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  • AceWestfall08
    12 posts

    @acewestfall08 I wanted to touch on a couple other things. Especially with progression. Keep in mind my playthrough was on Hard Combat, Normal Stealth, Pathfinder (Hard) Exploration.

    With the leveling system, I felt this was the best yet. Through the first 50%-75% of my leveling progression, I really felt as if my choices skill picks and pathing with the armour and weapon to correlate with them really mattered. I had to use my brain and do some calculating. Deciding to whether to go with more passive/skills, or pick up stat boosting nodes instead.

    The pacing was nice, but once I hit that 75% mark roughly into the game, I felt as if I was overpowered and could go with any build. I did however die a few times even then because of laziness or not paying enough attention.

    As with my earlier post, the abilities was a mixed bag. I was disappointed with some of it. This very well could be a matter of taste and playstyle. I just felt as if some abilities accomplished the same thing.

    Fire arrow/Poison Arrow, Fire Cloud Arrow/Poison Cloud Arrow. You couldve condensed these 4 skills into 2.
    Then on the melee side you have rush bash into a wall which is basically the same as the spartan kick. They are both used in situations when you have a wall or ledge behind the enemy.
    What I'm trying to say, I wouldve like more "versatility" in my abilities.

    On the plus side, I couldnt just walk up in the front door of a base and instantly kill everybody like I could in Odyssey. (Remember the Chain Assassination [plus the gold perk of +1 Assassination to it], combined with the 100%+ Assassin Damage ability you could use IN COMBAT. It wasn't even fair in Odyssey. In Valhalla, there is no "1-Shotting" the "captains" and everybody around him at once. If you don't pay attention and your focus slips too much [and you dont have 6 rations], then you will die.

    In previous AC games, raiding a fortress was always a highlight in my games. I don't even have to go into detail with Valhalla. If you liked clearing forts and big bases (or even if you didn't), this game amps that up a bit!.

    Legendary Creatures were fun. I found the legendary creatures to be slightly easier than expected, (although a few took quite a while), but I felt no "real satisfaction" after beating them, save a couple. (maybe the experience wouldve felt better if I had actually seen the heads mounted in my longhouse). However, my opinion might change once I play on the Very Hard Difficulty. I just would've like to see more of them more "mechanically" challenging.

    (While I'm on the topic of boss battles [the ones with advanced mechanics], I would pay money to have a feature with replayable key boss battles, or a gauntlet mode; maybe as a reward for completing them all?)

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    @ac-talentless I'm playing the fantastic Immortals Fenyx rising. What a great game. I'll be leaving Valhalla alone for a few years until it's matured.

  • JCar4327
    626 posts

    @acewestfall08 I'd like to say that you gave a pretty fair assessment of the game. I do not necessarily agree with all of your points, but for the most part it is a spot on assessment.

  • TheReignStorm
    18 posts


    This is the conclusion I've come to with Valhalla. AC games, regardless of their time in development, always seem to release as half-baked (more so than most other games from what I've seen). I stopped playing AC, for the most part, after ACII (what a game!) and picked it back up with Origins about six months after it launched. I had a blast and the game was mostly polished to perfection in my experience.

    I enjoyed the series reboot (Origins) so much that I preordered Odyssey and, while it ended up being a great game with plenty of monthly updates, it launched in a less than favorable state. I gave Ubi the benefit of the doubt, based on how much time Valhalla had "in the oven" and again preordered. While I'm really enjoying the game, my overall feeling is disappointment with everything from bugs to, what feels to me anyway, less content than vanilla launch Odyssey (and most certainly final state Odyssey). I'm not sure why this wasn't "it" for Ubi, they had (or should have had) so many learnings and things to draw from with those mistakes made in their previous AC games...not to mention all of the time in development (a point they kept stressing to their fans).

    The only games I preorder these days are most anything From Software (Soulsborne/Sekiro series), the Battlefield series and AC. Sadly, my AC preordering days die with Valhalla.

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    Can't help agree with many posts here. That said, the game does suffer from a severe lack of replayability.
    Compared to Odyysey, the game is incredibly buggy on launch. I had Odyysey on day 1 and other then late loading textures, I had no issues. Not to mention, there were always contracts, conquest battles, chipping away at region stability, redoing forts etc before any dlcs where announced. Even before New game + Oddysey had much more going for it, in my opinion.
    That's not to say Vahalla isn't a good game; just feels like half a game. The overarching story is good, but kinda fell flat on the historical narrative. I hope they add it in, but ending just before the Battle of Edington where nearly the whole of England's political network changed was a bit of a anti climax. For example, the battle takes places months after the games conclusion, then after the battle Guthrum became king of East Anglia, a new dynasty come to rule Western Mercia, Yorkshire and the 5 boroughs (aka establishment of the Danelaw and English Kingdoms of wessex and mercia as wessex's client Kingdom) and a essentially setting of a status quo for another 30 odd years in England.
    Odyysey ended at this point as after the battle of Amphiplois,there was a peace for a few years of peace and ended the first stage of the peloponnesian war. Just seemed like a really weird place to end the story.
    Gameplay wise, when it works, it plays really well, but it does need some balancing issues as late stage game offers nearly no challenge. Not to mention, still fuming at the lack of one handed swords and not much of a reward for hunting down the order of zealots.
    Moving onto gear, I like that there's less, as you can find YOUR weapon and keep upgrading it and get attached to it. But the limitation of weapon types is a huge let down, and it essentially means I can't play the game how is ideally like to (I'm talking doing my bjorn ironside and Uhtred builds, like a one handed sword and shield or just a one handed sword). With loot they've gone from one extreme to another, with a lot of the armor types looks overly fantasy and the weapons look even worse. I've said in other posts, assassin creed works well when it balences fantasy and historical looking gear as it gives players choices about how they look/play. Personally I always lean towards wearing historically relevant gear, as I did in Oddysey, but I appreciate some players, such af Jo raptor, like playing in a more fantasy style. Just feels like my style of playing wasn't even considered much which is a bummer.
    Also, I'm certain many aspects of the game development was rushed due to covid of pressure to release with the new consoles. But loads of issues are still really present. For example, playing as male Eivor and loads of characters referring to him and she... Just came across as really lazy and obviously overlooked (i do not care about what is 'Canon' as it is painfully immersion breaking).
    I do want to emphasise I do enjoy the game, but I do find it disappointing in so many areas. Im not going to talk about stealth etc. But overall, it is a huge step down from Odyssey. Can only hope over the next few months, they fix a lot of this issues to bring the game up to scratch.

