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    @missm16 Me too. I choosed the male version right from the start, switched to female for a minute out of curiosity to see how she looked and switched back to male.
    Now Eivor is and remains a male. speech is, at least in the German version always "he".

  • Patricia81994
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    Yes that is indeed weird because how on earth can you say she to someone that looks like this 😕

    Clearly am male right.

    If this was the other way around so female Eivor would be called a he then i could at least agree with that.

    Yeah she still looks more like a man then a woman ... to me at least. 😒

  • UbiT00n
    Community Manager 73 posts

    It's worth raising and I have addressed this back to the team.
    Please however refrain from any transphobic commentary as this will likely end in a ban from the forums.
    There is no need for hatred here in the forums.
    Be good to one another ❤

    Official Response
  • SaintlyStorms
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    I play male exclusively so I'm hoping this doesn't happen. I really don't understand the reasoning for it if it is intended. It invalidates your choice. Not a good look.

  • Duncanotoole
    Original poster 8 posts


    Yes, for goodness sake, I think it is fair game to talk about it as a creative choice from the Ubisoft and whether you like it or not, because of story reasons.
    But please let us not delve into hateful rhetoric. The intention wasn't that at all.

  • MissM16
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    Good to hear 😊

    I'm playing the English version and no "she"-bugs for me either. Maybe it does have something to do with picking him from the start.

  • MissM16
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    Same reason I picked the male : /

    It doesn't help the female giving her the same hairstyles and bulky armor as the male. Can't play dress-up with her and pretty her up so I chose the male. We can at least give him a glorious Viking beard. lol

  • Mordule
    35 posts

    The old man in Sussex that needs help moving crates thinks you are his daughter. Uhm old man you said you are sight impaired but not deaf. Also my male Eivor makes female grunting sounds when breaking things and sometimes when climbing.

  • Mordule
    35 posts


    I am glad there is no melon (they censored my word for female chest) armor or typical female only hairstyles. This is not a dress-up game.

  • Mordule
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    Wut? I have seen nothing of the sort in this thread. I think that being overly PC brings more hatred than people that just want an open discussion. Remember we are talking about a game that centers on people from the dark ages. You and I need to stop emphasizing that our correctness should reflect on someone from 1200 years ago (real or video game character). Stop apologizing and accusing. The people here are only commenting on potential bugs between male and female Eivor.

  • Patricia81994
    113 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Fimbulthulur
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    @ubit00n yes, pls fix this. It is really annyoing. Same thing, like with end cutscene where Basim sits and has a bleeding effect, seeing female Eivor, although I played with male character. Seeing another person appear deminishes all the effort, I have put into the game, because this particular scene is important and touching.
    Also Ubisoft representatives pre-release mentioned that both genders will be canon.

  • Patricia81994
    113 posts

    Same reason I picked the male : /

    It doesn't help the female giving her the same hairstyles and bulky armor as the male. Can't play dress-up with her and pretty her up so I chose the male. We can at least give him a glorious Viking beard. lol

    Oh i still play as female Eivor and i do like her but if she would look and act a little more like a woman i would at least like her more i can't help it. And the reason why i do not like to play as male Eivor ... . There is a simple reason for that i just cannot relate to a male protagonist i love to play as myself or at least as much as possible.

    The only male character that i actually liked was Kratos in the last GoW game. 😊

    But if i could wish something then i wish that i could choose gender in every game out there and still coming. 😏

  • Patricia81994
    113 posts
    @duncanotoole It's not a bug. Eivor is female, regardless of what avatar Layla uses to view the memories through. She is called "she" because she's, well, a she.

    I know i've read it somewhere else that Eivor is female no matter what gender you choose but still that's weird because Ubi is normally so pro male.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Glad to See this topic while i wait for Patch(audio issues) to finally start playing this Game.
    Dont want to play a male viking who is mocked as a she in Game (no matter if this make sense later in the Assassins Creed lore).
    In this case i would play female.

  • I.z.i.
    24 posts

    Of course it's a bug.
    I'm in late part of the game and I saw this bug 2 or 3 times in whole game out of probably 100.000 dialog lines. I bet the same goes for female Eivor addressed as He from time to time.

  • Sam_Boo26
    154 posts

    Yeah it's a bug. I'm playing as female Eivor and sometimes she's called "he" by the enemies.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts


    With this Bug i could live, i would Just think the enemy in Fight assume iam a men because i Fight so badass.
    But in conversations calling a male viking a she is a immersive story Game breaking Bug.(at least i hope this is a Bug and No fancy idealistic Agenda annoying us)

  • Kinaye
    7 posts

    As a Software Developer Engineer/Architect this would be filed as a “Content Bug” having low impact on gameplay, and therefore low priory to fix. 

    My first experience with QC for large content projects was back in 1994 as the Content Developer for a multimedia title at Microsoft. All content, whether media-, meta- or text-based, was stored in a database. My role was to incrementally build the product as required through query on any number of fields, and provide reports to the Team. IMO, this is simply a content bug that missed being caught.  

    Consider: Think of all the number of conversations, interactions, permutations, and total words spoken or written … consider that number, write it down on a piece of paper – whatever. Now count how many times you heard “he/she/him/her” references made that were opposite of the Avatar Gender. I counted 1 so far with 70% progress. If your count came to less than 10, it’s still noise in my book.  

    As for Policy, if this was consistent throughout the entire product (and so far I haven’t found it to be), then I’d say it was intentional. Interesting read: Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie ISBN-10 : 031624662X; took me a couple hundred pages to figure out who was talking because everyone was referred to as "She" 🤣, and her 4th book really distorts this even more! Great reads, all of them! 👍

    I wouldn’t bother asking Ubisoft to rerecord these issues. The fact that this post exists is enough for Ubisoft to take note and (hopefully) effect change for next product.

    Cheers people!

  • Raski0611
    107 posts


    What the? How you people Work/think over there?

    "Oh yes we did this wrong, but dont bother, because we did so many Things wrong, much bigger and more importent Things."

    No personally front Sir, thanks for the Insight.

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