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  • beatdownXnoki
    2 posts

    So I recently started playing AC: Valhalla on my Series X. I transferred my old PS4 save via Ubisoft cloud and resumed playing after receiving update 1.1.1.

    Sometimes - and so far only while I'm in the menu - the controller just disconnects. It'll just turn off and give me the "please reconnect your controller" pop-up.

    The problem is that the controller won't just reconnect. I usually had to remove the batteries for the controller and console to resync.
    The last time it happened - I just took a break of 5 minutes because I had to take a phone call - not even that worked. Neither did a cable connection or (obviously) the pairing buttons. I actually had to power cycle the console, forcing a reset via the power button to resync the controller.

    It ONLY happens while playing Valhalla and in the 15 or so hours I've been playing on Series X has happened 4 or 5 times to me. In the dozens of hours of playing other games this issue didn't come up even once.

    This is an absolute travesty and needs to be fixed immediately.

  • bamboozled04
    1 posts

    @Ubi-Woofer I'm having the same issue while using a Microsoft xbox one carbon black controller Model#: 1914 S/N: 09712501405028.

    Q:Are you all playing on Xbox One, or a different Xbox variant?
    A: Xbox one

    Q:Are you using an original Xbox One controller, or an alternative? Examples include third party controller, or an Xbox One Elite controller.
    A: Microsoft Xbox one carbon black.

    Q: This this issue only seem to occur in AC Valhalla?
    A: Yes, however, I'm not currently play other ubisoft games

    Q: Does this issue occur in the main menu, or only when playing?
    A: Have not had it disconnect yet while in the menus of the game.

    Q: Do you have another Xbox profile? If so, does the same issue occur for that profile?
    A: No other profiles. 

  • carigun
    2 posts

    Just in case a video may help with finding a solution. FYI my gamer tag is TinyCJ95

  • uKMrBlondeuK
    3 posts

    For me the controller disconnects from the console if I'm not pressing anything for about 30-60 seconds. So to prevent it I have to keep pressing buttons during cutscenes or if I need a quick break, I have to go back to the Xbox homepage. When it happens the only fix is to unplug my Xbox, and remove the controller batteries, it will then connect again.

    I had this issue all the way through Valhalla and am posting this now because the same thing has just happened while playing the immortals - Fenyx rising demo, another Ubisoft game.
    I'm playing on Xbox series X with the standard series X controller and haven't had this issue with any other games.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 533 posts

    @beatdownxnoki Hello and thanks for reaching out to us in regards to this issue! I am very sorry for my delay and for any trouble that these controller disconnections have caused. This is currently under investigation, and we have a Megathread about this as well. I have a couple of questions that we have asked other players on that thread, if you would not mind providing your answers (unless you have provided them on that Megathread already). Then I will forward up your information to the Game team to be included with the investigation.

    • Are you using the standard Xbox Series X controller?
    • You mentioned it only happens in the main menu. Has this ever occurred during gameplay?
    • Do you have another Xbox profile? If so, does the same issue occur for that profile?

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