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  • usrhlp
    5 posts

    @ifbbprolynn i got this one when taking the sleeping man back to grimsby, never had this issue in any of the previous games.

    valhalla is without a doubt the buggiest assassins creed that they have ever released, very poor QA has been completed on this, if any.

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    @onecanspam ANY time you need to carry or move someone, be very careful to avoid any wild animals. Not 100% certain, but what appears to happen is at least one of them stays in conflict with you. If random npc then see you carrying the person, it appears they treat it like you are doing it to a non-hostile target and it'll bug the quest. Workaround is reload to a save BEFORE starting that quest (if you don't have manual saves at this point in this buggy game, that's on you) and do EVERYTHING possible to avoid ANY conflicts/alerts/being spotted. IF you have to carry the person into a house for example, take extra precaution to NOT be seen by random npc. Disgusting oversight by the devs.

    Cairn challenges. Did YOU reassign ANY buttons on the controller? Is it showing ANY conflicts? While the game might "work" with button conflicts, it won't necessarily work ALL the time. Your button you are using for Validation, need to check if ANYTHING else is bound to same button and disable it, then try again. I personally ran into issues with the camera failing to pull up, and certain button hold presses; HATE long button presses and hate ubi for forcing them as they are obnoxious and weigh the game down, but also cause extra conflicts.

  • usrhlp
    5 posts

    i have this bug carrying the drunk man back to grimsby (which actually replicated an episode in my real life being from the actual town).
    Come on ubisoft, sort out your stuff this is such an easy bug to fix and already we are on version 1.1.1.

  • Ciaossu-
    27 posts

    This happens to me also, on daily quest(opal) the missing person quest. What I do is I won't let the missing person to be free unless there is no enemy around him. Once you free the npc and enemy saw him. This "You must be anonymous" bug will not leave my screen.

  • jakhi147
    29 posts

    Same! Doing on patch 1.1.1 on Contract:Best Effort

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