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  • FrenzieDeath
    3 posts

    @ajb2004status try to load autosave before the bug. Game makes autosaves kinda often after finishing missions or after going into some point in the mission. Game keeps a lot of autosaves, just load the one before bug and you will be fine.

  • AJB2004status
    5 posts

    @frenziedeath thanks it worked I didn’t even realize if you scroll down they have mission saves

  • DarkSymphony1
    1 posts

    Wow this issue has been going on for almost an entire month. I have the same bug except it changed all my saves to defensive measure saves which is annoying cause now I can’t just go to an old save. How does a game even do that. I’m just going to wait for the next patch before I play anymore and if it’s not fixed then there’s really no use in playing a game that the developers don’t care about

  • thornh
    18 posts

    This post is finally on the mega threads list!!

    I'm level 379 with 140 hours into the game. Asgard is the one major thing I have not been able to complete because of this bug. Here's hoping it gets fixed in the next patch or two.

  • drangedone1
    1 posts

    @norrod same here

  • Roadhouse90
    7 posts

    @thornh yeah just hit lv 400 and feel like i'm only doing the Reda contracts now. This will hopefully get fixed in 1.05

  • LyNerd91
    3 posts

    I had a corrupted save in the middle of the defensive measures quest. Every time I completed it, the game would crash and reload at the "survive the attack" point. I couldn't resave, because I was in the middle of combat. I decided to wake up and come back later. The shield remains active, and now when portalling into Asgard, I start at Heimdalls tower, much to far away to get back inside the circle without dying. Please Please Please fix this! An entire portion of the game is locked and I've put too many hours in to start over.

  • Settlerwulf
    1 posts

    +1 This seemed like a thing that needed to be fixed, in the previous patch. Tbh I actually stopped playin the game, simply cuz it's such a game breaking thing into the storyline, and I just gave up after this weren't fixed with the big patch. Hopefully, we will get back into the game, and enjoy it again, but for now its just waiting time and lock horns with friends.

  • doneydone
    1 posts

    Same here was at level 40 when I started asguard, gave up at defensive measures thinking I'd come back later, went back at 120+ power and it spawned me too far away from the sheild, insta death. Asguard is now locked out for me to play until patched, bit crap they have known about this bug for a month and done zip to fix for players, very frustrating.

  • Carnage1445
    1 posts

    @ubi-litten so is there a fix coming for this because I can't progress in asgard

  • thornh
    18 posts

    @carnage1445 It's a known issue and listed on the megathread (Spawn killed in Asgard). It has been a bug since release and we're all hoping it will finally be fixed in the next patch.

  • GrndMstr-Kelso
    3 posts
    • "Players can be killed before reaching the shield during In Dreams"

    This is now under "Issues addressed in future update," a post which was edited yesterday morning. I'm SO excited for this to be done and over with, it's taken way too long.

    Fingers crossed everybody!

  • kilivanili1
    1 posts

    Defensive measure.
    i can’t complete the quest. now if I go back to Asgard I am dying because I am not in the shield, and I can’t go back to the shield
    please update:
    <leave map>
    <close quest>
    < /close quest>
    </leave map>

  • Itwasluck11
    5 posts

    @tyqal @Ubi-Baron

    When are you all going to fix this? It's been like this for over 2 weeks now? this is starting to get ridiculous. I've practically beat the game but can't complete the asgard quest.

  • Itwasluck11
    5 posts

    @ubi-baron When is this going to get fixed?? It's been over 2 weeks now.

  • paararas
    1 posts

    @thornh i was have the same thing and i start the game from a previous save cuse i think it will take some time to fix it

  • guest-69ioNjyH
    1 posts

    I had to fast travel out of the Defensive Measures battle as I wasn't strong enough yet. Whenever I try to go back, I'm having the same issues as others.

    I'm basically almost done the main story line but would like to get the Asgard one done beforehand.

    Any word on a fix?

  • boondox83
    10 posts

    Good for us cyberpunk is release next 10th IT took you one month to See the bug Glad im gonna leave this crap and See if i can sue you and get m'y Money back

  • Keitharvy
    2 posts

    My game crashed while I was in Asgard during a mission where I’m have to stay in a bubble or I lose health. After I turned the game back on and went to Asgard again I’m still losing health rapidly but I’m no where near the mission. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0zrAAD7ZkzGAFWjoYjCdSINFg

  • Keitharvy
    2 posts

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