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  • RiceIsNice710
    15 posts

    Same. Completely stuck. I have done and found everything available and completed every available territory...this bug has stopped me in my tracks. I paid $120 for 1/3 of a game. So tight. I hope this is a new trend in gaming because I love wasting hard earned money on garbage. It’s actually one of my favorite pass time. This company is a joke. Unfortunately they’ll continue to steal money from cupcakes that have been given trophies for losing their entire life, so they’re too soft to complain and get things changed. Ubisoft deplored the bait and switch on this one. Fooled me this time, but never again. Won’t give an Ubisoft anything (game, movie, toy, tvrd of a game) a second of my time. Just hanging around here to find out when I can finish the game and get it off my hard drive before it corrupts my PS4 because the game is so lousy with bugs.

  • albuhay
    1 posts

    I encountered this bug today on PS4 but thankfully was able to load an earlier save and resume the quest and only lose an hour's progress. Definitely still an issue and really disappointing to see it's been around so long.

  • GroundsControl
    5 posts

    What does still investigating even mean?

  • natau89
    1 posts

    I have the same issue. This is insane. Please advise!

  • giffare
    1 posts

    I have the same issue. I have done everything else that can be done. I have waited since November for a fix...
    This was my first Assassinations creed game and it will be my last, for sure

  • RiceIsNotNice69
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • RiceIsNotNice69
    2 posts

    How insulting, being disallowed to post here because I'm the only one calling you all on you're sh!t. You think I'm too dense or not mad enough to create an email address so I can post here? You clearly lack any intelligence yourselves. This is ABSURD. Since it was found pretty much on release day, technically it's been 6 months with no fix in sight. You all are moving at a snails pace adding cr@p that doesn't matter or need to be added, instead of fixing the "known issue" in the title you sold to millions at $60-$120 (thieves if you ask me). Whichever Ubisoft ream member responds with bs lies; you're a joke. This company and their tactics; a pathetic scam. I would be ashamed to take the paycheck you're given to willingly and knowingly lie and steal from consumers. Pitiful. Ubisoft UBER SVCKS!

  • GroundsControl
    5 posts

    Can we get a timeframe

  • FaZe_Riceman
    6 posts

    the fact that it’s almost been six months is hilariously sad

  • GroundsControl
    5 posts

    @faze_riceman f-ucking ridiculous

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