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  • guest-QfuyuWir
    1 posts

    The smoke effect is so frustrating. I bought the set when the effect wasn't visible, but with the most recent patch it's appeared. So I bought one set of armour and have ended up with another that's unusable because it completely breaks immersion during cut scenes/story.

  • Finch22
    2 posts

    @ubi-baron as many people have already outlined in this post. This issue is back after being rectified. The armour effects are super annoying. Can we please have the removed again or have the options to toggle them. Completely ruins the Huldufolk armour.


  • kingnol2715
    1 posts

    I'm one of those people on Reddit complaining about this. Was super excited to see the fix, then thought I was losing my mind when I launched the game to see it back. Please please please please please remove the smoke effects on armor. Very disappointed that this is still an issue almost a full year later.

  • FillyFae
    Original poster 8 posts


    I just noticed that today! My heart is broken, I can't believe that irritating effect is back! 😭

  • MissM16
    209 posts

    I'm also one of the people who bought the whole Huldufolk pack from the Helix store (with real money) when the set did not have the smoke effect. It's my favorite set but can no longer use it because it's now so distracting and immersion breaking 😞

    Please remove the smoke or give us the option to disable it. Please? Personally, I'll even take it without the smoke in transmog and apply the skin to another armor if Ubi is adamant about keeping it on the original.

    I also wanted to buy the new Jormungandr pack but not doing so because that one is smoking as well 😞

  • gcfhani
    1 posts

    Hudufolk is also my favorite armor. I don’t remember it ever smoking in the past (I think I would have noticed) and I did purchase it soon after it was released. Very frustrating that it’s back again, especially considering it’s been fixed in the past. Ubisoft please make the armor visual effects toggle at the very least.

  • MichuThe
    2 posts

    Hi, can you just let us decide whether we want the smoke effect or not. Personally i hate it and most of the players too, but for sure there are some people that likes it. So could you just add an option to turn off „the smoke effect”? A lot of players bought this armor No because of smoke but because it looks really nice.

  • SteveZ_Pun
    213 posts

    I like this armor too cause it is black, not full of gold parts like the other items(most items have so many gold on it, an assassin/viking never use this stuff-not useful in the night,in the sun...) and more or less real (without smoke!).I hate all the fantasy armors and dont buy them for opals or real money, doesnt matter if they are the best and beautifulst like all the youtubers post(why they like unicorns???), anyway the stats doesnt matter much. I played the complete game since release with the same weapons and armor(Einherjar), i only use transmog to change it in a darker style. I bought some month ago the armor in Redas shop for opals cause the smoke effect was patched out, i really thought they do it cause the players ask for it after the pack was released. The horse from the pack also have smoke effect since release, i also bought it at redas shop cause i thought it have no effect anymore,but....
    I reported it after a new patch was released and the armor have the effect back...The answer i got was, it was a BUG without smoke effect and they fix it!!!
    The effect is a feature from this pack!!!
    Pity they destroy one of the nicest armor with the effect

  • MichuThe
    2 posts

    Completely agree with you. It’s such a shame that, they can’t make for players some toggle option.. I paid for great armor not for „non-immersive smoke effect”

  • SteveZ_Pun
    213 posts

    If you report it or ask for it,they will tell you it was a visual bug and now the armor is correct. I also hate eivor use the cloak from alone, i made this ugly cloaks with football shoulder plates invisible and its stupid they appears suddenly. Why you need a cloak to infiltrate?? I played different difficulty and see no big difference without the cloak

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