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  • rutikasur
    3 posts

    After new patch this bug isn't fixed at all. 200 hrs played and I still can't clear East Anglia! [censored]?! When will you gonna fix it Ubisoft????

  • Jokypapa
    2 posts

    The problem still exists. 😞

  • Wamjimjam
    3 posts

    Coming back a month later and it's still not working and locked me away from 100%
    pretty poor effort.

    40 posts

    Bump. Me too.

    That said, from reading the patch notes and known issues posts, they weren’t trying to address it in 1.1.0 anyway...

    Sigh, still waiting on that armor, hammer, and platinum.

  • andres0013
    3 posts

    It’s a shame that they haven’t fixed the bug where you can’t interact with the corpse to fight these, I have this problem with Cordelia exclusively but I’ve heard of people having this problems with the other two as well, they really really need to fix this, I’ve been tryna get Mjorlnir for so long but I’m stuck because of this... honestly wish for a refund at this point

  • larnakos33
    1 posts

    Just updated to new patch and I still cannot interact with the corpse for the last daughter of lerion i need to finish this .

  • iHammaa2020
    3 posts

    @ubi-pingu New update and this still isnt fixed... really annoyed

  • iHammaa2020
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • iHammaa2020
    3 posts

    still not working for me either was hoping the update would fix... they need to do something soon.

  • BIGxDiabloDE
    1 posts

    Having the exact same issue.

    Playstation 4

    I tried the fight around 5 times without any issues starting it. After I died each time I decided to change difficulty level to "easy" and since then I have this issue.
    I was not doing any other activity between the fights and stayed in the activity area.
    I tried several things to make it work again. Traveling back and forth, restarting the game, finishing story missions and even resetting the difficulty level to where it was before I started the first fight. Nothig helped.

    Not having this bug fixed since a month is disappointing.
    I just want my Thor armor set 😞

  • ger_brian
    1 posts


    The fight against the third of lerions daughter (cordelia) seems to be bugged for me. I was able to start it twice, failed and now I can not interact with the corpse any more that starts the fight.

    I have tried reloading older saves, restarting the game, exiting the aimus and even completely redownloaded the game via uplay.

    Is there any way for me to fix this?

    Thank you!

  • Whysper92
    27 posts

    I have not touched my game in over three weeks. I had planned on playing today with the new patch and FINALLY getting Thor’s bracers and helmet. And now!!!! You’re telling me that you fuking dikheads at development haven’t fixed the F&@@ing ISSUE!?!?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!??? You think graphical updates are more important than a game breaking bug??!? Why?!? I need answers not f$@@ing excuses!!!

  • NickyV777
    1 posts

    Have the exact same experience, cannot interact with Cordelia! Autosaving feature needs tweaking, hopefully after the latest saving updates this will follow suit and be rectified. Somewhere along the line the respawn load seems to be bypassing the quest data indicating a possible completion. It also seems this bug may be a difficult one considering it’s probably the byproduct of multiple other bugs in the game. I doubt Ubisoft will be placing a high importance on side quests if there’s so many main quest bugs still in play. It seems they focusing on the core mechanics and prioritising on the main story arcs that prohibit further progression. Considering our current issue doesn’t prohibit main story arc they will most likely only address it in future patches. Highly disappointed in their testing and reviewing prior to release, a lot of these bugs are in plain sight.

  • atributes16
    26 posts

    I have with Regan and Cordelia done as "undone" 1:0 . Only Goneril is 1:1 done
    And Man on the edge can't reset to repeat after i defeat him before he jump himself

    After update I also can land under textures even not often.

    Should new abilities work? Because I have them inactive as they was added with 1.1. 0 update.

  • atributes16
    26 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • TarheelDAVE
    1 posts

    Cordelia bug still has not been fixed. Can not interact with the corpse to begin the fight. PS4 platform. Please fix.

  • sadarum
    6 posts

    @big_unit2015 so i am contacting support, again, gonna talk to a manager soon, but they are gonna take a holliday break so we shouldnt expect a fix until mid january since updates are a monthly thing, man so tired of being screwed like this, we spend good hard earned money to be beta testers [censored] ubisoft get your [censored] together

    1 posts

    I’m no game developer, and have no clue how you guys do what you do... But can’t y’all just make some kind of code that can reset this quest altogether if it is still shown as incomplete in our game memory or even map key? That, to me, seems as the most obvious fix to this problem. Then again I’m not a coder.
    Please fix this soon guys. It’s been over a month and I find myself checking on this location every update only to be disappointed because it’s literally the only thing I’ve found in the game so far that has actually kept me from competition. Not only that but I’m now nearing the end of the game and it would be nice to get Mjölnir when I finish. Thanks for your hard work with the game. I’ve enjoyed everything except this Achilles’ heel of a bug.... Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a good New Years to the team.

  • CoffeeLover31
    1 posts


    I'm having the same problem on PC - haven't found any solution except starting a new game 😞

  • Ubi-MrM
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3643 posts

    Hello everyone,

    I am pleased to confirm that a fix is planned for a future update, and this should fix not only Cordelia but the other two sisters as well to my understanding. We don't have a confirmed date for the patch yet however as soon as we do, we will be sure to update not only this thread but the others for the other two sisters as well.

    We are incredibly grateful for all the information and resources provided by players in order to identify these issues and investigate them. The images and videos received were invaluable to the developers and the time taken to produce and provide these is not ignored. Thank you all very much.

    I'll return as soon as I have more information; in the meantime, do not hesitate to reply with any questions, concerns or feedback.

    Official Response

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