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  • Pandartorias
    1 posts

    I have the same problem on my PC. The game crashes after 10 minutes during random combat (image is freezed and music continue to be played).

  • shadowkitty24
    1 posts

    Same thing on my PC, I will play the game and at random moments (either 5 minutes of gameplayer to a couple hours) it will decide to freeze up while audio still plays. Task manager shows it using RAM but little no CPU usage but still consider it responding.

  • Belcechus
    36 posts

    I have the same problem.

  • BendelaBoombr
    42 posts

    some here 😢

  • pthebrown
    4 posts

    Im having the same issue. Its constantly freezing after 20 mins or so. This is on PC. The game used to run fine but lately now it seems to hang. I have music but the screen is frozen

  • Belcechus
    36 posts

    @rriccarda I think we are being ignored.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 664 posts

    Hello! I am very sorry for any trouble that these crashes have been causing when trying to play. I completely understand just wanting to have smooth gameplay. Depending on your platform, please try the steps below if you have not already.

    PS4 troubleshooting, which includes restoring the licenses.

    PC verifying game files and troubleshooting.

    Then, if this continues after the troubleshooting steps, can you let me know if you see any consistencies in the crashes? For example, when changing weapons, travelling, or during cutscenes. Thank you all for your patience!

    Official Response
  • bob091184
    2 posts

    @ubikobold : i am having the exact same issue.
    I am playing ac Valhalla from last couple of days.
    I have got the ultimate package from the ps4 store.

    The issue is that if i play for 1 hour or more, the game starts crashing the moment there are too many graphics or people around. For example of there is snow and too many people the game crashes.

    Or if there is a fight and too many enemies, then the game crashes.

    I am tired of restarting the game multiple times.
    Its getting frustrating the more i progress.

    I have rebuilt the ps4 database multiple times, cleared the cache, installed the game twice.
    I am using a ps4, and i hardly have 4 games in my ps4 currently with more than 60% of the space left in the storage.

    The problem arises specially when there is snow or too many people or too many action going on, like the battles or raiding.

    I have continuously reported the problem along with video attachments in ps4.
    I have not gotten any reply from you yet on any reports.

  • Belcechus
    36 posts

    @ubikobold I deleted the chache twice and my game still crashing. My ps4 is uptated and of all the video games I have, Valhalla is the only one that is constantly crashing.

  • Gorski76
    1 posts

    I Have same broblem. Only one main missio left and now game crashes Every 15-30 min. And allways when bigger battle. First 50h playtime i had 1 crash and now over 100h 15min and crash. Ps4 Pro, updated. All other games are working fine.

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