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  • guest-Fgi1hfSD
    2 posts

    @guest-fgi1hfsd Was able to load a previous saved file and resolved the issue.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3625 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello all!

    I apologise for the delayed update. I would like to reach out to you all with an update, and with some more information about ongoing investigations taking place for issues encountered in Asgard.

    Please note that this thread is specifically for an issue wherein players would spawn into Asgard outside of the Builder's shield. Players would be killed before being able to reach the shield, causing desynchronization. This issue was marked as resolved in TU 1.1.1.

    We are aware of an issue wherein enemies are not killed by the Builder's shield, which prevents players from proceeding further with the quest. Players may also spawn within the shield and be able to leave it. You can find the megathread for this here.

    If you are encountering issues with battling Fenrir in "Binding Fate," please note that this is also a different issue that's currently under investigation. For future updates, please keep an eye out within our News & Announcements forum.

    If you are encountering an issue wherein you are spawn-killed immediately upon entering Asgard, and it is not related to one of the topics discussed above, please don't hesitate to create a new thread about this. A member of the support team will reach out to you as soon as they're able to.

    Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response
  • coolsters
    3 posts

    i am having the same problem!

  • Igurusu6854
    2 posts

    Taking damage until death everytime I load into Asgard. Damage is from waking up mid mission and returning to England. During Defensive Measure where you cannot leave the circle without taking damage. Enemies were too strong for my level at the time. I played for hours in England and came back spawning in at the wake up spawn taking the damage still and nowhere near the mission.

    Please help!!! Makes the game unplayable, which is very disheartening!

  • Andicord
    1 posts

    @koobik96 same. It’s frustrating.

  • cardinal808
    1 posts


    Please also mention that when you "awake" during this quest, asgard is not playable anymore. When you return to asgard, you spawn at the gate, where your health is taken due to being outside of the "shield".

    See also reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ubisoft/comments/jt1ybr/defensive_measures_mission_bug/

  • Ubi-Litten
    Ubisoft Support Staff 178 posts

    Thanks for providing this feedback and sorry to hear you have experienced this in game, while we would not be able to provide further information at this time, please keep an eye on these forums along with our official website and social media website for further news and information regarding future patches and updates.

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Baron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 788 posts

    @cardinal808 Thanks for the report.

    This is part of that issue and we are aware of it.

    Official Response
  • madnoxbeast
    1 posts

    My game crashed during the protective barrier quest (ON PC). And when I logged back into the game there was no mobs there and I waited like 10 minutes while he kept painting the wall telling me to defend, there was no mobs to attack and it was stuck, so i "woke up" and when I went back in again im not in the barrier and get insta killed by some green graphic stuff. I cant progress cause I instantly die when entering Asgard.

  • ryan_hynes98
    1 posts

    I have the same problem! I wasn't a high enough level when I was attempting the shield mission with the builder so I left and went back to England. When I came back a good few hours game play later I was slowly dying when spawning there and it is impossible to get passed this. The game still thinks you're in that mission when you go back to Asgard and because you're outside the shield when the game loads you there you start to loose health. Please Ubisoft update the game to fix this or be able to restart the mission it's a nightmare.

  • ufo2fire13
    1 posts

    I die instantly after respawning in asgard. I left while I was under attack of the draugr when the wall of the builder failed. I gained a lot of progress and wanted to finish this mission now my power is high enough. But as soon as I spawn my health drains and I die over and over again. How do I solve this? Loading a earlier save isn't possible because I don't have a save from before. I can't finish anything in asgard and after 33 hours I don't want to start a new game.

  • Badtothebarone
    1 posts

    I'm experiencing this same issue. It's frustrating. I wish we had an option to just restart the mission once we die, that way we don't lose progress elsewhere or anything.

  • dansmiertka
    1 posts

    @ubi-spud Any update here? any chance we'll get an "exit mission" option or a fast travel location inside of the dome... worst quest build ever...

  • Norrod.
    5 posts

    @coolsters Same here. Seen a lot of others on this forum with the same problem, ubi even reacted to some threads more than a week ago but it's still not included in the "known problems megathread".... Dunno what they are doing over there but it seems like a simple fix. Just change the spawnpoint upon entering asgard and all should be well but there's still 0 news for a fix...

  • Norrod.
    5 posts

    @madnoxbeast This happens when you leave asgard or exit the game during that quest. The damage you're receiving comes from being outside the protective barrier but since the game spawns you nowhere near it, you'll just keep on dying whenever you load in Asgard. I have the same issue on ps4 and I've seen dozens of threads on the forums. Ubi still has not included this in the "known issues megathread" even though the problem has been reported since day 2 after launch.

  • Norrod.
    5 posts

    @emeralder376 exact same problem here on ps4

  • DoeyGamer316
    4 posts

    10 days since the original post was made, there still appears to be a major glitch in this Quest line. I was fighting the warriors invading the mechanism and trying to stay inside the area when the entire game froze up mid battle. Had to restart the Xbox console and then load a much earlier save to get out of the Asgard quest. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon otherwise progress through the Asgard quests appears to be blocked.

  • DoeyGamer316
    4 posts

    Same here on Xbox One

  • rogosaurus_rex
    1 posts

    @ubi-spud what is going on? Nothing has happend in this matter. I’m stuck in this redicilous quest and cant move on.

  • laxballer99
    2 posts

    @ubi-litten thank you for the clarification

  • Mrqb14
    1 posts

    Is there any way to restart a quest? I know you used to be able to restart a quest from the beginning or even a memory in general. I can't for the life of me figure it out. I screwed up and went to Asguard too early, and now I can't complete the, "In Dreams..." quest. I'm level 107, but I can't make it back to the dang builder's wall prototype before dying. I stock up on rations, have increased my health, and nothing works. I always die and run out of rations before I make it halfway. I didn't sync with the closest viewpoint either, so I'm running for it from the main viewpoint in the middle of the map. I have no saves before the mission, and even if I did, I'm not reverting back 40+ levels to complete this stupid thing, and if I have to start over completely, I'm gonna say screw it, and trade this stupid thing in for a different game. I've completed every single Assassin's Creed game made for consoles, excluding the chronicles bc they sucked, and I've never had this much trouble trying to complete a damn mission.

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