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  • Towely2k
    1 posts

    No Save Games And Fast Travels Available Since The Last Patch On PS4 Please Fast Hotfix!!!

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2877 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I apologise for the delayed update. This issue has been marked as resolved following TU 1.1.1.

    If you're still encountering this issue in-game following this update, please don't hesitate to update this thread so we can take a closer look. If you are still encountering the issue, please can you include a video in your post that shows you're unable to fast travel/save, as this can be passed on for further investigation.

    Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response
  • master_ring
    41 posts


    and if nothing works?

  • master_ring
    41 posts
    @master_ring what a joke! How can this not be a priority to fix?!?!

    I'll be after a refund too if that's the case... I didn't get any free loot and stuff mate no.. madness. For a flagship game it's a pretty poor show imho

    They [censored] up gear now too. After not being able to save... lol what a great patch

    And if you want to contact support in Europe - live chat doesnt work (covid excuse)... Dxdiag ans msinfo.. [censored] nothing is wrong with our machines. Fix your crappy patch

  • nanatake
    3 posts

    talking to petra didn't work for me
    killing the dummies didn't work for me
    choosing a new territory to attack on the alliance map didn't work for me

    what DID work was the following

    1. -> sleep in your bed at ravensthorpe
    2. -> meditate
    3. -> fixed it for me after meditating, saves now work again!
  • ScuderiaBaratta
    4 posts

    I have been unable to quick save, fast travel, or travel via the atlas to Norway since yesterday morning's update. Lost several hours of gameplay when I was killed by a Zealot.

    I did find that drinking Valka's potion to transport to Asgard forces an autosave, though.

  • RA202075
    3 posts

    Same problem here!

  • MrChristopherH
    11 posts

    I got the same problem. Im in the middle of sons of ragnar mission and i can not fast travel or manual save. Pretty upsetting tbh. Ive been gaming this story alllll night and did not have this problem until sons of ragnar mission.

    I thought it was just part of the mission. Until i progressed past the castle storming part.. now i have to meet back up with sigmund. But i cant fast travel. I cant manually save and also im getting the animus walls saying i cant proceed into the area where sigmund is which is an area ive already opened and synced. So im really confused and irritated. Please fix ubisoft .

  • Leginat
    7 posts

    I slept with Petra and then went to Eivar's bed and it worked for me

  • MonsieurTobi
    1 posts

    guys i may have a solution for pc

    go to the epic game store and click library
    then click the options button for ac valhalla and click verify
    then just let it dowload for a while

    this fixed it for me
    I hope it fixes it for you guys

  • CrankAnimal
    3 posts

    It worked! Thanks mates, Off to new adventures 😎
    Just killed a few straw puppets, and solved a quest (whatever Quest It was). Right after that everything worked normally again.

  • Th3QuadLaser88
    12 posts

    @harmynl I am having the same issue after the new patch update and I’m also on an Xbox series X. Everything was totally fine until they released this patch.

    I also seem to be missing manual saves.

  • Th3QuadLaser88
    12 posts

    Ever since the new Patch I’m Having issues where Autosave and Manual Save won’t work, also some of my manual saves seem to be missing. I also can’t fast travel within the game anymore. I can’t even play to progress my game because saving no longer works.... this needs to be fixed or I want my money back!

  • atoboleski
    12 posts

    I had the problem after the last update where I was unable to save a game or fast travel. I tried everything from reinstalling the game to reinstalling ps5 system hardware.

    What eventually worked, and feel free to try combinations, 1. Reinstall ps5 software since I could never get a clean install of valhalla (without corruption and restarting).

    2. Then reinstalled valhalla via wifi vs my cat8 ethernet. Got my first clean install. Note, it took 3 fresh installs of the ps5 software and 3 installs of valhalla to do this.

    3. After this, I still couldn't save but I was able to get in the game.

    4.I started a new game, got through the painfully slow intro, then was able to save.

    5. Bad news, This however saved over my cloud save with all my progress. I did have another cloud save I did manually but 10 hours prior. I loaded that save and everything is working fine minus 10 hours lost and all opals are showing on the map but are not there.

    I know this works as I tried loading into this save previously and could not save.

    If I had to try this again I would save my most current game to a usb (if it lets you). Do the entire process and then try to load the usb save after successfully getting a fresh game to save.

    You might be able to skip parts relating to corrupt data and just start a new game.

    Poopy enough but I'm playing again.

  • Prototype7680
    1 posts

    Since the update i can´t save the game i can´t use the fast travel.
    before the update was all ok.
    Oh and now i can´t talk to the Örlög NPC in Norwic...

  • Viking152
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • LLightbringer
    5 posts

    Great job introducing game breaking bug like this before long weekend... /flips table

  • arymanik
    32 posts

    Ubisoft i understand what You want make something better, but how i can play in games with bugs when I can't save a game ?

    Before patch everything working for me so good on PS5, now i can load game, but i Was play 2 hours, and want to make manually save...
    I cannot, i can't use fast travel, also my autosave make last time when I open the game ...
    It's not normal...
    Can anyone explain me this ?
    And please stop telling me what I'm after battle because how i can be after battle in mine city with 2 hours of playing ???
    I trying start new quest of main history auto save not working....
    It's big bulshit which starting make me angry... Why ? Because I will give back this product to seller, reason ? I cannot play, cannot mean how i can finish game which taking min 50hours without save ? And also autosave....
    Thank You for take my few hours of mine life...
    I understand deleted save... (I always have to many copies) I understand bugs... But You took possibility for just save a game *.*
    For all devs start working with braib and test all function which You change in game code before release new patch....

  • Naltus99
    8 posts

    having issue loading save files on ps5 after 1.04. still waiting on ubisoft for reply

  • Synapses14
    5 posts

    Having this issue as well, can't manually save.

  • Ubiron78
    4 posts

    PS5 here, updated patch and can't save now. I completely deleted the game, then didn't install the update. However, all my data was labeled corrupt. Installed update and then I could load, but still unable to save or fast travel after a few minutes. About 25 hours into the game...

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