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  • paulbradford96
    1 posts

    One handed swords really need to be added to this game desperately.

    Some players such as myself enjoy the AC franchise because of it's historical immersion and proportionate 1 handed swords would make this a far more enjoyable game for many people.

    Especially as it was one of the most popular types of weapons in that period and was the most highly valued type of weapon in viking culture due to it being considered a weapon that indicated high status.

    It seems so strange to not have this available as a weapon option given that there are so many weapons available that were simply never used in this time period such as flails and two handed swords just were not used by vikings.

    Not arguing that those types of weapons shouldn't be accessible as it should all be about player choice but its seems so strange to not have such and obvious and iconic weapon in the game

  • LordRaven4430
    18 posts

    Why are their not one handed swords in the game??? Also by all stories of Excalibur, it was a one handed sword and not a two handed sword. I don't know who did the research for UBISOFT of Viking weapons or Excalibur, but the Vikings used mostly one HANDED swords. SO I have no clue WHY there are no one handed swords in the GAME, that is ABOUT Vikings??? Please add some one handed swords to the game and please change Excalibur to a 1 handed sword...

    1 posts

    Despite the fact that it is historically accurate, AC Valhalla is an RPG game, one handed sword is a must have for it. So who is the genius that decided to remove the one handed sword from a Dark Age RPG game?!!

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @lordraven4430 only update is the request has been handed in to the devs.
    Thry looked like they've added some more one handed sword animations for npcs, so fingers crossed

  • Bytedotexe
    44 posts

    @lucklessstepdad I would love to see this in the game 😄

  • Billionair90
    2 posts

    Yes yes yes give me one handed regular sized swords!!!

  • reakyshuffle
    1 posts

    Why can Eivor not have a one handed sword it is just Dumb That he uses a long sword in this time period. He is a Leader he can afford a sword.
    ’and that the only ulfberht you can get is stupid long.

  • Pascalop85
    1 posts

    This one handed sword have been missing since the beginning of the game and we have still no information about what is going to happen
    Did you have any official answer to give to the many players who want this in this game? (sorry if my English is not good)

    Thank you

  • Richistyle007
    8 posts

    Bitte bringt das Ulfbert-Schwert als Einhänderschwert zurück zu AC! Es ist eine historische Waffe der Nordmänner (Wikinger) und die Lieblingswaffe vieler Fans. Das Spiel ist für mich fast perfekt. Einfach die Tatsache, dass es kein Einhandschwerter gibt macht mich traurig und ist enttäuschend. Bitte Ubisoft, tut es für die Fans!!!

  • Fruitloops3000
    28 posts

    Please ubisoft this is a must!

  • Richistyle007
    8 posts

    Ich wünsche mir nichts mehr für dieses Spiel, als Einhandschwerter! Bitte Ubisoft!!!

  • Richistyle007
    8 posts

    Bitte, wir sind Wikinger-Fans und AC-Fans, doch dass es keine Einhandschwerter gibt, macht so vieles kaputt, für mich persönlich, und ich denke auch für viele andere.

  • Richistyle007
    8 posts

    Yes, everthing I want for this game are the One-Handet-Swords!@lordraven4430

  • Richistyle007
    8 posts

    @undeadm3tal13 Yes, I hope it so much, that they will add them to the game!

  • Richistyle007
    8 posts

    @sof-mcdonald-a I want nothing more, than One-Handet-Swords back in AC!!!

  • Richistyle007
    8 posts

    @nol0072 I miss One-Handet-Swords so much. I love this game, but this thing is making me so sad!

  • Richistyle007
    8 posts

  • Max18400
    400 posts

    @burnedrook no... There's is absolutely 0 evidence of 2 handed swords. Whilst there a slight variations of blade shapes, sizes, and styles, no two handed sword has ever been found. All the handles are one handed.
    I've studied the viking age (particularly warfare) for 4 and a half years, have 2 degrees on the subject and I have never (even after reading over 250 books, archaeological reports or papers on the subject) ever have I seen anyone say two handed swords existed in the viking age. And bare in mind, there have been hundreds (potentially thousands) of viking swords found all over northern Europe and all of them are one handed and share that one common design.
    If you've seen something from an actual historical source that suggests otherwise, I implore you to share it here.

  • Karloz1995
    268 posts

    also make them be wear in the hip, no in the back, sinces all swords need to be wear in the hip, for safety reason and for easy usage, 🙂 pls bring one handed swords!!

  • Smrtiak.SVK
    128 posts

    @max18400 yeah, it is pretty stupid because there are one handed swords in the game, but we are not able to have them. For example Basim has one handed sword all the time...

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