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    I was "Blue Screened" three times yesterday and also wasn't able to fast travel, Save game, or travel outside of the mission area. @anolinmcginnis

  • guest-oPTbogsn
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    @gogreezy my count is already 10,and now im suddunly falling into the abyys,even when i choose a different save game,i want a refund man:(

    -thankgod cyberpunk is on the corner

  • BrightLightW
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    Indeed, this is the worst game since long! It crashes all over, many adventures are stuck because I can't take a key that's lying in front of me, NPC's that don't interact, etc.
    Besides, Ubisoft has deleted all my local save games and replaced them with another set, so I have to replay most of the game...

    Still it misses some important things like user profiles. It would be nice to play the game with different users (not at the same time) and really split the safe games.
    This is a mistake Ubisoft made with all Assassin's Creed games.

    They claim blood, nudity, gore, etc. Even have a way to not see those things. But there are only 3 breasts in the complete game. Weird, prudish and it's telling us that Ubisoft think we're little children able to see the blood, but unable to see the nudity that was regular being shown in those days, either from a nudists camp (weeping my tears from that), torn clothes exposing more skin, violent (mis)behaviour, drunken people (both men and women) exposing more than the would do otherwise.

    Using the Tobii 5 and playing the game with dice is just impossible, I can't click on the dice or god stones, only when I lift my head as a stupid and annoying statue!

    Ubisoft has deleted my interest in Assassin's Creed because of this...
    This was the last Assassin's creed game I bought!

    Oh, it seems that my post of removed safe games is gone too.

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    Well, I don't know how far you are in the story, but I have found several items, such as chests and KEYS, that were not lootable. This was not due to a bug, but because they simply were tied to a quest - so the key could be looted after I progressed further in the story. If your case really is a bug... then this sucks obviously.

    Well your save games might just as well, which I think is more likely, have been accidentally overriden when you swapped save folders around (as described by you here)... At least I haven't heard of save game loss from anyone who didn't touch the game files.

    Further, no they are not treating us like children... in the old forum there was a lot of discussion because people didn't felt comfortable with (primarily) blood, beheadings x-ray assassinations and gore in general. Ubisoft reacted to those complaints and released the game with the options to disable these things. While I personally haven't disabled them, it doesn't hurt my gaming experience that other people CAN disable them. So no this has nothing to do with Ubisoft patronising us or treating us like children. The same me goes for nudity, you get the amount that is in the game, but if you find that this is too much you can disable it. (Sorry you actually feel the need to count breasts)

    And lastly - No Ubisoft is not the big bad wolf trying to burry or censor your complaints... You find your complain post here.

  • guest-oPTbogsn
    9 posts

    @aloninor actually when it comes to assassins creed genre,ubisoft is the bad wolf trying to ''steal'' the sheeps:)

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    How do you mean 😛 ?

    My reference to them not being the big bad wolf was in this context a reference to the posters implications that Ubi censored complaints in the forums by deleting complaint posts. From looking how many complaint posts we have, we can see that this is not the case 😄
    (Especially in the concrete case from brightlightw, who just couldn't find the thread I linked to earlier - which is NOT the same as "it was deleted by Ubisoft")

  • BrightLightW
    4 posts

    @aloninor I have to apologize for the mention of removed complaint post - it's still there.

    However, the save games were all overwritten by the cloud versions after asking my kid if he wanted the cloud or the local version. Yes, he answered wrongly (can't speak English) but nevertheless main problem is that Ubisoft doesn't allow multiple players so easily, only by guessing the savegame range. It would have been much better when they had a simple addon to the savegames with a name and a filter. But they refuse... (Yes, asked before by many players)

  • JCar4327
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    @brightlightw But can't you do manual save 1 and manual save 2. You get 1 and he gets 2. I know I can make multiple manual saves.

  • Aloninor
    94 posts

    Yep, this is doable (I did this before important decisions in Odyssey).

    You just have to remember who owns what save game.

  • JCar4327
    617 posts

    @aloninor That's what I do, but he is working with multiple profiles. That's why I was asking because I don't know how it works with multiple profiles.

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