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  • LaMOi
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    The enemy combat AI I would say is the worst of the 3 games.

    it’s a shame because combat in this game has the most variation...

    minus the horse combat!

  • thiago-4k
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    they should definitely implement the ability to swing melee weapons from the horse like in odyssey it was actually pretty cool and realistic I mean how can you not able to do that

  • paulkneipp
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    Yeah I really miss this. It was how I used to cope with high level enemies in Origins - equip a slow, heavy weapon and ride by the enemy and smash them on the way through. Rinse and repeat.

    I got better at the combat in Odyssey so I didn't need this but the Heretics in Valhalla seem to be more like the Phylakes in Origins, so it would be great to go jousting again!

  • LaMOi
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    They didn’t have formal Calvary units — 9th century vikings would steal horses from raided territories and use them for faster mobility on land, and even in battles.

    Secondly Vikings were not known for Horse Archery either!
    Do you know how skilled you would have to be to fire a bow on a horse, let alone riding backwards firing a bow! Yet that’s in there!

    Im sorry swiping a spear at an enemy on horse back — I think we could of had that!

  • SouldrinkerLP
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    @lamoi How about playing Odyssey then? Why does every game has to do the exact same thing over and over again? I really don't get it. Sorry. And don't say Odyssey is boring now. If Valhalla would do the exact same thing as Odyssey, Valhalla would be boring too. That's the point.

    I would not expect them to add horse combat back as I think it is not there because of creative vision. The combat system is heavily focused on close quarter combat. Even bows are either a mean for stealth or hitting weak points while standing away a couple of meters from your target.

    I am sure people praising Odyssey now would be outraged if Valhalla would have been just a copy of Odyssey with a different map too. For me their vision worked pretty well. I enjoyed the fantasy viking combat style.

  • JCar4327
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    @souldrinkerlp That's just it in a nutshell though. Most of the people complaining about Valhalla are mad because it is not exactly like Odyssey with a new map. I don't get it either. Why even make a new game? I, personally, don't spend money on a new game to play the exact same thing I just got done playing. I want variety in the games I buy so that when I get bored with one game I can switch to another and not still be bored.

  • LaMOi
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    Im fine with the games being different if the change is meaningful.

    You see, I’m not against change. I loved the broken Spear in Odyssey. I was and still am soooo bored of the Hidden Blade stealth kill animations. So it was a great change for me personally.
    I would much prefer knife takedowns being an option in Valhalla.
    The Hidden Blade takedowns always look very similar — it’s boring.

    So I’m fine with change.

    But you seem to be suggesting that ANY change is good regardless.

    There’s loads of things they could of mindlessly removed — and wow the game would be so different!
    But it simply doesn’t work like that.

    Horse combat is just a functional part of the gameplay. It makes no sense to remove it.

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