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  • Ubi-Wan
    Ubisoft Support Staff 635 posts

    @tarheeldave Hello there! Thanks for reaching out about this. I'm pleased to say this issue has a reported solution which is planned to be implemented in an upcoming patch! Please stay tuned to the game's forums for patch notes and updates.

    Official Response
  • GloFriend
    6 posts

    @sadarum still bugged for me! Literally the last thing I have to complete. Im so disappointed! I would never pre order one of their games again.

  • GloFriend
    6 posts

    @sadarum I have opened two tickets with them. They basically say the same thing. Ubisoft is investigating blah blah. I would feel better if they said they were working on a fix

  • GloFriend
    6 posts

    @alphawcharlie I'm no developer either. But I believe the quest is flagged to disappear once you complete it. So once we battle her the quest is being flagged as completed regardless of we win or lose? I feel so stupid each time I check back and there is no fix

  • sadarum
    6 posts

    @glofriend support is useless i reported, had a chat with the supervisor several times since launch week and nothing, o i will give up is pointless to keep sending reports and etc

  • roypoon513
    4 posts

    @godfather2609 i have the same problem with ps4.......

  • MVerstegen99
    1 posts

    I have somewhat similar of an issue.
    I beat the Daughters of Lerion early on, but one of the 3 never completed on the map. I do have the full Thor set (which you need the 3 daughters for) but somehow the arena still shows the poison like fog that appears during the battle.

    If anyone knows a fix I'd like to hear it, otherwise I would lose about 40 hours.

  • Dirtycapz
    2 posts

    I must the last daughter of lerion must killed
    i can not interact bij the last daughter what is het problem

  • Torgalore799
    1 posts

    I died to Cordelia early on in the game so I assumed I was able to come back later and fight her again. Only to be disappointed when I couldn't even interact with the corpse. Is there a fix for this?

  • Dmettler182
    1 posts

    Im level 360 in the game currently, and decided to face the daughters of lerion. The first two worked perfect. When I got to the third, there was no activator on the suspended corpse. I know this is mentioned in the bugs as a known issue, but I was hoping a fix would be coming soon. I'm on an XBox One, with about 112 hours on my game save, and it looks like this issue has existed for people since launch according to sites online, and nothing has been mentioned about the fix just yet.

  • Romangol
    1 posts

    Having the same problem, fought her 3 times and lost, then promt to press button to fight won appear again

  • ubi-smash
    Ubisoft Support Staff 877 posts

    Hey everyone! To confirm, you are unable to interact with Cordelia? Please know we've received reports of players unable to start the mystery "Daughters of Lerion". The development team has been made aware of this issue and are working on a long-term fix moving forward. We will keep everyone posted as soon as we have further updates. In the meantime, we truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Official Response
  • Yangpaine
    11 posts

    having the same problem, and I cannot go back on previous save because that is literally about 200 skill points ago. Hoping that once this thread gets more and more views and conversation, the devs take notice and fix it soon.

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 401 posts

    Hey there folks.

    I've merged a few threads into our mega thread for the same issue. Please see the post from Ubi-Woofer a few days ago regarding this. Thanks!

    Official Response
  • Its_me_Fall3n
    6 posts

    Still can’t fight the third daughter of lerion. This has been the third time I’ve posted on this issue and would really like a opinion or feed back.

  • Its_me_Fall3n
    6 posts

    Still can’t fight the third daughter of lerion. This has been the third time I’ve posted on this issue and would really like a opinion or feed back.

  • Capsomann
    Original poster 7 posts


    Hi Ubi!

    Any new information about, or estimations of arrival, for the next update? All though I would love to hear from you more often in the forums here, I still want to thank you for actually providing some feedback along the way at all. Keep it up - hoping you have the solution soon! Merry Christmas

  • Azaranor
    1 posts

    There is no option to interact with the hanging body at the third site, down in East Anglia. I have fought her before but decided to abondon the fight and try again later. Second time around however there no longer is the option to interact with the body.

  • Killenspelar56
    1 posts

    I can not play the mission where you fight Thor’s daughter. I fought the last daughter a few times when I was low leveled then lost. Now when I return I can not even fight her. Many others has the same problem.

  • Telmoman
    1 posts

    I tried fighting the witch once and decide to come back later when I leveled up. However I cannot get this to start. I can’t interact even after several attempts to reload the last save file. Also I keep starting up the game drunk don’t know if this is because of glitch or not.

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