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  • bsoto26
    1 posts

    So new patch came out yesterday and still the same issue. Instantly dieing as soon as I return to Asgard. If any of the developers actually read this, fix this please. I didnt buy this game to get screwed over by the many issues you failed to catch.

  • brokenpizza
    2 posts

    @ubi-spud Any idea on when this fix will come out?

  • DoeyGamer316
    4 posts

    Looks like it was fixed in the 1.04 patch. At least when I waited a few days or so and then reached Level 130 and then went back in I was able to kill all the enemies (staying inside the barrier), the fight ended and I was able to speak to the Builder and that ended the quest.

  • Shoppincartbart
    1 posts

    I was playing the defensive measures mission in Asgard and need to leave mid mission. I ended up saving the mission and when I came back I was loading back into Valka's hut. When I go back into Asgard, I instantly die since the mission is still some how going. I can post a video of what happens but when I go into Asgard I load in at the entrance end of the bifrost and cannot make it back to the bubble before dying. I die the second I load in everytime. Is there a way to fix this as I am almost 40 hours into the game now and would hate to have to restart. I am on the Xbox Series X if that helps.

  • EpmKabob
    3 posts

    @ubi-spud This wasnt fixed in the update. Is it going to happen soon?

  • grandejeffe70
    1 posts

    please. Please. PLEASE FIX "DEFENSIVE MEASURES" BUG. I have been stuck for a week because i cannot progress the asgard story line, because everytime I travel to asgard ot registers that im outside of the Builders security dome and it kills me. Ita on the other side of the map so you cannot run to it.

  • Shinobi_Swift
    2 posts

    @koobik96 Im on Ps4 Pro right now haven't got hands on my ps5 yet.. and ive put 93 hours into the game. there's no way im going to start from a save point back when I was in the 30-40 hours range when I was first exploring Asgard at like 75 SP. its so frustrating to me right now now that im at 301 SP. ive waited to see if it would resolve itself like some quests that ive ran into had glitches but seemed to fix themselves overtime without having to restart or reset but simply come back to the area later after a different quest. I thought I was the only one having this issue so im some what relieved. BUT I still need this issue to be fixed... I really like this game and I would hate to have to put it down over something like this...

  • Itwasluck11
    5 posts

    @cadetklaaz @Ubi-Baron For real though, it's been like this for weeks and nothing??

  • Ampheess
    1 posts

    Same here...
    Tried the chapter 2. Quest 3 times... Everytime no enemy appears at a point of time...
    I woke up and now i die instantly by the red shield.

    Just implant a repeat / delete questprogress option!?
    This could resolve some issues here!?

  • Citric_volcano
    2 posts

    Guys this isn’t on the either the official know bugs or issue pages and it’s been over a few weeks I doubt they are doing anything about it.

  • MissCharlieexox
    1 posts

    Was really hoping with the update that the asgard mission would have included a fix to a major problem that so many people are having!! PLEASE FIX THE DEFENSIVE MEASURES QUEST. We have all continued playing the game for hours and no one wants to lose any progress in the game. Please fix this problem.

  • thornh
    18 posts

    When playing the Defensive Measures quest in Asgard not all Jotun spawn or move into the protective dome. This has caused players to try leaving the protective dome to try and draw Jotun to them. When all options fail to progress the quest many players have decided to "wake up" from Asgard and return to England. When players try to return to Asgard the Defensive Measures quest is still active. The player spawns outside of the protective dome (extremely far away) and instantly dies because they are not inside the protective dome.

    This issue completely breaks the Asgard level. There is no mention of this as an issue on the mega thread. This issue needs to be addressed so players can complete not only Defensive Measures but all of the quests in Asgard.

  • shaiwan43
    54 posts


    If you reload an earlier save-game with any name not "defensive measures" and do it again, it will eventually work. It doesn't break every time. Sometimes you can get through.

  • Stevo_1087
    1 posts

    I am unable to progress through the quest I have put every jug on the altar but the builder doesnt speak and I cant see the rune he is drawing on the stone it keeps saying i must be anonymous but there is noone around I'm not wearing my cloak so idk what's going on

  • CeBiscuit
    2 posts

    I actually have a bigger issue. I left in the middle of a quest. The one where the painter is creating a barrier. It was too hard at when I first arrived.

    Now when I go back I just spark and quickly die. I’m not able to get back to the barrier as it only takes a few seconds before I die.

  • CeBiscuit
    2 posts

    @erfanhy Same issue here. If they made it so you could restart quest than this would be a none issue. Since I left due to being not ready for the quest. I just die the moment I come back into Asgard.

  • standoffjosh
    78 posts

    @thornh During the first attempt of this mission I misplaced one jar causing it to explode and since then this issue occurred resulting in if I place over 10 jars nothing happens with the builder to progress the level. On first attempt when you used the stealth reacon ability the jars all highlighted in blue but now nothing when you use this ability. At the time I tried reloading my last saved game and doesn’t make a difference, so have just left asgard story arc alone and just progressed with the main story line in England. After reading online it appears this is a quite a common issue and issues with this level after the point are quite a common occurrence with mass amount of players struggling across all platforms.

  • RealDinWeasel
    1 posts

    I have the same issue, left middle of the "Defensive Measures" because i was too low level, now when i return to Asgard i die almost instantly.

  • chinapup
    1 posts

    When will the Defensive Measure quest be corrected because I have put in 50hrs in the game. I am not about to reinstall the game to lose ime and progress. If, the dev don't fix this soon, I WANT a refund........and the extra support that I have spent ( coins bought from shop)..This game is getting frustrating?.....when will this issues be fixed?

  • LowCashBro
    1 posts

    @ubi-spud Thanks for the update, but I don't see it on the mega-thread of issues you're gathering support details for. Is there an official place for us to add it to that list/request it get added? My wife is sadly unable to progress at all in the game's story until that quest is able to be beaten...

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