the damn weapons to the game, this may really be the last AC game I ever buy. Time and time again, ever since first moving away from the original Ezio format, Ubisoft have shown they don't give a single damn about what their fans really want, pandering occasionally to silence a few murmurs here and there, lifting the finger only as far as it needs to be raised.

    Next thing they'll do is release a samurai AC and leave out katanas and give some crap excuse like, *insert character name here* is supposed to represent an assassin and an internal struggle against the norm, which is why he/she can only use a stick and slingshot. Load of rubbish.

  • Max18400
    397 posts

    @gemini-ix ngl, I think this game has broken me. How awful the river raids are is the last straw

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