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  • scottyusceaser1
    34 posts

    @liamgg No, no they shouldn't... multiplayer in the AC series was totally not needed. It would be another [censored] show just like the multiplayer in the previous games.. Totally against multiplayer.

  • PeacekeeperSun
    27 posts

    @liamgg No MP

  • Haggy51
    38 posts

    AC multiplayer games in the past were not much fun and even frustrating (AC Unity, anyone?) So I would agree with others here: please no MP for AC Valhalla.

  • Liamgg
    Original poster 2 posts

    @haggy51 I mean everyone saying no can just play the campaign 🤷🏼♂️ Because people would play the multiplayer regardless of saying ( NO ) just doesn’t make sense to say (NO) to be honest it’s like what people say about other games ( IF THEY MADE OR MAKE A MP JUST DONT PLAY IT IF YOU PREFER THE CAMPAIGN ) it’s as simple as that to be honest, it’s an idea for MP and it would work fine tbh 👌🏼

  • uFamas
    25 posts

    Multiplayer would be dead within 6 months.
    As seen before in other SP games that went the MP route.

  • SofaJockey
    169 posts

    This is a campaign / solo game. Leave it alone.

    To suggest that they could easily implement a co-op multiplayer demonstrates an inadequate understanding of game development, it would be a huge undertaking if not already baked in and not already included in post-launch plans.

    I'd say the chances are close to nil.

  • AlphaGoose46219
    157 posts

    @liamgg No, no no!!!

  • JCar4327
    612 posts

    I'm gonna have to say NO! Not because I would not likely play the multiplayer, which I really enjoyed; but because the last game to have a multiplayer/coop aspect to it was Unity, and we all know how well that went. Keep it SP and concentrate on making the SP the best that it can be; there is no need to split resources to work on a MP or CoOp mode.

  • JCar4327
    612 posts

    I should have added to my original post: Yes, I do like to play the game multiple times. I have played all the AC games a minimum of 10 times from start to finish. I used to do a yearly thing starting in late June, early July, where I would start with the Original AC and play through the whole series; and this after having played the newest game multiple time throughout the year.

  • SaintlyStorms
    76 posts

    No. This should never be a thing for Assassin's Creed. Absolutely not.

  • SaintlyStorms
    76 posts

    @liamgg Like Unity worked fine? Have to disagree here. AC is an open world RPG. It should remain that way and that way only. Also, if you add Multiplayer, you will almost certainly be taking something away from singleplayer attention wise. Ubisoft should continue to dedicate to singleplayer where AC belongs. Not everything needs multiplayer.

  • Patricia81994
    113 posts
    They really should implement a multiplayer.

    Noooooo ... this game doesn't need multiplayer. 😒

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