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  • LedoveeeKladivo
    64 posts

    Same here, around 200hrs ingame and no chance to revenge anybody.

    I am on PC (now version 1.1.1)

  • fo0fight3r
    23 posts


    Does this work? Can you add me too? thx

  • basel19751224
    53 posts

    sadly not working , nobody found my dead body and i did not found anybody to avange but
    i had some luck in East Anglia - near the Ruined Tower fast travel point there is farm i was able to farm there 2 yesterday and one more not far from there on the coast in a bandit camp , actualy we try to organise a massive suecide run at the farm , check out this topic :

  • G-D-L-1
    10 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • ArnoTheChef
    5 posts

    I think that the challenge is "semi-bugged" because while i was revisiting Hamtunscire to get all the small chests i was able to avenge 4 bodies +1 in Scotthoh farm

  • ArnoTheChef
    5 posts

    @gloomseeker Yeah true once you get enough Power level its really hard to die even on Drengr difficulty where i'm playing,but still in Odessey and Origins the avenge system is working fine and in those games its still difficult to die i do believe that Ubisoft has to take a look into the challenge maybe the spawn rate of the bodies is low and most players dont get the quest in time

  • davidv81
    67 posts

    @arnothechef Odyssey has not revenge system at all...

  • yo3125
    2 posts

    Played 147 hours not one corpse, this game has had a couple updates since launch but still no fix. They should remove challenge all together! It sucked in the passed games and now its broken.

  • RanicuSe
    1 posts

    I got one very early in the game and then months nothing.
    Today I got three as I was gathering wealth at random forts. I haven't still figured out what triggered it.

  • aehrhart1980
    4 posts

    I’m playing on Xbox and only found four I can’t seem to find a way to trigger these like people have suggested. If you are on Xbox add me Steelcity86TX80 let’s do a meet up spot and see if we can get this achievement.

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