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  • SouldrinkerLP
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    @longjohn119 Actually Aim Assist worked like a charm for me on PC. It doesn't aim for you but in the proximity of the target and if the target moves the target keeps stuck relatively to where it was. But if the target moves and gets out of focus and you pull another arrow you have to adjust the aim again.

    So they obviously changed it and did not intend to keep it like in Odyssey. I prefer the new way as there is more challenge in aiming but still a very good and helpful assist for controller players. With mouse and keyboard I had zero problems landing every shot of course.

  • RGX-
    Original poster 5 posts

    I'm glad that many people have answered with their feedback and I appreciate your opinions even if you think i'm just a bad player, no problem, i'm old I can take it. I do play with a controller so I really need the aim assist. I've been practicing the technique that ValtyrNine talks about above and I must admit i'm doing much better, using mostly heavy attacks now and i've changed up my gear and skills. I am genuinely glad of the advice, but I still come back to the same thought that I didn't need to watch videos and read tutorials to play Odyssey or Origns, it just came natural.

    The game should be pick up and play on its easiest setting but it's far from that and a much more in depth tutorial mission should be part of the game. There are simple adjustments to the easy mode that won't affect people playing on higher settings like expanding the parry success window. I'm not suggesting they should dumb down your game.

    It seems everyone here has played Odyssey but won't accept that this game is a niche offering to melee combat fans. Remember the Odyssey skill trees divided into three? I could put everything into Assassin or Hunter if I chose and completely ignore the other combat type I didn't like. What happened to that? Did any of you pick up the legendary item in Odyssey that gave you double damage but only 25% health and made you a glass cannon - it was fantastic fun to sneak around for most of the game on penalty of death if you got caught or took a hit because I too could kill in one hit. All of that has gone. In Valhalla it's melee main with a bow thrown in as an afterthought, and you're telling me its not a step backwards.

    Ok, each to their own. I hope the next game is better but i'm glad many of you have the game you wanted.

  • JCar4327
    634 posts

    @rgx I understand where you are coming from, not from my experience but from my 65 year old mother's experience. She can get along just fine in the fights, but I have to help her with her gear occasionally to make sure she is not unprotected or underperforming with her armor and attacks. The only thing she has extreme trouble with is the chasing the pages, as she calls it, because of the arthritis in her hands. She has played every AC game so many times I've lost count.

    I would disagree on the game being melee focused. I get along pretty well with the bow, even with the aim assist and lock on features being disabled or glitched. And, the stealth in this game is great, in my opinion. You have to make sure you take out any archers in towers and make sure you aren't seen, if you are you just need to break line of sight and hide. I can clear whole camps with a bow shot or two and the rest assassinations. Even though things seem glitchy any playstyle is possible. If they make some tweaks it should improve.

  • Chevy_man2010
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    I've read every post in this thread and I've been gaming for over 30 years. I've played every AC game. So far Ezio series & Odyssey was the best. Black Flag was decent. But Odyssey was one of the best. I could continue to play that game still just like I do Witcher 3.

    Valhalla is a train wreck of a game. Im sure some gamers like it.

    However, for playstation game constantly:

    crashes, freezes, aim assist wont work, parrying half the time works, bosses over powered (when a knight is level 90 & character is level 250 & you still lose there is a problem), skill tree is a joke, sound is buggy as crap, they screwed up button configuration on playstation, picture is dull & dark, looting system is crap, cant get rid of stuff I dont want or need, and what you do find is a joke. Even the ability skills suck compared to Odyssey.

    This game is pathetic. It was not worth $130. I wont be buying pre-ordering the next one if I buy it at all.

  • JCar4327
    634 posts

    @chevy_man2010 Yeah I think PS got the brunt of the bugs cause I didn't have many on Xbox.

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