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  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @deathburnout Now it's our fault for not playing loads of games at the same time. *facepalm*

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    Agree once more with you. They should have just further improved the frame that Odyssey setup.
    Expanded the transmog system, upgraded the entire loot system more etc.

    when selecting jomsvikings it doesnt show their weapons, so you might end with ppl in yoiur crew that wear riscously looking weapons and or shields 😞

  • DaelosTheCat
    Original poster 167 posts

    Reason why just adding more gear won't improve the game (for me at least) is that I don't need it. Open world games are designed to facilitate whatever gameplay style the player chooses. That's why we have melee, assassin and ranger builds. I'm pretty confident that most players just pick the one thing they enjoy most and stick to it.

    Take me, for instance. I like ranger gameplay. So once I have found and improved one set of gear that improves my archery, I don't need anything else. There may be 100 more sets out there, but I don't need them as they don't enhance my play style.

    Odyssey did this right. You could specialize and create a godlike build and each drop increased your chance of finding some item that would grant you one of the bonuses you were aiming for. I went for Hunter Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Fire Damage and Fire Duration. I maxed those out and I used fire arrows to one-shot even the toughest enemies. If an item I had no use for dropped, I could just sell it for money I needed to buy engravings for my own play style. So nothing felt wasted. Every activity advanced me towards my perfect build.

    What does Vahlalla have to offer?

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    the problem is that giving us only sets is boring AF to start with.

    have you played any good looter game ever? If not it might be hard to judge maybe.
    But with the current loot system there is indeed no need for more loot as all its perks and stats are boring and reduntant.

    However with a great skill tree (which valhalla has not) and a great loot progression system that ens a lot of content in of itself.

  • DaelosTheCat
    Original poster 167 posts

    @asgardian02 Nah, I don't play looter shooter games. But Odyssey was a good looter RPG, I guess.

  • DaelosTheCat
    Original poster 167 posts

    Here's another thing that is both funny and sad. I've been trying to get back to Valhalla. And every time you loot a chest with "wealth" there's this epic sounding fx playing as you get a "Wealth collected" message and receive a Carbon Ingot. And I'm like: "How does this make me more wealthy?". Seriously, what sort of a "wealth" is this? Do I become wealthier by having more ingots? What about when I've upgraded my gear and don't need this type of ingot anymore? The game CONGRATULATES me (and tries to sound epic as it does so) on receiving something I DON'T EVEN NEED. Just pisses me off.

    Dear Ubisoft:


    Thank you.

  • caosck
    162 posts

    one thing i noticed: the more developers do well, the more users complain! ahahahh [censored]

  • Ken_Koerperich
    52 posts

    @caosck Do well, you must be smoking that stupid mj....

    Nothing in this game was done well...

    1) Sets are very lacking...As a "BOW" user, you need to hybrid 2 sets together, and it's still not perfect.
    2) Runes...you have to sit and save s..c...um @ the vendor after every level up looking for what you want.
    3) Combat is a joke. Stealth is a joke. You end up just button mashing light hit, alternating a block when needed. A monkey could play this game.
    4) There isn't enough good content. Raid DLC is a joke, especially since it's a "reskin"...So I won't even do it.
    5) Reza...what a joke, this week alone, 3 days have had nothing in the shop.
    6) Jomsvikings NOT appearing in game at all, not to mention, most of us CANNOT even find our "FRIENDS" Jomsvikings.
    7) Climbing stairs is a joke. Get stuck, have to combat roll, or jump back down to get unstuck.
    8 ) Free climbing, why do we always get stuck, or end up going lefty/righty/downy before we actually get to go UP??
    9) Can't fight from our mount. We get a punch or a weak kick...stupid.
    10) Where are the one handed swords we were told about??
    11) The "Orders" hunters or whatever they are called? Never came after me, and I've played the over 65% of the game so far. I ALWAYS have to track them down. Top this off, there are NOT ENOUGH of them. Would love to have 500+ to go hunt.
    12) Legendary Animals....JOKE....Also, why are there so few?
    13) Drengirs...JOKE...Again, why so few?
    14) What happened to arrow crafting?
    15) Quests bugging out on people forcing save reloads.
    16) Upgraded to PS5 version, poof, my save magically went, I dunno where, had to start over after already playing over 100hrs.
    17) Why, when shooting the bow, do I have to aim to the left of most "heads" to get an actual headshot?
    18) Why is the "parkour" so crappy? Run, TRY to jump a wall, instead, stick to it and run along it like a trained monkey on a wire.
    19) Back to stealth game play. Non existant if your settings are not on the lowest one. AI see's you from across map constantly.
    20) Fire/Poison Resistance training does squat. I still take massive amounts of damage from both even though I have all of the nodes trained/skill pointed.

