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  • locked topic_solved [RESOLVED] Cannot report to Stowe and Erke after investigating the temple in "Walls and Shadows" | POST HERE

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    THIS IS REDICULOUS, paid £45 for a game I can't even finish.. We all have the same problem

    - Blue man hanging from ceiling.
    - return to Stowe and Erke objective but no quest marker
    - Stowe and erke not there to complete the mission

    It's been 3 months nearly and we've not heard anything about this, the game has been patched but this is still a problem.. I went to lundon on 20 hours or so in game, now I'm on 70 and will have to start again to even finish the game what a JOKE...

  • Byrne7WD
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    @Ubi-Woofer please can we get an update on this?

    It's not a solution to go back to a previous save when we're all 30+ hours ahead of this quest line now..

    If the solution is to restart the game from the beginning, why are you selling a broken game to people?

  • UnafraidBigfoot
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    Im still have this problem and I have no save pre London there to try and load. I'm at 162 hrs and level 400 I can't do anything other than collecting things and I've done most of that

  • Chapstercan
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    This is a bug from November, should have been fixed. It January 20th and I have the bug too.

    I waited to buy the game because of all the bugs reported early on. I thought they would have fixed this. I guess not.

  • Chapstercan
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    @byrne7wd I didn't travel to Luden until 100 hours in to the game. This Sucks!

  • Heidiik
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    I’m experiencing this as well!😧 Please fix this ASAP!

  • slickjake
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    I follow Stowe to the church and nothing happens. He just sits in the chair. I've sent screen shots to Ubisoft and they told me they are working on it. I've done everything that I could and now I'm stuck. I've owned every AC game since they started and this is my last. This sucks.

  • slickjake
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    @slickjake This looks like a class action lawsuit to me.

  • sphawk_cork
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    @unafraidbigfoot same here.. 83,87% completed and stuck for a month.
    pay for that? next time i'll download from torrent lol

  • Bigsewi0us
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    I am having this same issue, I went to get some treasure and played the orlog game close by, saved for the night, turned the game off. Turned it on a couple days later and no quest marker, just the outline of the person hanging from the chandelier...

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    I finish up at the temple and head straight back to meet the sheriffs.
    I enter the Villa where they are and a cut scene begins.
    2 seconds later, the game crashes and restarts.
    I'm back in the temple and I go straight to the Villa.
    This time, there's nobody's home.
    Try, retry, change pledges, retry... nothing.
    I come here and see there's a whole lot of others waiting to finish this quest.

  • Mad-Max7
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    I wonder if anyone out there found the solution for "walls and shadows" glitch; which is not showing the marker in Linden to get back to get back to Stowe and Erke. They're both at the Saint Paul Cathedral. But the marker is not coming up to continue the story. I've heard that re-installing the game could do it. But, I haven't seen it being done to ensure I won't be wasting all those hours of work and gaming. So Far, Lunden can't be finished, and I'm assuming pledge of allegiance from Wincestre and Jorvik won't happen either, until this is done. So, this could be a major waste of my time and money. Please help any of you can. Thanks!

  • gorrissey
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    Jesus I’ve had this bug since November and I’ve cleared the map and I’m at level 400. Soooooo [censored].

  • Grakos1909
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    I havr the same bug that I cannot report back to them. Can you fix my bug?

  • Bigsewi0us
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  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff ubisoft:x-posts, 6075

    Hello all!

    I apologies for the delayed update. Thank you for continuing to update this thread with your experiences of this issue, and for providing additional information.

    The development team is still investigating this issue further. Thank you to all of you offered to submit save files as part of the investigation. At this time, the development team no longer needs any save files as part of the investigation. We hope to be able to resolve this issue soon, however I am unable to provide a definite ETA for this. Please keep an eye out within the forums for any new official updates. Thank you! 😊

    I'd like to take the time to respond to some specific comments that were left following our last official update.

    @ll_Mr_Lucky_ll - Thanks for sharing a video with us! I've passed this on to the development team.

    @guest-00LDo9O0 & @Jeppe184 - Thank you for sharing this. I've noticed within the thread that this issue seems more likely to occur if you don't fully complete the quest before going off to do side-quests or collect wealth. We're unable to confirm if this is a direct cause at this moment in time, but it's something that is being investigated further. I've passed on your report to the development team as part of this.

    @sphawk_cork - We apologies for any inconvenience caused as the team looks into this issue further. Please note that the discussion of piracy goes against our forum rules. Please refrain from discussing this subject within the forums again.


  • Barished
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    I am still having this issue. Come on! I want to completely this game, but can't.

  • nordavinda80
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    I have the exact same problem. Two guys sitting idly in the church. No marker and no way to report. Been playing the game over 70 hours, so I'm not gonna load any previous saves from 60 hours ago...
    Please Ubisoft, fix this soon!

  • RiceIsNice710
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    This is ridiculous. Obviously this is getting swept under the rug just like the Sons of Ragnar was until we made enough noise. I haven’t played in 2 months because of this crap and I spent $120 on this game. Got the Yule Festival in there though(another money grab for the greedy c0nts!)

  • Rebuildingz
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    That feeling when one of the worlds largest game development studio is given nearly 4 months and yet can't fix a simple "objective doesn't load" bug.

    But seriously though, I agree with other posters. They didn't fix Sons of Ragnar until the community backlash became great enough. The same thing seems to be happening here, it is being, as another commenter put it, "swept under the rug," probably finding it more important to focus on DLC or other shop content that can be monetized. I see no other reason why it would be this far into the game, and game breaking bugs from launch *still* hasn't been fixed.

    Ubisoft's team seems to be only giving an "update" about once a month and it is always, without fail, urging us to be patient and telling us they are still investigating. I know that is also the only answer they are given, so I'm not blaming the customer support team. But still, it is absolutely ridiculous that not only they appear unable to fix what seems to be a relatively simple bug, but they won't even admit it to us.

    I wanted to buy Immortals: Fenyx Rising but decided not to as this has destroyed my trust in ubisoft. Hope you guys get your stuff figured out soon. 3 months in, I kind of expected to be able to play this game.

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