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  • jerubedo
    3 posts

    Yes, I've been having this issue for weeks now. It only happens in cut scenes, usually on faces and sometimes on clothes too, just like your clip shows. I've tried changing every setting to no avail including vsync, frame limiter, full screen vs borderless, and every graphics setting available. The only thing that reduces the issue is setting shadows to High or lower. At Very High and Ultra it looks just like your clip. For the record, I'm on:

    i9 9900K @ stock for now
    RTX 3090 @ stock for now
    32 GB G.Skill RipJawz @3200MHz CL14 (4 DIMMs)
    Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master
    Samsung 1TB 970 Pro SSD
    EVGA G2 1300W PSU
    Windows 10 Pro 2004 (build 19042)
    Nvidia Driver version 457.51 (latest)
    Nvidia Control Panel - all settings default

    I've also tried reinstalling the GPU drivers using DDU. No dice.

  • jerubedo
    3 posts

    Also for the record, I've found several streamers who are having this issue as well, although they don't mention it. It's like they don't see it or they aren't bothered by it. For me this is SO distracting. Here's the streams, and they have varying hardware:



  • jerubedo
    3 posts

    Something went wrong when posting those videos. To see the issue please have a look at time 43:03 for the first video and 04:16:56 for the second video. These are the best examples.

  • eveningstargaze
    1 posts

    Same thing happenin here. Thought I was the only one ha

  • Animator_Alex
    Original poster 5 posts

    Oh good it isn't just me. I also notice these flickering issues on some textures while just running around the world. Particularly in Asgard, the stone pillars look like they're flickering when I'm a certain distance from them.

  • satrijoe31
    1 posts

    I am also having the same issue in ultra settings 4k with rtx 3080 aorus extreme. Even in call of duty black ops i am experiencing this in cutscenes

  • floooskan
    1 posts

    Just want to chime in to say i also have this issue. Super annoying.

  • Gonzalez_1984
    3 posts

    Yeah, me too. Does someone know how this kind of flickering/glitch is actually called? I'm trying to find a solution for it in different sources. And If someone managed to solve it?

  • Darren_Evans
    15 posts

    I see this consistently too on my PC system: i9 10900K, 32Gb Ram and a GeForce 2080 ti (driver 461.40 and previous version), regardless of graphics quality settings.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2029 posts

    Hello there!

    Thanks for taking the time to report this, and to share your experiences within this thread. I would like to collect some additional information from you all to help us to investigate this further.

    If you're experiencing this flickering effect in-game, could you please let us know the following:

    • What are your system specs (CPU/GPU)?
    • Are your GPU drivers fully up-to-date? If so, could you try rolling them back to see if this helps at all?
    • What graphics settings are you currently using (Ultra, Medium, Low etc)? Have you noticed this happening on other settings, or just one specific setting?
    • @jerubedo mentions that changing the shadow settings to high or lower has helped to reduce this. Is this the same for other players experiencing this issue?
    • When does this flickering occur? It looks like cutscenes are largely effected by this, based off what has been shared within this thread. Are only specific cutscenes affected, or does this seem to be random?

    Thanks for the videos that have already been shared. If you have been affected by this, please could you share a video that shows the flickering happening in-game as well? We can then pass these along for a closer look.

    Thanks all! 😊

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