    Here are 20 of the "basic" problems. Do I/We really need to get into the super duper problems this game has or have you gotten the idea.

    Kissing UBI's toosh, and posting like a fool, makes you the fool buddy.


  • caosck
    162 posts

    @ken_koerperich I was not talking about you, but about the average AC user XD
    anyway all in all I had a great time on Valhalla

    352 posts

    It's an updated version of Odyssey's graphics but with a downgraded gameplay.
    Valhalla is sadly a stripped version of Odyssey. By design, it isnt meant to be appreciated and played beyond the main story arc.
    Ubisoft's next AC game will be without me at release. If only I had waited before buying Valhalla, I would have saved 100€. But I learned from my mistake and they wont see my money as easily next time.

  • caosck
    162 posts

    in my opinion, the last ACs have turned out so well that the expectations of the players are at all the results obtained so far
    I do not reflect myself in any of the problems mentioned above,
    on the contrary, I have already finished Valhalla, and after more than 180h of play, I re-started it from the beginning (experience makes me understand how to enjoy the game better than the first time)
     first of all I increased the difficulty to the maximum
    then I totally changed my approach: now first I completely explore an area, and I leave the alliance part for last:
    in this way the gaming experience is MORE diversified, significantly increasing the gaming experience:

    The fact that the game is too easy: you are a whiner,
    there are methods to increase the difficulty further (for example try to carry out boss fights at a very low level, in most cases you can not get even a hit without die! ..!;)) so they are all excuses.

    I want to remember one last thing:
    the more variability they add to the game, the more possible bugs and problems of any kind can appear, which is why any idea of ​​adding things is seriously considered from every point of view.

    are all doctor here??? show your CV before using such tones) 🙂

  • Garbo3
    663 posts

    I just would like enemy difficulty scalating without the need to handicap myself,removing skill points,runes etc. I never use abilities in combat ,too overpowered.

  • caosck
    162 posts

    a give an example

    Is the game too easy?
    record a video where you kill the drunk bear (level not up to 150) without NEVER using an arrow, a skill, also you NEVER have to heal yourself (at Drengr difficulty)
    then I agree with you (I'm scarce)

    Drunk Bear.. (is a mini-boss) ^___^

  • Garbo3
    663 posts

    @caosck probably people can't kill bosses /legendary animals again without starting a new game ,too much hassle to prove a point.

  • OrcBeard92
    141 posts

    @caosck I agree; one of my favourite things about Valhalla is that you can actually go into high level areas and still play the game relatively normally. Enemies are a bit tougher but it makes it more thrilling in a fight when you are only 1 or 2 hits away from death. Being able to assassinate everyone with the advanced ability also makes these areas much more accessible, and you can target weakpoints with your bow to bring down tougher enemies too for a finisher, instead of having to whittle away at them for hours.

    In Origins and Odyssey, if an enemy was above your level they become almost immortal for no reason. It was very limiting to the player.

    When I play Valhalla, I'm able to seek out world bosses and dangerous enemies as I please. Exploration and survival become its own reward. I think many players went through the game rather mechanically following the set path of the story missions alone.

    You will get out of the game what you put into it.

  • caosck
    162 posts

    @garbo3 it would be a great point for an idea!
    whoever has finished the game completely, must have the possibility to re carry out all the boss fights or mini bosses whenever he wants.! 😉

  • Garbo3
    663 posts

    @caosck yes,that would be great, and more zealots.

  • lemmie88
    142 posts

    @garbo3 yes, agree, more zealots! 🙏 One of the biggest disappointments I had w/ Valhalla is no bounty system. I would love it if instead of bounty hunters, an endless supply of zealots would hunt us down for all the murder and looting we do. 😍

  • caosck
    162 posts

    I like to play like this!

    ok it was easy, but too much fun ... XD

    (is still processing, the high quality be available I hope in a few minutes)

    352 posts

    Good points above.
    But once the main story arc is played, what keeps you in the game?
    A/ nothing, I switch to another game
    B/I have a secret thing I do in the game, but I wont tell you
    C/ I dont care, I had fun

    In the case of Odyssey, you STILL HAD things to do, in Valhalla you DONT.
    That's the point of our posts.
    I understand that most players are "C", but some players arent pleased with that way of seeing gaming of the late 80ies.

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