  • AceWestfall08
    12 posts

    For those who are complaining about bugs. Please keep in mind that: (this in my personal opinion, im not an expert)

    #1 Bugs is about PROGRAMMING, not creativity and design. (dropped out of college trying to learn 2 progamming languages at once). If you don't know anything about programming, or programming language/logic, I suggest you go try to code a simple calculator. You will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding for those who work on the game.
    #2 While on the topic of Programming being the cause of bugs, to fix a bug, you need to change the code? (not sure). Fix a few errors in the code, maybe the logic is not in sequential order, or a certain command contains one small syntax error which causes the command to not run. In a game of this size, If sometime told me there were millions upon millions of lines of code, I would not be surprised. Everything will not be perfect at launch. Yet a small team has to double check everything, so where do you start? You have to test your game. The devs have a limited testing size team and things might work for them on their playthrough that doesnt work for others. What I'm saying there is SO MUCH DATA to go through and bug finding is more like fishing. Once the game is released the bugs that didn't get spotted, pop up because of a more people fishing/playing the game.

    #3 Don't knock on VALHALLA itself because of bugs. Focus on story/lore/intentions/content. When you complain about things that can be fixed in game and weren't intended to be apart of the experience and use those complaints to say its a bad game, then in my opinion you are no better than a troll, and your opinion holds no weight. No offense.

  • Max18400
    405 posts

    @acewestfall08 you are right, some comments on the forum are unfair, but some are? You always expect a game to be slightly buggy upon launch, but many players were not expecting it to be as full of bugs as it is. Especially when many of them either stop people from playing/enjoying the game. In that case, people have the right to be angry and to vent (within reason). It comes down to ubisoft clearly being rushed and shouldn't released as early as they did if it was as buggy as it is

    Some complaints are stuff that aren't bugs, and are clearly stuff that were rushed over which people are also frustrated by. For example, playing as a male and characters calling you she or her ('Canon' be damned, it really jarring abd immersion breaking) , there being no one handed swords (they're clearly coded in the game and for whatever last minute reason were not added in for the player to use), then you've got weird story elements, such as the epilogue ending in a weird place, people completing every area, and still not 100% the game. Does this mean they've not added in a whole section?
    You're right in saying some people on here are no better than trolls, but be understanding as to why people are frustrated and annoyed?
    £60-£100 odd quid is a lot of money to spend on an arguably unfinished product.

  • Pwn_Def
    5 posts

    @ac-talentless 237.5 hours in. Fishing, thanks for letting me know of wastes of time like mackerel. Have 4 opal that I can't get and 1 chest. 100+ crashes easy. Ubi focuses on those speeding their builds than those playing the game fully. I actually know how and when I'll crash. Longtime Ubi customer, they could care less and will let you know.

    As far as I'm concerned Ubisoft owes true players some compensation or refund me half of the ultimate ps4/5 price because either system can't make you fly into the space opal. Have some choice words but they're enjoying their money like COD and surprisingly unlike cyberpunk. AC has failed 50× more and possibly more anticipated so where's our refund? I can't even post this...

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    @ac-talentless Agree with most of what you said. I have sunk more than 200 hours into the game, and as one who played all AC main titles, I enjoyed AC Valhalla immensely but yes it does have flaws.

    More condensed map, love it (spent hours doing side activities and never felt tedious); separating main story into more self-contained quests, love it; Orlog, love it; the overall environment, love it.

    Definitely agree that many of the Abilities are kind of just there for flashy moves; I in fact almost never use them. I also almost never changed gear - I stuck to the Raven equipment, and only changed to Excaliber and Thor's Hammer.

    Fishing machnaism can really use improvement like you said.

  • Asgardian02
    1932 posts


    to me its strange that a huge open world has almost nothing to offer loot wise.
    Enemies dont drop stuff and as far as weapons and gear there isnt much diversity.
    A lot of items are just the same but have stats for wolf, bear or raven.
    For example increase drit damage with x amount of enemies around

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