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  • Hunterr12
    22 posts

    So I am having an issue where using my series x controller on pc the game keeps randomly disconnecting the controller throughout gameplay. Using it via wire so no battery issues, and this is the only game it appears to happen with. I've also noticed that whenever it switches from the gamepad to keyboard the audio glitches out a bit. Like it gets louder when going to the keyboard and quieter when going back to the gamepad

  • gonsaaa
    Original poster 4 posts

    Glad I found this thread, I was going crazy with this new xbox series x controller.
    I received the new xbox series x controller today, updated the firmware to the latest 5.5.2641.0 and it disconnects only in AC: Valhalla. I play Control and it doesn't disconnect. It's so frustrating.
    This doesn't happen with the previous version of the controller (xbox one with the dongle)

  • rainman99
    1 posts

    I just experienced this problem. I restarted the game noticed it said "space to start" so I went in to the settings and changed hybrid to just Xbox controller and seems to be working fine for now.

  • coleer
    1 posts

    30 hours in game no issues. I downloaded the newest patch on PC and now my Xbox controller disconnects randomly. Also the sound drops out of my headset and goes to my speakers. Then everything reconnects. Happens about every 30 seconds to 1 minute.

  • Lance_Water.SF
    2 posts

    same for me, my xbox one series X controller is connect using bluetooth. The controller firmware is up to date and my bluetooth driver is also up to date

    I have the same problem when playing valhalla on PC using xbox one series X controller via intel Bluetooth integrated card. bluetooth driver and my controller software on version 5.5.2641.0

  • Lance_Water.SF
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Klaus-II
    1 posts

    I somehow can't add the game to steam. How'd you guys do that?

  • bbandor
    3 posts

    I think it's the Ubisoft Connect app that needs to be updated

  • H3llioN21
    1 posts


    In BT mode my controller doesn't work properly either with a TPLink dongle. All buttons are mapped to arrows so I can't even pass through the game launch screen on The Crew 2.
    All updates done (win 20H2 + intel BT drivers).

    It's really sad even the window peripherical manager says 'Xbox One' controller no mention of 'Xbox X controller'.
    In my opinion there are 2 problems, the lack of proper support by Microsoft (look at battery stats in BT mode) and maybe an issue with Ubiconnect.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 713 posts

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your continued reports of these issues with your Xbox One / Series X|S controllers disconnecting while playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla on PC. I have elected to form this megathread to try and keep reports of this nature in one place, and to help us to collect the information the developers need to get these issues properly investigated. There is a twin thread available for Xbox One / Series X|S controller disconnection issues on Xbox One if that would suit some of you better, so please be sure to post on the appropriate thread for the platform you are playing on from here on in!

    In the first instance, please make sure that you have completed our PC troubleshooting and that the drivers for your controller(s) are fully up-to-date. If, when all this is done, you continue to see your controllers being disconnected, please answer my questions below and provide a short video demonstrating the issue:

    • Which model of controller are you using? Is it an Xbox One controller or an Xbox Series X|S controller?
    • What are the specs of your PC in brief? (CPU, GPU, RAM)
    • Is your control input method set to exclusively controller, or hybrid?
    • Do you have any other bluetooth devices or input devices connected at the same time while playing? Have you tested with these disconnected?
    • If connecting the controller(s) to your PC with a wire, do the issues persist, or are they resolved?

    Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to get back to me with the requested information and videos, and please accept my apologies for these issues. 🙂

    Official Response
  • AirborneMaikai
    4 posts

    I found this thread by google searching "windows 10 xbox series x controller constantly disconnects". I would like to report here that I do not own or play AC Valhalla or even have ubiconnect installed on my pc. I was trying to play games using Steam and during game play the controller constantly disconnects via bluetooth. Same as everyone else, it works fine while plugged in via usb-c, I even updated the controller firmware as soon as it connected. I do not own a xbox series x and I have so far only tested the controller on my windows 10 pc using steam games. So i guess throw the related to AC Valhalla out the window, but hopefully with Ubi behind this issue MS will fix this problem

  • DeathStarOnline
    3 posts


    controller: Xbox series X. Two of them.
    Pc: i9 10850k, RTX 3080, 32 gb or RAM
    Not sure about “controller” or “hybrid”
    no other BT devices are connected to the PC

    it won’t let me add the video, but basically, the controller works perfectly fine outside of AC Valhalla. As soon as I go in-game, it disconnects.

    Link to my Twitter below for video:

  • DeathStarOnline
    3 posts


    update: tried both controller and hybrid. Still happening. Controller works fine when plugged in. Controllers have both been updated to latest firmware and the BT is on the actual MOBO, which has received all available updates (ASUS Prime Z490)

  • dcGColts
    12 posts

    @ubi-woofer Xbox one cyber punk controller, Xbox one pubg controller, Xbox Series X shock blue. All have disconnect issues the XSX is the worst. pubg one has terrible button delay where I have to repeat my presses only happens in this game. Cyberpunk one disconnects less.

    MSI Z490 Unify
    i7 10700k
    RTX 2080 Gigabyte Gaming OC
    32gb(8gbx4) DDR4=4000mhz CL15
    Have tried both exclusive and hybrid same issue. Exclusive gets rid of lag that comes with disconnect.
    Connect via wire all issues resolved I have not tested wire with any controller but the XSX one however.

  • DeathStarOnline
    3 posts

    update #2 - Controller works fine if I add the game to Steam and launch it from there. That, combined with the fact that it works with all other launchers, indicates is a Ubisoft connect/controller/BT issue.

  • AirborneMaikai
    4 posts

    Plenty of us not using the game or the launcher at all and have disconnect issues with the controller. Windows 10 pc clean install, bluetooth connected constantly disconnects, do not have anything ubisoft related installed on the pc. Interesting to note, the controller works perfectly fine with no disconnects from the OG xbox one s. Also the OG xbox one controller is connected via bluetooth to the same windows 10 pc with no disconnect issues.

  • tiedde
    2 posts

    @ubi-baron I have an Xbox One and have a new Shock Blue controller and it continually disconnects in Bluetooth mode.
    Wired it works fine. This only occurres with AC Valhalla.

  • dcGColts
    12 posts

    @airbornemaikai good idea read the posts. Yes there is problems solely with Xbox Series X controllers on windows 10. You'd be better served going to this reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsSquadrons/comments/jsfzbx/xbox_series_x_controller_bluetooth_disconnecting/
    All of us in here have issue with other controllers disconnecting like the regular xbox controller cyberpunk edition or xbox elite controllers. Your issue is different from this thread.

  • AirborneMaikai
    4 posts

    @dcgcolts you've got to be the most dense person on the internet, why dont you do a search for xbox series x controller keeps disconnecting. Hence the topic title, so if your non series x/s controller is disconnecting, you are in the wrong thread to begin with

  • AirborneMaikai
    4 posts

    Just got a Intel bluetooth wireless driver update through windows update and now no more disconnects currently

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