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  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @asgardian02 what a p*** take

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts

    make sure to read my post about the river raids...

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @asgardian02 I've just seen it. I still can't even play it

  • Carch
    14 posts

    If the gameplay loop doesn't appeal to you, no amount of candy thrown at you will make you enjoy the game. Ubisoft can't possibly add content at a rate that will keep everyone satisfied. In a content race with players, developers always lose. If you've exhausted all the content that you enjoy, it's time to move on. Come back after there's a content update or two.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    in the base form it could have been fun. But the execution of these river raids doesnt offer anything.

    There are hardly enemies and the ones there are offer no challenge, i play on Drengr fro a reason, cos i want to be challenged...

  • DeathBurnout
    12 posts

    Well, I'll just chime in saying that I disagree.

    Mostly because I don't really play these games to be heavily "rewarded" as such. At least, not in the same way a Souls game is rewarding after overcoming severe challenges. The things that are in place are absolutely enough for me, I've never once considered it as underwhelming in that area.

    And with boredom, I sincerely believe people don't game healthily. I can't think of a single game outside of something that's deigned to be addicting from the ground up, that wouldn't get boring if that was the only game you played non-stop for weeks on end. I'm an AC mega-fan and indulgently play these games very slowly, I've taken long breaks away from this and every time I return for a couple of days, it's still very enjoyable to me.

  • XX-Artorias-XX
    92 posts

    @deathburnout is your style.

    I have just 1 hour every 2 day, some more weekend early morning,and i can't play 2 game in the same time.

    If i like a game i want to play this game,not other.

    Valhalla is empty of reward and Activity because is too easy snd poor in deep mechanics.

    I stp play 3 weeks ago, i don't have finished any region ,no finished asgard, but when i log i'm bored after 5 minuts.

    There is no incentive, no reason to play.

    I'm god.
    No challenge.
    No weapon to find.
    No armour to obtain.
    No reason to upgrade something because i'm OP.

    I have to play only to watch another cinematic? 😅😭

  • martygod12
    240 posts

    @deathburnout The problem is that Valhalla is too big and long for the fun and enjoyment being just overcoming challenges and chunks of story.

    Its gets boring and repetivie after a while, I didnt mind it in the old AC games cause those game were much more linear, smaller and shorter, but when a game which has a massive open world and 50+ hours to make you only complete the main story, there must be the filler which keeps you engaged (basically loot and other rewards), otherwise it just get boring really fast. Valhalla is an empty shell it looks like there is a ton of content, but most of it gets super repetitive and boring very qucikly (good example are the raids). Thats the problem with the game its has not enough content for a game of this massive scale.

  • XX-Artorias-XX
    92 posts

    I can't edit my message.


    A game that needs to be played "One Day yes and One no" for not be boring, is not a good game.

    A good game take you every single moment you can play.

    You have Famelic needs to play this game

    If valhalla bored you , because are playing only this game, is not such good.

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @deathburnout I'm an emergency worker.. I can only only really play for an hour or two a night, and it's dull. There's no incentive to enjoying it or progress. Even facing the bosses, there's no goal or real reason to kill them or the order. Even story wise there's nothing.
    I appreciate people had their issues with odyssey, but at least there was a narrative reason to hunt the order down. In Vahalla there's nothing.
    It is by the far the most disappointing assassin's creed game I've played.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    @deathburnout Now it's our fault for not playing loads of games at the same time. *facepalm*

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    Agree once more with you. They should have just further improved the frame that Odyssey setup.
    Expanded the transmog system, upgraded the entire loot system more etc.

    when selecting jomsvikings it doesnt show their weapons, so you might end with ppl in yoiur crew that wear riscously looking weapons and or shields 😞

  • DaelosTheCat
    Original poster 167 posts

    Reason why just adding more gear won't improve the game (for me at least) is that I don't need it. Open world games are designed to facilitate whatever gameplay style the player chooses. That's why we have melee, assassin and ranger builds. I'm pretty confident that most players just pick the one thing they enjoy most and stick to it.

    Take me, for instance. I like ranger gameplay. So once I have found and improved one set of gear that improves my archery, I don't need anything else. There may be 100 more sets out there, but I don't need them as they don't enhance my play style.

