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  • RNREED2008
    3 posts

    @lavender_gooms the way they "ended" laylas story in this game. I really wouldn't be surprised if her and desmond are back in the next game. As long as they don't end that storyline in a comic book like they did with Juno, I'm interested to see where it goes. We don't know what happened to otso berg yet either, as they're was a broken audio file of his interigation, I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up in the dlc

  • GerillaIRON
    1 posts

    Story here or there. Good or bad? I played a game through 190+ hours at maximum difficulty. The character I held the most respect, equipped, practiced, and triumphed over EVERYONE all along, is such a negative figure watching my every move ?! I feel like there's a whisper in my ear that "you're miserable! Well here I am!" . I don’t feel the need to touch this character again. I was alienated from him. Everything I invested and sacrificed in the many practices, struggles, and full exploitation of the story is now worthless to me. This is not a good or bad story or ending! This is a sick ending. Because in a minute, it ruined 190+ hours of gaming for me. I no longer care about my character for a minute while Basim / Loki is panting in my ear. I don’t need a new dlc to fix those feelings in me. I don’t pay to feel better after a psychological warfare. This is punished in better places under commercial and advertising laws.

  • AlphaGoose46219
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    @gerillairon Total agree, couldn't say it better myself after 400+ hrs!

  • Kormac67
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    It not only spoiled this story, but the one before as well.
    If Alethia wanted the staff to go to Loki - why not wait until his rebirth and send him as keeper to Kassandra right then? Why keep Kassandra waiting for Layla?
    Luckily I didn't care about the present day crap in the first place, but now it is totally spoiled. No idea if they plan to fix it in the DLC or not.
    Stopped doing the crazed anomaly hopscotch even before, now it's completely out of question.

    Why can't we just have the viking game they advertised? Who needs all that animus-isu-garbage?

  • Max18400
    411 posts

    @kormac67 completely agree. Although I liked the whole odin vs Eivor section, I was really disappointed by the Basim ending and how the historical ending of the game.
    The Basim ending just wasn't satisfying, and as said on this post, undoes the whole plot of Odyssey. I actually really enjoyed odyssey's story as it could have led to a conclusion of the whole isu ending with the Eagle bearer asking layla to destroy all the pieces of Eden. Then with this one it just made all the suffering in Odyssey, all the suffering in the modern day and all the suffering in Vahalla for nothing. It was just widely disappointing.
    I've already said in other posts why I found the historical ending really disappointing (read about Alfred the great at the year of 878 and you'll know why).
    But yeah, they need to do away with the isu modern day stuff as it's gotten really stale.

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