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  • ThaRealCuber
    9 posts

    @judgekenobi @HuliKrayse

    I have the exact same problem.
    Replaced my old drifty controller with a shiney new carbon black version. The new one with sharebutton.

    Everything works fine untill I start Valhalla. The controller disconnects every second which makes the game unplayable.
    Dash, apps, other game (Marvel's Avengers), old drifitng controller no problems!!

    I will file support complaint as well.

  • jylo67
    1 posts

    Made an account just to comment on this as I am having the exact same problem. I reported the problem using the Xbox Insider app so maybe that will have some luck.

    If it's any use to you it seems to work okay when it is plugged in by a USB cable.

    Hopefully it gets sorted soon though!

  • papboy2014
    4 posts

    Exact same problem here, got anew Shock Blue controller today and it just won’t work wireless. Connected it’s fine but it’s driving me mad (especially as my dog attacked my old controller lol!!) - let’s hope they fix it soon. Where did you all report it to?

  • JudgeKenobi
    5 posts

    Hey everyone!
    Just updating to let everyone know that is watching this post that support has forwarded this specific issue to the dev team. Here's hoping it's a quick fix.

  • kingkilium
    1 posts

    Same problem here, playing Watch Dogs 3 on Series X I get the "boring squid" error message. I think it's an xboxlive issue since the console also disconnects my wireless headsed.

  • ggreen942020
    2 posts

    @hulikrayse yes this is happening with me also! I bought the new shock blue Xbox controller for my Xbox one to play assassins creed Valhalla and it just keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. I was going to return the controller to Amazon but after seeing these comments it’s obviously something to do with Ubisoft. Hope they can resolve this issue soon and I don’t like playing with a wire plugged in

  • ThaRealCuber
    9 posts

    my new play and charge kit arrived today. Can confirm it does seem to work while connected by wire.

  • ggreen942020
    2 posts

    @tharealcuber yeah I’ve ordered a cheap usb c wire off Amazon to tide me over until this is fixed by the devs or Microsoft

  • SashimiTurtle
    1 posts

    Can confirm, my wife just bought me a new sonic blue controller because my old ones were getting worn out. Controller works perfectly fine until I start valhalla and it's constantly flashing the Xbox button and the screen says reconnect controller. Hopefully we get a fix soon, not sure when I'll be able to pick up a Series X.

  • BlitzSparkz
    12 posts

    Same for me too. Bought the blue shock controller yesterday, everything works fine except for Valhalla. I can only get pass the main menu.

  • griz801
    1 posts

    Restart your console

  • SemperFi2894
    1 posts

    Hi, im playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla on my Xbox One. Using a new Xbox Series X controller. Works fine in other games and in menus. But during gameplay the controller disconnects and reconnects over and over gain but only during gameplay. Ive returned the controller claiming it was faulty. Had a replacement but doing the same thing. Ive swapped the batteries with a charge pack. Same thing. Ive updated the controller. It works fine while connected to the xbox via cord but once i disconnect the cord from controller is loses connection again. Reconnecting the controller only foxes the issue for a couple of minutes before it starts doing the same thing.

  • TBlair64
    2 posts

    Same here. OG XBO valhalla standard, shock blue controller. Disconnects and re-connects every other second.

  • Richardt7
    2 posts

    @illmac99 I've got the same issue. The only fix I've found is plugging a USB-C cable into the controller and playing with it connected to my Xbox.

  • Richardt7
    2 posts

    @ubi-baron I've got the same issue playing on an Xbox. The only solution I've found is connect the controller via a USB-C cable.

  • illMac99
    Original poster 43 posts

    @richardt7 Right, I have a wired controller I can use in the meantime, but what's the solution here? And why us?

  • illMac99
    Original poster 43 posts

    I'm having this problem on Xbox One. Can't use my Wireless controller to play Valhalla but it's fine for the rest of my games.

  • COZ201667
    1 posts

    Same. Returning the game. Lots of glitches!!!! Last two were great. This one, not so much.

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    Hello everyone!

    Let's try to put our brains together, to understand why you're facing this issue.

    • Are you all playing on Xbox One, or a different Xbox variant?
    • Are you using an original Xbox One controller, or an alternative? Examples include third party controller, or an Xbox One Elite controller.
    • This this issue only seem to occur in AC Valhalla?
    • Does this issue occur in the main menu, or only when playing?
    • Do you have another Xbox profile? If so, does the same issue occur for that profile?

    Quite a lot of questions but this should help us find a solution for you.


    Official Response
  • RhysTheBold
    1 posts

    Hello, i have the new xbox controller playing on an xbox one. The controller works fine on all other games but on AC Valhalla it just constantly disconnects and reconnects, obviously making the game impossible to play! I have seen several other people having this issue but it doesnt seem to have been recognised by Ubisoft from what i can see.
    Can you help?

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