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  • Prangstar
    3 posts

    So i had both bugs. The one where the shrlves would spawn on top of the jars and the NPC not appearing. The workaround is first you put the shelves back in their original location. If a shelve is stuck, throw a body at it to move it. Then i left the animus and returned the guy spawned this time on the outside of the building and mission was complete.

  • Sylwester9303
    7 posts

    Latest patch didn't solve this mission.

    For me, the 1x1 shelf is completely stuck by the wall on the left from the entrance. I can throw the body on it and "slide" it forward and backward, but I can't move it by Eivor's hands, so for me it's completely impossible to "reset" its position.

    XXI century, hundreds of developers, testers, modern engines and for what...? It's annoying.

  • PeeKay85
    6 posts

    After the new patch, still not fixed!!!😠

  • BrockbankZulu2
    1 posts

    Lunden mystery demon odor of the tithe. Moved all the jars and shelves but dude just stands there tossing up a bag. Cant interact or anything. Tries restart and nothing

  • inzario
    1 posts

    Hello Ubisoft.

    I got the newest patch and this mission is still NOT working, its the only one mission i need to get Platium, i watched all youtube videos, all glitches and stuff. nothing works... Please fix this 🙂

  • Pierogidog
    1 posts

    I can move all the barrels and shelfwalls but the npc just rants in Saxon and will not talk with me either before or after I move the barrels. I am on PC. This is the second world event bug I have had. Other than that, game has run great so far

  • gingermurdo
    1 posts

    I’m having this issue as well. PS5. I get to the building but he’s not there.

  • LedoveeeKladivo
    64 posts

    Hi guys,

    I had same problem and don´t know why, but this helped: complete Lunden story arc and after that, retourn back and give it try, quest should work. Hope this helps . . . if not, sorry 😉

  • PG-Iceman
    16 posts

    I have tried everything and now found a workarround to the issue. Here is a little map that shows the final position of the boxes.

    It is essential that they remain in their original rails and end up in their final positions.

    The box marked with a red X is a room where boxes can end up, if they do you are screwed and have to use quick saves and reloads to try to move them back into their original rails. You can do so via luck and throwing bodies at the boxes when they hover on vases. It may be challenging if they are on a wrong rail.

    In general use the quicksave and load function to get the boxes set anew.

    • Use bodies, arrows to move the boxes in their right rail.
    • Make sure the rails are not stuck by objects (vases or small crates)
    • Push the boxes into the positions mentioned in the image

    If the guy has not spawned for you do one of this:

    • Quicksave and reload
    • Leave animus and come back

    Tell me if this worked for you!


    1 posts

    Same as everyone else... still bugged... it has been the last event I need for 100%, waiting for about a month and a half now. C’mon Ubisoft.

  • Luknot
    1 posts

    Same here. Can't obtain Platinum trophy! Fix this!

  • KillerMookman
    1 posts

    As I enter the warehouse the first wall to move is stuck. I can not move it no matter what I do. I have moved all the jars out of the way.. i am able to move everything else. The first wall is just stuck.. It is the last quest on my whole map and I can not complete it. I am on Xbox.

  • Kratos-125
    1 posts

    Hi there!
    I'm having an issue with the world event "The Demon Odour at the Tithe" in Lunden: I arrived at the warehouse in which it takes place and, unknowingly, I started moving vases and shelves around since there was no NPC inside providing clues on what to do.
    I left the warehouse, thinking it would let me start the world event after I progressed a little bit into the main quest, and so it did. After I finished the Lunden Story Arc, I went back to the warehouse and indeed the NPC I was looking for finally spawned, but the shelves were clipping on the vases (or rather "hovering" over them), and they refused to be moved around, even after I got rid of the vases by shooting at them (which let the shelves "fall" back to the ground, just to be stuck).
    Today I returned for the third time, and now the NPC has disappeared and the shelves are back on top of the vases, still unmovable as they were.
    I really don't know what to do, now!

    12 posts

    I am having the same problem. I have contacted Ubisoft several times and they never fix it. I was told the last time I reported it that they would fix it on the next patch, and that never happened.

    12 posts

    This didn't work

  • Matthew_F_8
    1 posts

    Just had the same issue as everyone situation: I went in and cleared all the jars as normal, but no npc. (I can’t remember if I encountered this world event before; I did the lundene arc very early and am only now going back for completion) I left, tried all sorts of methods to fix(fast travel, meditation, closing and reloading game) nothing worked. Came on this forum and saw about leaving animus, tried it once and it didn’t work. Tried it one more time just because, this time I interacted with a computer before re-entering, and when I came back the npc was walking around the corner ready for a chat, as others described. Not sure if this is an exception or if this will help anyone, but I thought I would share in case it does. Happy grinding everyone, good luck

  • PG-Iceman
    16 posts
    This didn't work

    Try sharing Screenshots to show they are all in the right rails. There is a large space they can be in and there it will never work.

  • debbiecla
    2 posts

    @streethawkfan This did the trick for me. I was adventurer and changed to explorer. Completed the mystery, then went back to adventurer. Thanks for your help.

  • AirMonk3y
    2 posts

    I completed the whole main story, and the NPC still doesn't spawn for me, any advice?

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1451 posts

    Hello all!

    I apologise for the delayed update. Thank you for continuing to update this thread with your experiences of the issue. The development team are aware of this issue, and that are looking into this further. At this moment in time, they have found that if you reload an earlier save prior to going to Lunden, this should help to resolve this issue. If you are able to do this, I would recommend giving this a try. I can also see a couple of other workarounds have been shared within the thread, which have helped other players, so please consider trying these as well!

    @Lysvander - Thank you for sharing your experience, and how you were able to complete the mystery. I've passed this information along to the development team. I'm glad to hear that it's helped some others within the thread as well!

    @larrykop1967 - I'm glad to hear that fast-travelling helped to resolve the issue for you! Thanks for sharing!

    @PG-Iceman - Thanks for taking the time to share this, and to create such an informative diagram!

    Thanks all 😊

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