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  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @fylkirpanzer Especially we now have a arc going forward and basically closing up all previous arcs a bit. So we can now go forward with new stuff hopefully.

  • JGunns
    10 posts

    Lose the Animus?


    Get better writers.

    Plenty of great fanfic and ideas are already out there. Take this idea, for example: Hire some interns scour the internet. Or better yet, hire some young people with fresh ideas or different POVs. Too much job insecurity, no one wants to being in fresh talent.

  • Abeonis
    55 posts
    In the previous games, the seventh solution was the global aurora device that successfully blocked the solar flare.

    Actually, the global aurora device was the first solution, but it would have taken too long to build up the necessary energy shield to protect the entire earth. Conveniently, by the time of the Second Disaster, it had had enough time to do this.

    The "seventh solution" is a retcon, yes, but only insofar as it is entirely new. Before Valhalla, there was only ever six solutions.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @souldrinkerlp I think there's one or two more eras of history to get to the Third Crusade era of AC1, but honestly, this is the last AC game I've decided to get.

    While I'm still hopeful things will get much, much better. It's a huge step backward from what Odyssey was, and now that I've already beat the game and completed pretty much everything aside from two altars which require fishing (and fishing is terrible in this), some hunting contracts (I need black bear pelts and dog teeth and the drop rates are ridiculously low), and tons of resource chests I don't need; there's no point in me playing anymore since this game has no endgame. At least with Odyssey there was a ton of bounties/contracts/quests I could do repetitively which kept me busy. Hopefully the new raid mechanics will be awesome and actually rewarding, and I'd love it if we could re-attack fortresses, those were some of the best moments of the game honestly.

  • strigoi1958
    23 posts

    I have no problem with the modern day stuff but it should be completely optional... I have no interest in the "Lara croft" sections and now I am at a point where I cannot return to the animus and finish the game... I'm stuck as a random guy outside a wooden cabin and when I hit F to focus it just looks at a squirrel. I understand people like the Modern day stuff, they liked playing "frogger" on pc's to hack Abstergo files and taking them to the foyer to give to a courier, they like the tomb raider parts, collecting battery cells, moving blocks and even are hooked on the untold narrative but there are just as many who do not want the immersion of the game broken. I am one of those... now I can never play valhalla again because I can neither skip this unnecessary (for me) part and get back to the game and the excessively drawn out modern day part with no direction as to what to do... is painful to even contemplate playing... I will not waste time chasing a squirrel, I even begrudge the fact that I cannot just run to the animus and get in.... as I said many years ago in the forum.... when there is an opportunity to do the modern day climbing and dialogue sections... there should be a moment when it says "There is a data corruption, you can leave the animus and check out the data or continue and we will try to fix it" anyone who wants to play MD can go climb, read emails, anyone wanting to remain a viking, assassin, templar etc... can just continue.

    But this time, this squirrel focus has damaged Valhalla too much for me to carry on... it's like the 20 minute credits in AC3 that could not be skipped before completing the game... I could go make tea and have a sandwich but now all replays ended at that moment. There could have been an option to skip the credits after the first time... since then I feel making more things optional gives everyone the best possible opportunity to maximise their enjoyment by skipping things they do not like.

    There are parts that I have not completed, zealots not yet killed, creatures not killed. locked treasures and secret areas not yet accessed and the only way to do that now is to avoid this section in a replay, but, it feels like I have lost over 100 hours as I am now at a point where I cannot get to the end of the game. 😞

  • JGunns
    10 posts

    @strigoi1958 This seems like a trend or the modern take on games, escpecially with UBISOFT. I noticed in the forced narrative in FARCRY 5.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @strigoi1958 Maybe you need to look at Eivors grave with Basim? I had no problem entering the Animus. This game actually should be the best for you as you don't have to leave the Animus till the end. After that there is basically around 1-2 hours of story stuff to do in the Animus and that's it. Modern Day at the beginning and at the end.

  • Flanker1Six
    39 posts

    @rpgfiend2139 Well said! +1

  • zzcool500
    25 posts

    if they got rid of that story then i never would buy the game again because i would be missing nothing, i don't care about the animus story i play it as an appetizer for the real story, i like when the animus breaks the simulation i love those parts when you are reminded that it's just a simulation remove that remove the isu and there would be no reason for me to play any more, what they could do is just make a new ip or a spinoff without the lore

  • LaMOi
    88 posts



    I only just said in another post.