    Odyssey did this right. You could specialize and create a godlike build and each drop increased your chance of finding some item that would grant you one of the bonuses you were aiming for. I went for Hunter Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Fire Damage and Fire Duration. I maxed those out and I used fire arrows to one-shot even the toughest enemies. If an item I had no use for dropped, I could just sell it for money I needed to buy engravings for my own play style. So nothing felt wasted. Every activity advanced me towards my perfect build.

    What does Vahlalla have to offer?

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    the problem is that giving us only sets is boring AF to start with.

    have you played any good looter game ever? If not it might be hard to judge maybe.
    But with the current loot system there is indeed no need for more loot as all its perks and stats are boring and reduntant.

    However with a great skill tree (which valhalla has not) and a great loot progression system that ens a lot of content in of itself.

  • DaelosTheCat
    Original poster 167 posts

    @asgardian02 Nah, I don't play looter shooter games. But Odyssey was a good looter RPG, I guess.

  • DaelosTheCat
    Original poster 167 posts

    Here's another thing that is both funny and sad. I've been trying to get back to Valhalla. And every time you loot a chest with "wealth" there's this epic sounding fx playing as you get a "Wealth collected" message and receive a Carbon Ingot. And I'm like: "How does this make me more wealthy?". Seriously, what sort of a "wealth" is this? Do I become wealthier by having more ingots? What about when I've upgraded my gear and don't need this type of ingot anymore? The game CONGRATULATES me (and tries to sound epic as it does so) on receiving something I DON'T EVEN NEED. Just pisses me off.

    Dear Ubisoft:


    Thank you.

  • caosck
    461 posts

    one thing i noticed: the more developers do well, the more users complain! ahahahh [censored]

  • Ken_Koerperich
    52 posts

    @caosck Do well, you must be smoking that stupid mj....

    Nothing in this game was done well...

    1) Sets are very lacking...As a "BOW" user, you need to hybrid 2 sets together, and it's still not perfect.
    2) Runes...you have to sit and save s..c...um @ the vendor after every level up looking for what you want.
    3) Combat is a joke. Stealth is a joke. You end up just button mashing light hit, alternating a block when needed. A monkey could play this game.
    4) There isn't enough good content. Raid DLC is a joke, especially since it's a "reskin"...So I won't even do it.
    5) Reza...what a joke, this week alone, 3 days have had nothing in the shop.
    6) Jomsvikings NOT appearing in game at all, not to mention, most of us CANNOT even find our "FRIENDS" Jomsvikings.
    7) Climbing stairs is a joke. Get stuck, have to combat roll, or jump back down to get unstuck.
    8 ) Free climbing, why do we always get stuck, or end up going lefty/righty/downy before we actually get to go UP??
    9) Can't fight from our mount. We get a punch or a weak kick...stupid.
    10) Where are the one handed swords we were told about??
    11) The "Orders" hunters or whatever they are called? Never came after me, and I've played the over 65% of the game so far. I ALWAYS have to track them down. Top this off, there are NOT ENOUGH of them. Would love to have 500+ to go hunt.
    12) Legendary Animals....JOKE....Also, why are there so few?
    13) Drengirs...JOKE...Again, why so few?
    14) What happened to arrow crafting?
    15) Quests bugging out on people forcing save reloads.
    16) Upgraded to PS5 version, poof, my save magically went, I dunno where, had to start over after already playing over 100hrs.
    17) Why, when shooting the bow, do I have to aim to the left of most "heads" to get an actual headshot?
    18) Why is the "parkour" so crappy? Run, TRY to jump a wall, instead, stick to it and run along it like a trained monkey on a wire.
    19) Back to stealth game play. Non existant if your settings are not on the lowest one. AI see's you from across map constantly.
    20) Fire/Poison Resistance training does squat. I still take massive amounts of damage from both even though I have all of the nodes trained/skill pointed.

    Here are 20 of the "basic" problems. Do I/We really need to get into the super duper problems this game has or have you gotten the idea.

    Kissing UBI's toosh, and posting like a fool, makes you the fool buddy.


  • caosck
    461 posts

    @ken_koerperich I was not talking about you, but about the average AC user XD
    anyway all in all I had a great time on Valhalla

    366 posts

    It's an updated version of Odyssey's graphics but with a downgraded gameplay.
    Valhalla is sadly a stripped version of Odyssey. By design, it isnt meant to be appreciated and played beyond the main story arc.
    Ubisoft's next AC game will be without me at release. If only I had waited before buying Valhalla, I would have saved 100€. But I learned from my mistake and they wont see my money as easily next time.

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