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  • PULVERISE20220
    Original poster 16 posts

    This is getting game breaking and time consuming Ubisoft......since patch 1.0.4 - I'll leave this here to be addressed in your next update in hopes that you might value real-time gamer input

    -Anomalies' cannot be climbed to retrieve the last data packet
    -Buildings cannot be climbed almost completely (Half way through a tower climb or synchronization spot, character cannot proceed)
    -Random crashes to the game happen at any given time
    -Inability to loot certain items
    -Trees intended for climbing cannot be traversed half way leaving the user only one option - Jump off.......
    -During raids, once you climb the ship's mast, you simply cannot parkour across the mid section (same with the trees above)

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    @pulverise20220 Check your button or kb/mouse controls and see if it's showing any conflicts. I ran into a couple issues early on (why they went with a weird button layout like this when every other game ever made works fine with normal buttons) where everything seemingly works despite conflicts, until one thing hours later doesn't. Would help if they allowed disabling a button (don't need a panoramic button, better used for something else) instead of forcing it to conflict with something.

    In your case, look at what your climb button is, and temporarily reassign a button that's sharing it, then try climbing, etc..

  • PULVERISE20220
    Original poster 16 posts


    Let me give it a try tonight, will post my findings shortly

  • PULVERISE20220
    Original poster 16 posts

    Unfortunately even after switching the controls and resetting them, nothing changed, it would appear the glitch fest shall continue on this franchise, quite disappointing for a game that has obtained over 14 years of progressive revenue from us and yet their baseline mechanism of parkour has not been perfected.

  • PULVERISE20220
    Original poster 16 posts

    Can someone help? This is an issue on the PS5, posting with media evidence to hopefully rectify it with UBISOFT.

    Here is your game controls which specify how to climb: (Given the fact that I have played every AC entry, these haven't changed since AC 3)

    Here is the issue presented to the user:

    The very same happens when you try to climb the last pillar in an anomaly, the character just WON'T budge!

  • PULVERISE20220
    Original poster 16 posts

    Would someone at UBISOFT provide this the attention it deserves or at the very least move this post to the appropriate section where it might?

  • PULVERISE20220
    Original poster 16 posts

    Just going to leave another video evidence of the progress halting issue to the wall of neglect here......good pun on this one........"wall of neglect"

  • PULVERISE20220
    Original poster 16 posts

    Here's another for you Ubisoft...

  • lalusitana
    20 posts

    same with Layla, cannot climb the tower. Swap keys and same.

  • PULVERISE20220
    Original poster 16 posts


    Few more vids for Ubi,

  • PULVERISE20220
    Original poster 16 posts


    Wow Ubisoft, wanna fix your game's fundamental parkour yet?

    Reference video on how parkour SHOULD work! See 2:30 of video

    Real gamer experience in same location:

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