    If this game were purely about assassins throughout history, without any of the animals stuff, I honestly feel the game would lose absolutely nothing. And still be as popular as it ever was.

    The animus stuff is always been the worst part about these games.

    assassins Creed main draw has always been the historical settings.

    Ubisoft — just unhitch the series from this total rubbish.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    The best compromise would be if they cut the animuss/present day stuff out and sell it as dlc.
    Everybody benefits.

  • Abeonis
    55 posts
    The best compromise would be if they cut the animuss/present day stuff out and sell it as dlc.
    Everybody benefits.

    How does anybody benefit from that? All you're doing is removing content and charging people extra to access it. That is patently the very worst thing they could do.

    I really wish people would stop with these "lost the animus/lose the modern day" posts every single time we have a new game come out. We get it, you don't like the modern day sequences; I'm sure you have perfectly valid reasons for disliking the modern day, be it that these sequences disrupt the flow of the game (or whatever other reason you have) and I'm not here to claim your reasons are in any way invalid, but your views aren't the only views. Some of us like the modern day and consider it the actual on-going story of Assassin's Creed.

    I shouldn't have to pay a premium just to enjoy the actual overarching story of the series I've invested so much time and money into already.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts


    People like me dont get tear out of the immersion.

    People like you can feel special for having an DLC just for them.

    Ubisoft get more money.

    Everbody benefits, everybody.

  • Abeonis
    55 posts

    @raski0611 I pay more money for something that I don't have to currently. How is that a benefit for me?

  • evilhippo
    79 posts

    @rpgfiend2139 Agreed. I hate being wrenched out of the 9th century & plonked into an utterly uninteresting modern character. And I simply don't do the idiotic anomalies.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @evilhippo Dude.

    The game is literally:
    3-7 hrs Norway (depending on the completion)
    10 mins modern day (if you don't read anything)
    60-130 hours England, Vinland and Norway (depending on the completion)
    1 hour modern day
    2 hours England.

    I don't see how this is a problem tbh.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts


    If there strech out the modern day stuff to a nice dlc size, this would be good.
    The animuslovers would get extra content and everbody is happy.
    They could even create some new cool fancy animusskins for 500helixpoints or so.
    Ubisoft should really think about it.

  • evilhippo
    79 posts

    @souldrinkerlp The whole animus/anomaly is jarring, I just enjoy the fictive viking era story in spite of the somewhat post-modern sensibilities tinge to some parts. If that is not a problem for you... who cares? This is a thread for people who dislike that bit of the game 😂

  • quinch1199
    45 posts

    IMO at this point, after Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla it seems clear to me that if Ubisoft thew off the hang up of having a deep historical story attached at the hip to modern day/Ancient Alien story-line they have the ability AND scope to give us all a completely new IP and game series.

    A series of games wholly in a historical setting, focused on a character where historical events happen around and their story of trying to survive and thrive in those difficult situations and scenarios. Yes, they could be a warrior..maybe avenging the death of a loved one, maybe taking part in Viking raids, taking over their clan and settling in a hostile country...maybe just something simple as a person fighting against a deep injustice handed out to them.

    Its all there in these three games but literally held back by having to conform to the other story.

    We have TWO game series here...Assassin's Creed and another one which is an open world RPG with solid combat mechanics and a luxuriously crafted historically set environment.

    Ubisoft have the scope to give us a pure "Assassin's Creed" game with the Isu / Animus storyline at its core and gameplay based mainly on [b]stealth[/b] where we can lose much of the contentious RPG open world elements and another set of games where we can have all this wonderful open world and some more historical adventures.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @quinch1199 Just that all the AC fans wont be buying that other game and they will have double the development cost for the same income probably. They WANT the AC fans to buy the game. That's why there is a modern day because a huge portion of AC fans want modern day. At least enough that market research showed them that they need to add it in to make enough money.

    @evilhippo Like I said: You can do that. Skip the anamolies, you don't need to do them. The ending of it is not interesting for you at all if you are not into Order vs Hidden Ones, Templars vs Assassins and Isu vs Human rebels (and allies).

    @Raski0611 Why should I pay more for what I want? How about they add more stories in the history period and more RPG stuff with DLCs. Nice, aye? You can then pay extra 40 bucks to get the stuff you want. They can also add some historic armors and stuff for 500 helixpoints or so. Ubisoft should really think about it.

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