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  • Cesarmrl2
    10 posts

    I've been reading about this and i know is a known issue with this event but its about the jars and the movement of the shelfs, my problem is that the NPC is not spawning, I already tried everything.
    Is the only mystery left to get platinum trophie please fix it.

  • UbiKoreanBBQ
    Ubisoft Support Staff 184 posts

    Hey there! Thanks for reaching out about this. Can you let me know if you've completed the main quest involving The Compass?

    Official Response
  • Cesarmrl2
    10 posts

    @ubikoreanbbq Hi, there are no quest left

  • Cesarmrl2
    10 posts
  • Cesarmrl2
    10 posts

    @citrusbfbw same issue here, i already finish the whole story line. just missing that mistery to gert platinum trophie

  • UbiKoreanBBQ
    Ubisoft Support Staff 184 posts

    @citrusbfbw Hey there! I'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble with the NPC spawning for this quest! Could you take a screenshot of the place where the NPC should be and send it over? Thanks!

    Official Response
  • Cesarmrl2
    10 posts
  • Draeoth
    24 posts

    im having an issue with this mystery aswell. the guy spawned after finishing the lunden story quests but i am unable to get him out due to the movable shelves getting stuck. i went to this location early and cleared the path but now when the jars respawn it makes the shelves immovable. ive tried breaking the jars but the shelves wont move in any direction.

  • Tre916
    2 posts

    So I went back to Lunden to get a recording, it's been about 3 days since I first failed to encounter the quest giver, and he was sitting outside the building and speaking to him completed the quest, so... problem solved...?

  • Serinyx
    1 posts

    I'm here to also mention the NPC is not there inside the warehouse. (Demon Odor mystery)

  • TSTO1
    18 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • chemical053
    4 posts

    Same issue on the PS5.
    No NPC spawning and de crates are weirdly placed so i cant move them.

  • Lost_Logic
    8 posts

    Have an issue with this mystery as well. No NPC inside the warehouse. I'm on XBox Series X.

  • jodeci112b
    1 posts

    @chemical053 I have the same bug where the NPC is either not there or he won't follow once I clear the path. A workaround to fix the movable crate is to kill a random NPC outside, carry him/her to the crate and toss the corpse at the crate to move it back on the rail.

  • blacksanta1101
    1 posts

    Hello, I am playing the PS5 version and there is a bug in the Lundun mystery, "The Demon Odour" where I seemed to have cleared everything in the room before actually talking to the NPC that is supposed to escape out of the warehouse. I didn't know how to complete the mission so I came back later and now the man is nowhere to be found when I returned and it still says I need to complete the mystery. FYI my PSN is: "HurtWave".

    Thank you.

  • Fronzizzle
    4 posts

    I have the same issue - the NPC never spawned so I can't complete this side quest. Like others, I've fast traveled, reloaded, tried day or night, etc. No luck.

  • lpexican
    1 posts

    I have a similar issue. I was able to get the guy to spawn by exiting the animus and going back into it. The issue is the guy not following when I clear the path I even used the dead body strat to push the objects back into the tracks.

  • Fronzizzle
    4 posts

    I completed the Lunden section, the NPC in the warehouse generated but then the movable crates were all hovering over the jars so I couldn't move either. I left, came back and the NPC is gone again.

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    Thank you for the images, and apologies for the delay in getting back to you all.

    Can you please try leaving then re-entering the Animus, as Ipexican suggests?

    Regarding the shelves being stuck and linked to that, the NPC not following, we don't have any workarounds at this time I'm afraid. You can try throwing a body onto the shelves to break the jars, however the NPC will still likely not follow.

    Apologies for the inconvenience, we're still looking into this!

    Official Response
  • Lysvander
    41 posts


    Leaving / re-entering the Animus does not fix this.

    I have Lunden liberated, this is the only thing missing.
    Mystery quest icon is there, jars are to, but NPC is not.

    Shelves always load with jars beneath them. Jars do not trigger throwing up when destroyed.
    I did try to throw a body at the shelve, and it moved into a correct manageable position, so for people who have the NPC that could work, alas, i don't even have that.

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